Hacked and console ban

Discus and support Hacked and console ban in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Hello Microsoft I am informing you about a issue that occurred a year ago. My xbox was hacked and my account was suspended and he took money off my... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by xShad0wD3EATHx, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Hacked and console ban

    Hello Microsoft I am informing you about a issue that occurred a year ago. My xbox was hacked and my account was suspended and he took money off my card and took of £20.00 but he hacked another guy and took out. £50.00. And I didn't do anything but the guy
    just hacked me and made me console banned. I was talking with a xbox live sales person / staff and they gave me a reference number so the enforcement team can check my records so here it is Here is my reference number:
    [Mod Removed]. The guy hacked me and console ban me so I can't do anything Hacked and console ban :( Thanks for the support and reacting on this Microsoft I appreciate it. Hyatchi I met u yesterday I'm Henry. Hyatchi was the Microsoft staff members .

    xShad0wD3EATHx, Jan 1, 2014
  2. jaqwan
    jaqwan Guest
    my xbox got banned

    My acc recently got hacked and xbox was suppose to ban the person that hacked me but i got my acc back and xbl banned my acc and console
    jaqwan, Jan 1, 2014
  3. turk3y
    turk3y Guest
    What happens to your games if you get banned on an XB One

    that is the same as it is now, if you manage to break the rules so badly its a lifetime account ban you loose everything jn that account.

    for a modified console its the console that is banned, I think you have to involved in active game code hacking or account phishing or other be involved in nasty completely ruin live for others areas to get a perm ban for your actual gamer account, hey are never clear on why accounts are banned tho
    turk3y, Jan 1, 2014
  4. Hacked and console ban

    It was on my other account it's [Mod Removed] as that's the meal linked with the account but he changed by gamer tag ! Hacked and console ban :(
    xShad0wD3EATHx, Jan 1, 2014
  5. x24hrs2livex
    x24hrs2livex Guest
    First do not post reference numbers or personal info such as email addresses on an open forum such as this one. For all console bans please post here

    Be advisedthough the chances of getting hacked are very slim, aounds like you got scammed
    x24hrs2livex, Oct 31, 2018
  6. Kung Fu Spoon Win User

    Hacking Brand New Battlefield 4 Game

    The hacks you are referring to are for the PC version of the game, some hack users have already been banned and once there is a way to detect the hackers they will no doubt be blocked, banned or otherwise dealt with as well. There are no hacks for the console
    versions and anyone claiming otherwise is lying and anyone selling console hacks is just trying to rip you off.
  7. Private Maximo Win User

    i cant play my game i bought of market place

    [quote user="I C Poo People"]

    OP: Thats Microsoft for you.

    And M$ wonder why ppl hack their consoles tch


    He gets banned for hacking the console


    so you say no wonder people hack console due to getting banned when people like the OP hacked the console to start with and not just the once either.


    Their is no need to hack consoles unless you just want to cheat the system, no sympathy for those people who gt banned for that.


    Hack you get what you deserve.


    I only have sympathy for when mistakes are made by the inforcement team though they claim they don't make them they are only human and bound to make them as no system is perfect!


  8. IceStorm III Win User

    Why are older 360's..

    [quote user="xLGCx Poseidon"]because i dont have +150$ to shell out on a new console,[/quote]Then go without.
    also banning in waves? dafaq? since when?
    Since when they started banning consoles? Banning consoles when hacking is detected allows
    the hackers to determine when they've been caught. Banning in a wave means no one knows what hack triggered the ban.
  9. RealCrazedtech Win User

    New Console Banned

    My console was bought and was banned, I spoke to ms and they said my console wasn't banned and I was hacked, GUESS WHAT THEY DID!? nothing
  10. SLASHCANDY8 Win User

    Can microsoft ban me for using DNS server?

    If you are using one to hack the game then you could get banned by Rockstar. They could push for a console ban.

Hacked and console ban

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