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Discus and support Xbox Fitness Feedback in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Hello, I tried Xbox Fitness for the first time tonight and thought I would give some feedback in case it helps someone make it better. I tried three... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by Abominus 69, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Abominus 69
    Abominus 69 Guest

    Xbox Fitness Feedback


    I tried Xbox Fitness for the first time tonight and thought I would give some feedback in case it helps someone make it better. I tried three full different ten minute workouts. The first was beach cardio, the second was an ab workout and the last was
    cardio kickboxing.

    I tried to access the 35 minute 'MMA fight' one, but it kept crashing my Xbox, and for some reason disabling my Kinect. Had to power on and off at the wall to finally get my Xbox to respond, as after soft resetting multiple times even the controller stopped
    working. I'm borrowing a friend's Xbox One so that had me a little worried.

    The ab workout lost track of me fairly frequently. So I ended up with a crap score. Thanks a lot! It's a workout that's more on the floor, but I don't know why it had difficulty seeing me there sometimes. There is nothing between me and the Kinect to
    obstruct it. Having to stand up mid-routine so that the Kinect could then track me again was off-putting and messed up the routine. Also, it told me on several occasions to slow down to the instructor's pace. Why? Not everyone is unfit! If I can work
    harder than the instructor, I should not be getting told off for doing so. It's also hard to tell what my body's orientation should be sometimes. Should I be front on to the Kinect, or side-on for this move?

    The cardio kickboxing annoyed me, as she would add little bits of moves in mid-workout without telling you prior when demonstrating the routine. Show everything at the beginning of the set, otherwise it just throws my rhythm off. Oh we're adding a squat
    now? I'm already part-way through the next movement, let me try to undo it... The main issue I had was that the instructor was using names for things that would throw people off who have had some martial art training. eg: she constantly calls sidekicks
    roundhouse kicks, and she, in an orthodox stance, calls straight punches with both hands jabs. Right hand punches are crosses! It's quite messed up to override what I am hearing called out compared to what I am seeing. Please learn basic fighting terms
    if you are going to create 'fighting' workouts.

    There's really not a whole lot of difference between using this app and just following a video on youtube. A lot more kinect functionality needs to be added. Where was this heart rate monitoring that is talked about for example? I didn't see it anywhere.
    Also, the Kinect is tracking a reasonable amount behind what I am doing (maybe a second?). It's my first go using a Kinect for anything, and I would have thought this new Kinect would perform better (unless it is a software issue)

    Workouts need a clear indicator of how difficult they are going to be on the menus. They should also have their time displayed before selecting them (particularly the longer ones. The ones in the ten minute category are obviously okay). Starting the workout
    to then find out it is 35 minutes long is not a good user experience.

    There should be some separate stretching workouts for afterwards. That would be good to add in future. Don't leave it up to the user to create a stretching routine.

    Xbox Fitness has potential and can be fun, but I think it needs a lot of work. Especially if you are going to expect people to pay for it in future. I appreciate this is a really negative post, but maybe it can help with some improvements.

    Abominus 69, Jan 4, 2014
  2. Fitness App

    Hey there andreasmate,

    We'd welcome you to post on the
    Feedback page
    to voice your feedback about the changes being made to Xbox Fitness.
    Mister Mascot, Jan 4, 2014
  3. tgagel
    tgagel Guest
    P90X for Xbox Fitness

    Thanks for all the great feedback! It sounds like this will be worth it, I'm ready for a new challenge and I definitely prefer Xbox Fitness to a DVD.

    Unrelated but how cool would an Xbox Fitness + subscription where you would get all workouts while you were a subscriber (like EA's Vault at $5 per month).
    tgagel, Jan 4, 2014
  4. Abominus 69
    Abominus 69 Guest

    Xbox Fitness Feedback

    Okay, that formatting came out far differently compared to when I was writing it. Sorry for the wall.
    Abominus 69, Jan 4, 2014
  5. Good to know.

    I find that some Kinect exercises need you to be side-on although the video viewpoint you get often looks front-on. Trial and error I guess and something that should could easily be addressed in the side bar with a reminder.

    I've been doing Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30 which is very good, although I see problems with Week 3. The streaming is really poor (times out a lot and its not my connection which is fine - more like the server at Microsoft's end). Also some of the exercises,
    I barely get picked up on (floor stuff). The first two weeks were good so I'm really disappointed with the third week. Just going to get through it and then hope week 4 is ok.
    PAFC-8B675B94-5D79-4EC5-970D-A0F3DBB31A14, Jan 6, 2014
  6. Maz544568
    Maz544568 Guest
    I agree with everything Abominus 69 has mentioned.

    My extra 2c:

    I have tried twice to do the intro Tracey Anderson workout, and after 12~ minutes it just stops and buffers and buffers and buffers every 20 seconds it pauses. It's so annoying.

    I have to click "A" to continue, be lucky to get a rep in before it pauses and brings up the slow / error connection screen.

