Discus and support Hi in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Hello i am having problem i just got disconnected from xboxlive so i sent a message out to see what was going on and i got a message back off this GT:... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by MaliciousTree92, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Hi

    Hello i am having problem i just got disconnected from xboxlive so i sent a message out to see what was going on and i got a message back off this GT: [GT Removed] - Do not name and shame on the forums. telling me that he has a host booter
    and i have two days left ?.

    Could i please have some help the proof is in my message box the exact message he sent i still have it but he said i have 2 days left .

    MaliciousTree92, Jan 6, 2014
  2. Hi!


    Be prepared for the forum. You 'll need it.
    Deranged-Deer, Jan 6, 2014
  3. JoeSchiavone
    JoeSchiavone Guest

    Could be many reasons, could be down to your internet. Do you use wireless or ethernet cable?
    JoeSchiavone, Jan 6, 2014
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    The best course of action you can take is to File a Complaint, Block
    Communications with the Player, Mute the Player
    , and Submit a Player Review and Avoid the Player for each
    player you feel is violating the Code of Conduct or Terms of Use. Just make sure not to send them a message
    after you block them as it will unblock this player. Typically when someone has stated they are going to “hack” you they are typically just going to kick you offline via DoS
    or DDoS
    . If this happens you should also contact your Internet Service Provider to report the attack and get assigned a new IP address to at least get your back online OR you can try and power cycle your router to obtain a new IP address. The enforcement
    team will eventually catch up to the player(s) and they will take the appropriate action against the individual(s). Just be patient and give it some time as a console ban or permanent suspension is a serious matter and there is no going back, so the Enforcement
    Team wants to ensure they are 100% certain in their investigation before taking any action. Also,it is against forum rules to post offending gamertags (Also known as “naming and shaming”). Hope this helps!
    eG x Thee Elf, Jan 6, 2014
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    [quote user="Suby1"]

    Dual seriously man I hope your not taking your hate of Cod to seriously I mean are you getting violent in real life or harming your self? take a break from the forums man I don't want to see on CNN some guy has a heard attack clutching a mouse staring at
    the MW3 forums.

    See you in MW3


    I take like 15 minutes out of my day to come on this site. I post on BF3's forums the same time as here...not angry at all, usually laughing pretty hard when reading the responses..
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    Forums are terrible, but that's what they have in common with Camp of Doody...
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    No matter which version of the One you have, the original, the S or the X, you can all enjoy multi-player together.
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    Yes no problems there at all they wouldn't fracture the fan base by splitting it depending on console
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    It sounds like you need to transfer the licenses for this content to your console. Was it originally purchased on a different console? You can do this really easily by going here:
    http://xbox.com/drm Let me know if this helps!