Trouble using Xbox One with a Sony 4K TV.

Discus and support Trouble using Xbox One with a Sony 4K TV. in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I just purchased a Sony 4K (XBR55X810C). Really good picture, but I can't setup the TV manually in device control settings. I'm able to select the... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by STLsabester, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. STLsabester
    STLsabester Guest

    Trouble using Xbox One with a Sony 4K TV.

    I just purchased a Sony 4K (XBR55X810C). Really good picture, but I can't setup the TV manually in device control settings. I'm able to select the model number on the Xbox One, but I can't click "next" to confirm the settings and model number. When
    I try to go thru the "guide me" path, I can't get mute to work on the TV. Anybody else having a similar problem with the XBR55X810C or another Sony 4K TV? It's frustrating because without programming my TV into the Xbox One, I can't get the TV to turn off/on
    in sync with my with Xbox One.

    STLsabester, Jan 2, 2016
  2. PDoggy1167
    PDoggy1167 Guest
    4k Display from XBOX one X working?

    Until very recently my Xbox One X was working great with my 4K Sony XBR65X850D tv. All the statements had green check marks by the 4K TV setup check list when I had the HDMI input on the Sony set to "Enhanced".

    But now when the Enhanced mode is on the TV...I get video and audio break screens....etc...

    Now the only way I can play is if I switch the Sony HDMI input at "Standard". Previously I was playing with this input switched to "Enhanced".

    I spent a lot of money on the Xbox One X and this TV to play in 4k.

    Would the HDMI cables work with an HD signal...but not with a 4K /UHD signal?

    Any input is appreciated.
    PDoggy1167, Jan 2, 2016
  3. EOFStart
    EOFStart Guest
    Xbox One S does not recognize a Sony 940D TV as a 4k TV

    I am trying to set my Xbox One S to show 4k HDR on my Sony 940D TV.

    However the advance setup shows that the TV does not support 4K or HDR.

    - I have set the color depth to 10bit and the TV does show it.

    - I have connected a PS4 Pro using the same cable and same jack, and the TV shows it in 4k and HDR

    Is the a way to Force the Xbox to send a 4K signal?

    Does anyone had a similar problem?

    Thanks in advance,

    EOFStart, Jan 2, 2016
  4. Nautilus Soup Win User

    Woo-Hoo! HDMI 2.0!

    @IceStorm III

    Be a little realistic, man. TV tech is never that great, not even Sony's "original Cell Processor TV that was shown ages ago. If the Sony 4K TVs were so powerful, they would have a built in optical drive to play PS4 games without the need of a PS4 console.

    The pricing for Sony's 4K TVs is both the actual panels and early adopter "fee".

    An Xbox One is light years more powerful than Sony's 4K TV internals, period.
  5. CoiledTomb38 Win User

    Xbox One and 4K output

    As someone who owns a Sony 4K tv I can tell you it already upconverts all content to 4K using Sony's 4K X Reality Pro engine. So yes, you will be able to play games in upscaled 4K on day one. I'm not sure if all 4K tv sets do this, but I know all of Sonys
    do. It does a damn good job of upscaling too.
  6. greg_window10_instal Win User

    Error when selecting the 4K UHD resolution on Xbox One S.

    Hello a7ime7raveller,

    Thanks for taking the time to let us know about your situation. It's good to know that the problem is not the Xbox directly, but more of a compatibility issue. After the release of the PS4 Pro a saw and read a few articles about problems with 4K HDR working
    on not only Sony's own TVs, but also with other manufactures 4K HDR TVs, see URLs below. It's my understanding that Sony has had to push out some firmware updates to get things straightened out. However, when it comes to the Xbox One S it seems that the real
    threshold for 4K UHD support is
    . But, of course it appears Sony dose not like to use that nomenclature. It's almost like they expected only PS4 to be connected to their TVs.... At this point, unless you can try some other third party 4K HDR device, it looks like you are going to
    have to follow up with Sony.

    Good luck and good gaming,

  7. Zenosos Win User

    Xbox One X issues with 4k playback on youtube & mods keep closing the threads

    thanks for the information so I would next would like to ask have you tried changing your settings on the tv itself to allow for 4k HDR as you may need to edit it within the TV settings rather than the Xbox as sometimes Xbox struggles to detect. As I had
    trouble originally setting my sony tv to allow for 4k and hdr
  8. VerbalWhistle Win User

    Xbox one x Vs Scarlett

    It's a question of how you like your XBox output to look.

    I had two Full HD Sony TVs running on both an XBox One S and then the XBox One X, which were both fine, and I could move between different size screens (32" to 49"). Then I decided I'd like to see the 4K full-on value of my XBox One X, so upgraded to a
    55" 4K Sony and a 49" Samsung (both 4K).

    Never regretted the move, because the image is stunning - same goes for watching a 4K film, for example.

    One thing you may wish to consider is the size of the TV, as there are no 4K TVs under 49" - I've got a "small" Samsung 49" 4K, and it's pretty spectacular for all things 4K.

    I recently upgraded my 55" Sony to a mammoth 65" 4K.

    My only word of advice is, although the output is spectacular for anything with 4K related to it, game-wise or film-wise, but you'd be really wise to consider where you're going to put the TV. I have a dedicated room for both gaming and TV, and have both
    the 49" Samsung and the 65" Sony, so can watch TV in 4K or play on a console (both XBox One X and PS4 Pro).

    A very large 4K TV will cost an arm and a leg: you can get the 49" Samsung, for example, from Amazon UK for £755. This is a bucket of cash, but with 4K you do get what you're paying for. The price goes up sharply when you go for the bigger models:
    you'll end up paying over £3,000 for the 65" Sony if you get the latest OLED versions, and 65" is by no means the largest screen out there.

    If your room is small, the size of the screen is going to matter (as may be the number of HDMI outputs, etc). Do remember, too, that both the XBox One X and the PS4 Pro double as a 4K video player, so you can watch 4K videos via your console (technical
    note: you don't need a 4K TV to watch a 4K film/game, but the output won't be so good on a non-4K screen.

    Lastly, 5K screens are out there and 8K are on the horizon. These are going to be horrendously expensive for the moment. Too, none of this addresses the possible frame-rate of future consoles, but I'd guess that MicroSoft will have considered that most
    gamers who want to move on with Scarlett aren't going to want to buy a £20,000 TV in order to play games, so will have had to consider what gamers are using today, which could be a mix of different TVs.

Trouble using Xbox One with a Sony 4K TV.

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