    I have a very fast fibre broadband and I can max out my downloads with NO problem, so the issue isn't on my end.

    The smart thing / option would be to have the workouts DOWNLOADED LOCALLY to your Xbox One if you so choose!

    Can we make this an option?
    Maz544568, Jan 7, 2014
  7. I ran my issues (which sound similar to Maz78's) past the MS tech support chat-bot and it suggested a whole bunch of network changes. It improved things considerably when I just got rid of some port-forwarding and other firewall stuff but still buffered
    once and had a couple of minor stutters near the beginning.

    I've dumped IPV6 and gone back to IPv4 since I last worked out (Comcast is my ISP) and I wonder if that will help any? I'll report back if it makes a difference. I did read IPv6 for XB1 through Comcast was problematic but that was listed as a wireless network
    issue and I use wired (although it connects to an Apple Airport Extreme that does run the wireless network in our house).
    PAFC-8B675B94-5D79-4EC5-970D-A0F3DBB31A14, Jan 9, 2014
  8. Xbox Fitness Feedback

    Well I made all those changes but it made no difference. Tried a workout last night and it was the worst buffering ever.

    Microsoft chat-bot suggested I delete the Fitness app and then reinstall - supposedly it doesn't lose any progress so I will try that next.
    PAFC-8B675B94-5D79-4EC5-970D-A0F3DBB31A14, Jan 10, 2014
  9. Abominus 69
    Abominus 69 Guest
    I frequently train after midnight and also don't want the added travel time or parking hassles. Why should a workout not be possible at home? I'm not convinced these fully qualified instructors you speak of are really all that special. Xbox Fitness is
    free and instant and supposedly has the fully qualified instructors you like as well. Still, you go get dem gains bro.
    Abominus 69, Jan 10, 2014
  10. Glad that works for you - doesn't work for me. Besides, I think potentially XBox Fitness will be very good and I'd think the more use and feedback it gets, the better it will become. Your suggestion is hardly cutting edge and doesn't work for busy people
    who live miles from a gym/leisure center.
    PAFC-8B675B94-5D79-4EC5-970D-A0F3DBB31A14, Jan 11, 2014
  11. NYGiants4sbs
    NYGiants4sbs Guest
    I having not been having buffering issues, but have had a complete crash/stop of the workout with no warning 3 times now during 30-35 minute workouts (twice with Mossa fight training and once with Jillian Michaels). It's happened 2 days in a row now. The
    real bummer is that it happens with less than 8-10 minutes left and you lose everything. While I appreciate the workout physically, I love the tracking and feel totally bummed out that I lose all that progress. Are there any suggestions?? Like I said, it just
    glitches and then the screen goes black. I can tell it to go home and it does, but everything is gone.

    Also, not sure if anyone out there is looking for suggestions, but the Fitness app needs stretching and yoga workouts (10 minutes). I think this app is awesome and really appreciate it. I kicks my *** sometimes and I'm so sore that I can't do anything but
    stretch (that Insanity 45 min. workout killed my calves for 3 days!). So, if we could get some low impact workouts that could keep us moving while us old guys (36-45 range) recover, that would be awesome!
    NYGiants4sbs, Jan 12, 2014
  12. Maz544568
    Maz544568 Guest
    My wife used X1 Fitness last night for the first time and really enjoyed the Tracy Anderson metamorphosis workout. However, after 15mins~ it timedout / buffered again. This is SO ANNOYING!!!

    PLEASE Microsoft! Let the damn workouts be saved LOCALLY to the X1 or buffer with a reasonable amount of time or drop the stream quality temporarily if speed/bandwidth is an issue!
    Maz544568, Jan 20, 2014
  13. BI Monkey
    BI Monkey Guest

    Xbox Fitness Feedback

    The buffering thing is ridiculous, especially for purchased workouts. I have reasonably good internet (7.7mbs down, 0.7 up (yeah thanks optus)) and while sometimes its fine, right now it's buffering every 2 minutes for a workout that has been purchased!
    Basically unusable and would seek a refund if it was worth the effort.

    I would understand streaming free content but purchased should be
    downloaded and smooth.
    BI Monkey, Jan 20, 2014
  14. GeoGeer
    GeoGeer Guest
    I couldn't even get a workout started this morning. I get to the select a routine screen, press A to start it, then I get booted to the home screen. Over and Over. This crashing bug didn't happen for me at all in the beginning, but I'm getting it much
    more frequently now.

    My internet connection was working fine at the time. I was able to watch a youtube video without problems.

    Really frustrating!
    GeoGeer, Jan 21, 2014
  15. Abominus 69
    Abominus 69 Guest
    Makes you wonder about the massive amount of servers that were supposedly setup for the arrival of the Xbox One. Frankly I expected at least two of their servers next to my letterbox with how many they talked up being implemented.
    Abominus 69, Jan 23, 2014

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