what do i do

Discus and support what do i do in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; when ever i try to play cod on steam it gives me this [img] 9eb9cffc-b602-4485-9e8b-1b3786627745 Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by Adam Rayman, Jun 6, 2024.

  1. Adam Rayman
    Adam Rayman Guest

    what do i do

    when ever i try to play cod on steam it gives me this
    what do i do [​IMG]

    Adam Rayman, Jun 6, 2024
  2. WILK0-98D843A7-6EBD- Win User

    WHat do I do?

    [quote user="NanoTechSoldier"]
    Turn your Modems Firewall's IP Flood Detection On & it will block Malicious Attacks.. They are basically Packet Flooding your Modem & overloading it until it drops out & refreshes the connection etc..

    [/quote]You mean disble the PING RESPONCE in your routers security settings, well that may stop it, but usually does not...
  3. Elohmn Win User

    WHat do I do?

    The Real Quad, if I can ask but how do you know it really was a DDoS sans the assuming it was so you would be Kicked Offline from Xbox LIVE? What I mean is, are other Devices (say your PC) effected as well?
  4. The Real Quad Win User

    WHat do I do?

    I see, thank you Lost Kauz, no I am talking about those people that get their **** little booters and hit you off for about 10 seconds which is just long enough to get me kicked out of the game so they can win, this has happened to me about 5-7 times already
    it gets annoying
  5. Elohmn Win User

    WHat do I do?

    [quote user="The Real Quad"]

    how would my ISP help when some idiot hits me offline while I play halo3 50 high

    [/quote]Because a real DDoS is an attack on your ISP, not Xbox LIVE. Xbox LIVE would simply Disconnect because you no longer have Internet Service. It doesn't matter what Application or Device is trying to use the Connection at
    the time, it's an attack against your Internet and ISP.
  6. Misses Quinzel Win User


    Hey there, KAT!

    It sounds like your console was suspended on top of an account suspension. We are unable to comment on any Enforcement actions taken against accounts or consoles. If you have an active account suspension or a permanent suspension from within the last 12
    months, you can submit a Case Review to the Policy Enforcement team. If you have a console suspension, this does not qualify for Case Review, however your Microsoft Account email should
    have been sent an email detailing the suspension information.

    If you need assistance with any other support issue, be sure to post up a new detailed thread so that our community can work on helping you out. Thanks for understanding!


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what do i do