X Box live is NOT secure.

Discus and support X Box live is NOT secure. in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Sorry for this rant. I am placing this here to let people know how far downhill Customers Privacy and Convienence come second place. Feel free to... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by cukali dad, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. cukali dad
    cukali dad Guest

    X Box live is NOT secure.

    Sorry for this rant. I am placing this here to let people know how far downhill Customers Privacy and Convienence come second place. Feel free to discuss your opinion on what I just discovered.

    I had an X Box Live Gold account about 8-9 years ago, which I allowed one of my sons to take over. He was 10 at the time. I bought another X Box and went to create another X Box Live Gold account....This one I created 6 years ago. At the time it would not
    let me create another account with the same email address. WTF. Kind of newbish on MS's part...but hey, I created another email address at Yahoo to use as "binky" for MS and create my account. Now, I am not exactly sure how this went from that time since I
    never logged in (or atleast hardly ever) to my X Box Live account online. Niehter did my son. Now a year ago, I cancelled both accounts because I tried to log on one day to the X Box Live website and neither username and password seamed to work. Called CS
    and got it straightened out (they were cool about it) but left both account deactivated. Last week I tried to go gold with my younger son who is now 5 on MY X Box Live account (gave him my X Box). Well I didnt ever change the info on the counsole and my username
    and password have always been unchanged. I select "gold" account and try to log in and it wouldnt work. I get on the laptop and try my username and password...didnt work. Now this account I had my wifes email address since I couldnt use mine due to limited
    abilities of MS and X Box Live (yes that was a stab)...Anyway, I use her email address as the username, and type in my password and it says its incorrect. Try again....incorrect. Go to my X Box where I have my password written on the outside, double check....its
    correct. Go to "recover password" on the website. It sends a code to my personal email address (the one used as my user name on my older sons account) and I type that to my laptop. BINGO...account is running now. Go to the X Box, type in my wifes email address
    and the new X Box Live password and it logs in. Oddly enough, when I typed in the password I thought it was it said "you cannot use a previous password"....hmmm... I have only had one, if it was incorrect, what was it? How did it change? Well, I shrugged it
    off...until 30 minutes ago when I seen a $9.95 charge on my account for a viveo game download.... Ok, 5 year old bought a game already. Ugh. How about being able to "DISABLE" purchases. I will have to check...maybe there is a way to do that. So, I tried to
    log into X Box Live again today and see what it was....I log in, with CORRECT username and password...but it asks me to select a contact method to receive a code to see my account info. WTF!!!!!! I just did that two weeks ago. Ok, I breathe deep and look at
    my options... Text to me cell? sorry, cell phone doesnt recieve texts. Email to my account? Sure I will do that....open ANOTHER page on IE and google "hotmail" click on the resulting hotmail link and to my surprise....I am now logged into my wife's email account
    on my work computer. Holy Crap!!! I have never known her password. I close window and go to hot mail again...again it auto mattically logs me into my wifes email address. Now remember this is from work. I have never gone to her email in my life let alone from
    my work computer. Now I am trying to get to my hot mail account but apparently when logged into my X Box live account it automatically logs my into the email address attached to that x box live account. Heheheeheh. too frickin funny. Call CS and tell them.....they
    told me X Box Live user name and password have always been your hot mails user name and password. Hmmm....maybe so, but that just proves MS limited abilities at flexibility and common sense. My back up email on X Box live allowed me to hack my wifes email
    account. LOL. Thats too cool. Now, my wife is completely neutral in this situation and I told her what happened and she said that they shoulld do it completely different and that they must be simple minded. So, canceling X Box Live Gold (after two weeks) cant
    keep my Gamer Tag. When I told the agent one email should be able to have more than one account attached. He said "You cannot have more than one username"..well I said nothing about user names. I said EMAILS. How about making your gamertag your username, whatever
    password you want, and any email attached to each one.

    Now, maybe this is the way its been forever and I dont keep un-to-date with X Box privacy changes, but it has proven to be too "nazi" like with Hotmail and X Box live having to be linked, cannot use same email for my families accounts, cannot use your Gamertag
    as user name, cant have seperate X Box Live password and Hot mail Password, and after satisfying all these requirements just two weeks ago, I had to go through it all again today JUST TO LOG IN!

    MS will end up choking all their subscribers with such self indulging processes in a ficticous attempt at security when its actually les secure than to keep everything seperate. Ask yourselfs why they need anything more than a username and password? Phone
    #s? Email adresses? (atleast two)

    cukali dad, Jan 2, 2014
  2. problem

    x box is not connecting to x box live
    CheesyLemur5043, Jan 2, 2014
  3. ImVance
    ImVance Guest
    Rock Band 2 X-Box live no work

    When i go to get onto Rock Band 2 for X-Box live on my 360 it says, "In order to play on X-Box live you need to be signed into an X-Box live enabled gamer profile with X-Box live Multiplayer privileges enabled with X-Box Live"

    I have a X-Box live membership and as far as i know the multiplayer is enabled. I have played Halo Reach and other games on X-Box live so i am confused as to why its not letting me play this on live.
    ImVance, Jan 2, 2014
  4. x24hrs2livex
    x24hrs2livex Guest

    X Box live is NOT secure.

