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Discus and support Xbox One sucking> in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; XBOX one SUCKS. I have been using it to watch TV (as recommend in the setup instructions, so Microsoft can spy?). However, turning the console on/off... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by docholliday009, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Xbox One sucking>

    XBOX one SUCKS. I have been using it to watch TV (as recommend in the setup instructions, so Microsoft can spy?). However, turning the console on/off is a new adventure every day. I have the unit set to turn off after 1 hour of inactivity, that doesn;t happen,
    and the home screen was burnt into my plasma TV. (Also, if you’ve ever owned an xbox in the past you know how they respond to being on too long…they die) I only did this because of the trouble turning the console on after it has been shut off (by voice command).
    When I attempt to turn the console on using the controller, the Kinect doesn;t turn on as well, making the console useless, and I am unable to watch TV, or do anything. With the fancy (and completely useless) new touch only power switch, the only way to power
    cycle the device is to unplug the power cord, from the console, and plug it back it, and maybe, if your lucky, that will get the Kinect back on. Sometimes it is at least 5-10 minutes before I am able to get everything on and working before I can actually watch

    Furthermore, the DVD player is completely out of whack. The sound doesn’t sync with the video, so while watching a movie, someone is talking, but their mouth isn’t moving! This makes watching movies really fun!

    How to get help? After being told it would be 56 minutes until a representative could talk to me, I found this on the “Feedback” page.

    “While we cannot provide a personal response to your comments, we do use them to improve the Xbox product.”

    WOW, thanks! That really helps!

    docholliday009, Jan 4, 2014
  2. Codehead
    Codehead Guest
    No Doubt Track Pack

    Ooof! Even YouTube think they suck.

    Codehead, Jan 4, 2014
  3. XBOX One is sucking

    Hi there BBGreatOne56, thanks for reaching out.

    We'd like to help but could use more info. Can you please let us know what you were trying to do on your Xbox One console when you came across this error message?
    Mister Cazador, Jan 4, 2014
  4. GeoAgent
    GeoAgent Guest

    Xbox One sucking>

    I don't know. A lot of the stuff you're saying is incorrect. Either you are seriously unlucky or you're a Sony troll. I have had an X1 since launch. It is ALWAYS on (just sleeps in standby when off). I've had NONE of the problems you describe.

    Also, your comment about Xbox's dying after being left on for too long I've never heard of. Apart from the RROD of the early X360's. My own 360, my son's 360 have been used up to 12 hrs a day at weekends without fault. I have many friends on 360. None of
    them have reported 'dying' when left on.

    Just saying it as I see it.
    GeoAgent, Jan 4, 2014
  5. Daft Badger
    Daft Badger Guest
    The feedback forums have nothing to do with support whatsoever.They are a place to leave feedback & are read by Microsoft on a regular basis to see what suggestions xbox users have.
    Daft Badger, Jan 4, 2014
  6. onyxishere
    onyxishere Guest
    The auto off feature will shut down after one hour of inactivity. If you are watching TV or doing something else on the console it will not shut down. If you are in the same room or have pets that walk in front of the sensor it will not shut down as the
    system will think you are trying to get it's attention.

    As for the sound issues, I had that problem as well. I fixed it by changing the settings on my TV. There is a setting on my TV to sync sound issues if they do not match. Perhaps you should check your settings.

    For the issues with the sensor and On/Off commands, try holding the power button for 8 seconds until the console shuts down. That is the equivalent of clearing the cache on the 360.
    onyxishere, Oct 31, 2018
  7. Mossy Cottage Win User

    Xbox One sucks

    Lol.. You know.. At first I thought you were just throwing some more bait up ... Then I actually started to think.. Is this actually just a witty post by an Xbox user making fun of the average troll which case, fair play. It was funny. I'm not
    trying to be rude but I'm genuinely not sure?.

    However if its the former.. I can definitely say that you're doing a far better job of selling the X1 than MS PR team is doing right now that's for sure! :)
  8. starjawwa Win User

    Xbox One sucks

    Lol microsoft censored an entire post on me iPod.
  9. XxX KERNAL XxX Win User

    Xbox One sucks


    Eye Camera - not as good as Kinect and no voice commands in game

    Dualshock controller design from 1994 ...... Anyone with normal size hands cannot comfortable use this thing. the analog stick layout is terrible

    Exclusive games look better on Xbox ..... And i will never beleive Sony's Killzone trailers as the final game never looked as good.

    Xbox one uses Twitch , PS4 -Not

    Both consoels will be great

    The only downward details on the Xbox One are the DRM ......
  10. OkcPest Win User

    Xbox One sucks

    Where to begin. Let me preface this by saying I have been a huge Xbox fan for close to 10 years. I have been a staunch defender of a system I loved. But I have owned 1 Ps3 and I am on my 5th 360. The first 3 I got the red ring of death and the 4th had the
    CD tray go to crap for usage. So you may have gotten one bad PS3 but the Xbox was never known as the most reliable hardware. Sorry but saying the PS3 was less reliable can be disproven by a quick search on the internet. Also Xbox only beat the PS3 in the
    US in sales. World wide it was 3rd.

    Look I love Xbox that is why the announcement of what was all on the One was so disappointing and I love how Microsoft is spinning the taking away of features is a good thing. It is not. The Kinect having to hooked up is bad. The taking away reverse compatiability
    is bad, sorry saying because you went to a x86 architecture is crap. There is still plenty of games made for the Xbox and Windows from the 360 and guess what, Windows is on a x86 architecture. At worst they could have made a emulator. Then they said he no
    more trading, Lending or buying used games. Then they back off from that just slightly. But still are being a bit draconian about it. If that is acceptable to you I wish you the best with the Xbox one. But as of now and unless they change they have lost a
    faithful defender and customer.
  11. prdanpr82 Win User

    Xbox One sucks

    what happens when the internet is down wont be able to play this does happen why is this xboxone only for the rich what about our soldiers over sea who might not be able to connect to the internet why cant i share my game on it many times when i borrow
    a game if its good i end up buying one so now we are suppose to purchase a game and if it sucks im stuck with a 50-60 dollar junk i bought a kinect for my 360 never use it but now i would have no choice wtf also on the 360 if you cant get live you still can
    play whenever now its required no its not worth it not at all this console will not make it

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