Warranty Repair Hell

Discus and support Warranty Repair Hell in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Trying to get my Xbox 360 repaired has been an absolute nightmare. Last August I first contacted xbox "customer service" to report an ongoing problem... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by beknit, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. beknit
    beknit Guest

    Warranty Repair Hell

    Trying to get my Xbox 360 repaired has been an absolute nightmare.

    Last August I first contacted xbox "customer service" to report an ongoing problem with my system. I made arrangements online to return the console and got a service request number before realizing that you cannot send the console and power supply back together.
    I was pretty sure the problem was the power supply so I figured it would be a simple thing to change the service request. To just switch it from the console to the power supply.

    I managed to talk to a live person (amazing right?) who agreed to cancel the original repair order and put me in touch with a different division of Microsoft that takes care of power supply repairs (stupid right?). And so my journey through corporate/bureaucratic
    blundering, false promises and ineptitude began.

    Repeatedly, representatives of Microsoft would promise me emphatically that they would email me with instructions to send in my power supply. And repeatedly I received no such instructions.

    When I finally received instructions, the instructions that were given to me included the wrong repair order number. The number I received in the email had been cancelled and a new one issued. I placed this erroneous (cancelled) number, per the emailed instructions,
    on the outside of the box I used to ship the power supply back to Microsoft. I shipped the power supply back in November. Once I looked through the chat logs and discovered the error it was too late.

    I've had several chats since then with xbox "customer support". I was able to provide proof of receipt of the power supply by Microsoft (USPS tracking number) and both the erroneous and "good" repair order numbers... This resulted in a litany of more promises
    made and not kept.

    I started saving the transcripts of the chat logs beginning in November. I've got 10 chat logs. I had been on the phone and chatted with xbox on and off since August. I'd say 10 additional "chats". I did, admittedly take a break from the xbox ordeal for
    a month or so due to work pressures. So subtract a month and I'm left with 4.5 months of xbox hell that featured 20 or so online chat sessions and several very frustrating telephone chat sessions. Each chat session representing about an hour of my time.

    I honestly don't think that any company could do a more crappy job of honoring their warranty repair agreement. If I hear or read another scripted conversation beginning with the words, "I understand your frustration" I will scream. I'm a guy with kind of
    a low vocal pitch range so this would probably sound kind of freakish.

    At this point I am looking to get my money back. Microsoft can take the console (which has been pretty much useless since August) along with the games I've bought for it and give me a refund. I would also like a refund on the Xbox live service which I haven't
    been able to use for the past six months. I doubt that Microsoft will do the right thing however.

    Anyone interested in a slightly used xbox 360 with a missing power supply?

    I'm going to cross-post this message to Reddit. Can anyone tell me where else I might post this? I intend to forewarn as many people as possible.

    beknit, Jan 4, 2014
  2. Warranty repair

    I purchased an Xbox One for my son this past December. After a month, the controller stopped working and batteries became extremely hot.

    Sent in the controller, and received a new one under warranty. How do I get reimbursed for the $15 I had to pay for shipping?? Not ok to charge me for something that wasn’t my fault. I was rather shocked to be told that I had to provide a box and pay for
    the shipping but the controller did get replaced, which is great.
    littlerocky2014, Jan 4, 2014
  3. Chinsiang32
    Chinsiang32 Guest
    Warranty Repair

    Recently, I have issue with my Xbox One S console and I had made a service request via the website.

    I'm very impressed on the service from Microsoft. Within a day or two, I was being contacted by our local courier company on the arrangement to pick-up the console. In less than 3 days, the replacement console was returned to me with no question asked and
    not single cent required. There even follow-up call from Microsoft about the delivery of my replacement console.

    This is wonderful experiences I have never get from other warranty services.

    Thanks for all the great support from the MS Service Team. Well done!

    Willy Lee
    Chinsiang32, Jan 4, 2014
  4. Mythic Sandman Win User

    Warranty /repair

    Of course. Most don't have the original box anyway.
  5. Etag_Mixer Win User

    Warranty /repair

    Yes, as long as it is still within warranty. I had to send mine back without the original box before and there were no issues
  6. Mikeysoonerfan Win User

    Warranty /repair

    When you register your console and send for repair they will give you step by step directions. They also sent me a box and actually had UPS pick it up. Not sure if they still do that much or not. It was actually a real easy experience me.
  7. Jesse E' Win User

    Warranty Repair

    Hello, My name is Jesse. I'm an Independent Advisor and a member of the Microsoft community and I'd love to assist you today.

    When did you send it in? It happens like that sometimes, the device page isn't updated until the controller is on its way back. If you've sent the controller within the last 14 days then you shouldn't worry about it. No cause for alarm yet.
  8. JackFitz4579 Win User

    Warranty /repair

    Ok thanks very much. Yes it's still inside of warranty thankfully

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