    Sounds like user error more than anything and not keeping everything up to date and in order. The systen works fine for me the way it is. Ive got an outlook email address and attached to that is my gamertag and skydrive account. I have another gamertag setup
    the same way and my wifes account is as well.
    x24hrs2livex, Jan 2, 2014
  5. x24hrs2livex
    x24hrs2livex Guest
    And the need for phone numbers, emails is to keep it secure.
    x24hrs2livex, Jan 2, 2014
  6. cukali dad
    cukali dad Guest
    Oddly, secure is only when it comes to identifying yourself. But for purchases, anyone can turn on your X Box and bill your account. My 5 year old just did it. Now, If he cannot use it unless I am home, he will never have an X Box Live account...I would
    see it much more SECURE that purchases have to be verified. Sorry, their security is only wanting more info on you, your secureity is anyone can create a charge.

    I just now logged into my account online again to see what game was purchased, I logged in, and was able to see my account...when I clicked "Joy Ride Turbo .... $9.95" to see what game it was....it took me to a securee page and asked for me to chose a method
    to verify my identity. Is that secure? Asking AFTERR I see my account info or is it just a top secret game I have to prove its me before I see it? I just was logged in today and veryfied my account. I did it last week also. Do I have to do this everytime I
    log in?

    Now, do I have to verify who I am before they charge my credit card or can anyone turn on the X Box and buy somethine without my authorization?

    Lastly, yes, user error due to not logging in enough times. So, my newbish-ness with the new privacy act allowed me to hack my wifes email.


    cukali dad, Jan 2, 2014
  7. cukali dad
    cukali dad Guest
    You can secure something without 2 emails or phone numbers, trust me on that one. Even if they DID use them, the fact they connect your hot mail to your X box live is actually LESS secure. My blunder just proved that. I changed my wifes email password with
    my backup email address on the X Box live account. Get it?

    Dont be fooled.
    cukali dad, Jan 2, 2014
  8. cukali dad
    cukali dad Guest

    X Box live is NOT secure.

    Yes, user error hacked someone elses email account. I agree it was my lack of knowledge. Now, how secure is their policy again?

    Anyway, emails and phones numbers are NOT needed for security. You can create a very securee policy for logging in and verifying without ANY personal info. But thats what it appears to be about. Personal info and no privacy.
    cukali dad, Jan 2, 2014
  9. Klokkwork
    Klokkwork Guest
    Yeah, if you leave your profile on your console with no passcode to log in, then anybody can log into your account and use your credit card you leave on file. Likewise, if you leave your keys in the ignition and your car door unlocked, lo and behold anyone
    can slide into your car and take it for a spin. Put a passcode on your account, or keep it on a USB and remove it when you log off. Account security is every user's responsibility, and the account is as secure as you care to make it. A lot of people choose
    to leave security options turned off for the sake of ease of use.

    Leaving your profile unprotected on your console works well if you live alone and nobody's going to touch your console, but if you have kids in the house, or have roommates, it's always a good idea to lock that down with a passcode, or don't leave it on the
    console at all. I keep my profile on a USB, which I insert into the Xbox when I want to use it, and I pocket it again when I don't. If I accidently leave my USB in my Xbox when I leave the house, I can pull up xbox.com/account on my phone, and click "Remove
    my profile from all Xbox 360 consoles" to disable my profile remotely, then I just redownload my profile when I get back home.

    It sounds like your email is the security proof for your wife's Microsoft account. You didn't hack her at all. The system behaved the way it's designed to behave. You verified yourself as an authorized user of her Microsoft account, which includes access
    to her Hotmail. If you don't want that Xbox profile attached to her Hotmail, you'll need to change the associated Microsoft Account, and move it to a different login email. All Microsoft services use a unified Microsoft Account login system, so you don't
    have to memorize different emails/passwords for each and every service. If, however, you do want a separate login for each service, then all you need to do is set up a separate Microsoft Account for each one, with its own email and password login.

    Microsoft's system of security proofs isn't for keeping people out. It's for letting you back in if someone gets into your account. It's still your responsibility to keep other people from obtaining your email and password, by not using them on non-Microsoft
    websites, and keeping your computer free of malware and keystroke logging viruses, and certainly refraining from giving your email and password to anyone. On that last point, I don't recommend letting anyone, even family members, "take over" a service attached
    to your Microsoft Account. Things tend to be more secure when each user has their own Microsoft Account details to manage. You can set yourself up as their security proof, so that you can help manage their account.
    Klokkwork, Jan 2, 2014
  10. BongKaos
    BongKaos Guest
    So, You can't logg into your own accounts... and still decided the system is unsecure. Personal information is Very secure IMO. Do you know what my first pets name was??? I wish you Good Luck!!!! Your wife may disagree X Box live is NOT secure. :)
    BongKaos, Oct 31, 2018
  11. MutantGiraffe48 Win User

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  12. FairyBlackmothr Win User

    Signing In Error Code 800705B4

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  13. FreakishHades57 Win User

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  14. MalarCube17 Win User

    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate cant play

    I love dead or alive game series, when i got dead or alive 5 it was doing good on my x-box 360 then i heard about dead or alive 5 ultimate but they say you needed to have x-box live to get new characters and costumes so i downloaded x-box live now i cant
    play either games, because x-box live "family Settings" which i have tried to deal with but everything tried would not do. Please help me , to set up x-box live "family Settings"
  15. pratham37 Win User

    Unable to download update from xbox live

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X Box live is NOT secure.

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