Issues with controller triggers. They appear to have large dead zones.

Discus and support Issues with controller triggers. They appear to have large dead zones. in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; In forza 5, there is a significant dead zone for each trigger (brake and accelerator) that can not be significantly reduced. Based on several people's... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by BouncyGosling6, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Issues with controller triggers. They appear to have large dead zones.

    In forza 5, there is a significant dead zone for each trigger (brake and accelerator) that can not be significantly reduced. Based on several people's identical complaints, this problem appears widespread.

    How can we verify that the triggers are working correctly and that the full range can be used? Do we have defective equipment because not everyone has this problem. It seems unlikely to be an issue with forza 5 if only some people have this problem. The
    software will work identically for everyone.

    Here are other people complaining about this issue...

    Is it just forza 5 that the dead zone for the controller trigger is way off? : xboxone

    BouncyGosling6, Jan 2, 2014
  2. djmattsims
    djmattsims Guest
    Day One Controller Faulty?

    If you go to the advanced controller options in Forza Horizon 2 there are specific options for dead zones. Try playing with those.

    Also are you running with Traction Control on? Sometimes that feels like there is a delay in accelerating.
    djmattsims, Jan 2, 2014
  3. Can games permanently re-designate a controller analog's dead-zones settings?

    About sometime a year or two ago I started having problems with my analogs on my controller getting stick drift, a problem that persisted for many months. At first I thought it was a hardware issue, like my analog modules were failing. Currently, the controller
    I thought that I had an issue with is working just fine and I haven't had any repeat of the issues for months, since late last year.

    Some part of me wonders if a system/controller update re-designated the controllers dead-zones to combat this, or if there's another reason. The stick-drift / dead-zone issue fixed itself sometime back during holidays of 2016, about the same time Microsoft
    had a big system update. However, it recently occurred to me whether games themselves can change the settings regarding the controller's dead-zones, not just for how the controller works for those games, but those new settings can be set permanently and migrate
    to how the controller behaves in other games and apps.

    It was sometime back in 2016 that my stick drift issues began to get really bad. I first noticed it while playing Velocity 2X. I also got it a lot by playing Albeddo: Eyes From Outer Space (which to me seemed like it was programmed to ignore dead-zones entirely).
    It would still pop up in more minor but noticeably annoying ways in every other game I played from then on. I had a work-around to blow down under the analog housing because I thought dust shaving off from the sticks was getting under the analog housing and
    interfering with the sensors; whatever the reason, this would work and buy me time to play without issue for a short while, but I'd have to keep doing this while playing games like constant maintenance.

    It was around the time I got Titanfall 2 that I noticed an option in the game's menu to change the analog dead-zones, that game was giving me stick-drift too because dead-zones were set to a smaller dead-zone by default, but when I switched the dead-zones
    from a smaller dead-zone to a larger one, not only did this in-game option solve my stick-drift issues for that game, all my other stick drift issues for any other game I've played to date have disappeared. I'm still using the same controller. It all seemed
    to happen right after changing my dead-zone options in the Titanfall 2 options.

    If this is indeed the reason my dead-zone / stick-drift issues have been fixed, could it also explain maybe how/why I started getting stick drift in the first place? Could a game I played sometime back have permanently re-designated my dead-zones to be smaller,
    which would have accounted for my persistent stick-drift issue in other games that I played, and it wasn't fixed until Titanfall 2 permanently broadened my dead-zones again? Or, was there just coincidentally a controller and/or system update that addressed
    dead-zone / stick-drift issues by broadening them?
    xDamnYouSalazar, Jan 2, 2014
  4. ShikyC Win User

    Xbox Elite Controller 2 short trigger issues

    I just got my controller, and it has exactly the same issue: the shortest triggers just won't work. Updating the firmware doesn't help. I think it's because the default trigger dead zone is too large - it's even larger than the shortest trigger. And hence
    the triggers simply fail. Hope this can be fixed by upgrading the firmware in the future but not a design flaw.
  5. KingOfTheRen Win User

    Elite controller 2 trigger stops not working

    Having the hair triggers set to the 3rd level on the new Series 2 Elite controller already makes it as responsive as can be so adjusting the dead zones doesn't apply as they're already maxed out.
  6. kayanow2 Win User

    Xbox One controller left stick forward reduced response

    It isn't the deadzone ! It happens with all games, it doesn't happen with my new controller (yet) many other people are having issues with left stick on XBone controllers. I've been a gamer for many years and have experienced dead zone issues before, this
    is not a dead zone issue.
  7. Fyer Win User

    My pains

    The dead zone is an area in the middle where the wheel is considered to be not turning at all. If there was no dead zone, you would have to return the wheel to the EXACT center to stop your car from turning to either size; a dead zone lets you return it
    to close to the middle. If the dead zone is too large, then you have to turn the wheel a lot before your car actually starts to turn.
  8. Kain3984 Win User

    Elite controller 2 trigger stops not working

    So the hair trigger lvl on my controller registers nothing no matter what I change it too on the app. the first and 2nd lvls if the trigger stop works fine. the third registers nothing no matter what I set the dead zones to. Is there anything I
    can try before i exchange this for another one?
    I'm having the exact same issue with my Elite 2 which arrived yesterday. Hair triggers do not work for either side. Have updated the firmware on the controller and when setting the triggers to hair trigger neither of them registers anything, even in the Xbox
    accesories testing app. Very frustrating.

Issues with controller triggers. They appear to have large dead zones.

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