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Discus and support Thanks for nothing in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I finally got the enforcement questions done after 4 days of trying but I guess saying one bad word in a message to a grown man in a grown man game... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by ArcticSquash, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. ArcticSquash
    ArcticSquash Guest

    Thanks for nothing

    I finally got the enforcement questions done after 4 days of trying but I guess saying one bad word in a message to a grown man in a grown man game isn't allowed.... yet team killing in a game is and someone making my game experience worse isn't a crime
    lol what the F**** ever, I hate you all, you all are hypocrites, someone makes my gaming experience awful with the team killing, I get upset and tell him in a kinder manner than I would usually.... know what it's like if I shoot someone but since they shot
    me back in defense I am not in trouble they are even though I commeted a murder they shot me so I'm off the hook that is a great metaphor for what you Microsoft do, even though the code was broken first by them nothing happens to them I use one bad word and
    oh shi* help breaks loose you are banned from everything for 2 weeks.... I'm tired of this, spending thousands of dollars on a company that are Hippocrates, I can't play with my friends, nor talk to them, nor play on the things that are going on in games that

    ArcticSquash, Oct 22, 2017
  2. DuFFuL
    DuFFuL Guest
    Thanks for nothing!

    Sorry for the late reply guys. Look here's how it is. The game is playable and I can get kills but it's just lags at times. Like if I come around a corner and it's one on one I will always die first. And when the replay of my death comes up, according to
    it I haven't even fired. Even though on my end I know I did. Now while the game is playable, it's not what it should. This is a fast paced, online only game where in all honest, every millisecond counts. It's the difference between winning a battle and not.
    I'm just disappointed that basically they are saying to us "sure you can buy our game but we won't support it in your country". It's a kick in the teeth, especially when it's a well known fact that Aussies pay a lot more than the rest of the world for their
    software. Why EA couldn't run dedicated Aussie servers until Microsoft gets the azure servers going in this county is beyond me. They do it for BF4. So yes the game is playable. Is it what it should be for a fast paced online only FPS? Hell no!!
    DuFFuL, Oct 22, 2017
  3. xenomorph v1
    xenomorph v1 Guest
    Thanks for nothing!

    @ RedEye

    Unfortunately I'm only getting my X1 on or before the 25th of Feb due to circumstance... But once I'm on, I'll be in for Titanfall... Having not played the beta, I'm sure I'll suck compared to those who've had hands on time... But hopefully it won't take
    me long to pick it up.

    Really looking forward to it.
    xenomorph v1, Oct 22, 2017
  4. ArcticSquash
    ArcticSquash Guest

    Thanks for nothing

    Microsoft is a piece of shut place, I am selling my account **** all of you, I am going to play games somewhere where they are not as **** stupid
    ArcticSquash, Oct 22, 2017
  5. Daft Badger
    Daft Badger Guest
    Everything you do on xbox live must be rated E for everyone.

    The age rating on a game only means that someone under that age can not buy that game.Doesn't mean they can't play it & the age rating doesn't apply to the online part of it,something every game with a online part tells you.

    Doesn't matter who starts it,if you respond in a way that violates the ToU/CoC you risk being suspended.

    The rules are the same on other platforms & the buying/selling of accounts will get both parties banned.

    If you have filed for a case review then you will have to wait for the decision.

    If the decision is upheld (most likely) then that's it,there is nothing else you can do.
    Daft Badger, Nov 1, 2018
  6. RedEye Expr3ss Win User

    Thanks for nothing!

    Big country, small poulation, isolated location, overpriced internet, most people live on the coast where as most of the inland is blank. Our internet is fine in the big cities, I have a friend who lives in Brown City Michigan who has a bad connection due
    to location. Playing p2p is often australia to New Zealand or Japan Or Hong kong, this is terrbile for hosts. It's location location, we need dedis though this may not be profitable to suppliers. I have worked for telstra's competition for a decade and frankly
    Telstra is a black hearted joke of a business. Now if South East Asia hooked up with consoles a bit better we'd be fine, but allot of SE Asia is worse off for the internet anyway.

    I have travelled allot and live in both Hong Kong and Cairo, globally people are ignorant of different countries and culture, well duh

    Titanfall is fine to play from Australia given that you have a good connection
  7. RedEye Expr3ss Win User

    Thanks for nothing!

    :) Thats made my day mate

    I'm optic fibre for a company I worked for, there are some left over perks that I'll take advantage of

    Hey Rippen, Just more people on when I've been playing and have allot of actual friends in the U.S, buy that I mean non eFriends, no offense. My connection is good enough for it so it's no issue, with that in mind I need to hook up with your crew on Bf4 at
    some time, you're vids are top notch
  8. RippenHarra Win User

    Thanks for nothing!

    Only on BF4 and that is not my connection I believe. Titanfall excellent.
  9. RippenHarra Win User

    Thanks for nothing!

    It's not necessarily budget here. I have the best I can get for what's available in my region. That is only ADSL2 with a max speed of 20mb/s Down because of where I live I can only get 8.5 down. I used to live in the centre of town and could get 17mb/s.
    Friend of mine in another state was on 2.5 mb/s and had to move to get better lucky for him he's a renter I am not.
  10. xenomorph v1 Win User

    Thanks for nothing!

    @ GG

    The term "relatively modernized" just struck me as something Aussies sometimes encounter... Which is the assumption that we as Aussies have Crocodiles in our back yards as pets, or ride Kangaroos, or a myriad of other misconceptions.

    My reaction would be the same as anyone's that felt their country was being portrayed in a less than accurate light.

    Listed's responses are testament to my point.

Thanks for nothing

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