Does anyone else feel cheated

Discus and support Does anyone else feel cheated in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I have been holding this in for awhile but I cant anymore. I have been a loyal xbox customer since the original and I have been gaming since atari and... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by SENSationaLtrY, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Does anyone else feel cheated

    I have been holding this in for awhile but I cant anymore. I have been a loyal xbox customer since the original and I have been gaming since atari and i have never seen the crap pulled like they have with the xbox one. With a 3rd version of this console
    set to release am I the only one feeling cheated for wanting my xbox as soon as it released because if i did not i could have purchased the elite for a similar price to what i paid for version 1 . Would you not think that a company would reward a long term
    customer for their loyalty and devotion to their product. It has been tough enough to watch them start releasing consoles without games but this is insane. Is this what is in store for the future of gaming? I could go buy a xbox one s with multiple games for
    less than i bought the bare bones console . Maybe i made the mistake and should have sat on my hands for a year or two, would have saved me a ton of money in games and the quality of product would have been better. Maybe I am the only one that feels this
    way but for the money we pay should we not get the best product a company can supply not something obviously pushed out before it was ready. I cannot put this only on Microsoft because Sony did this too and i feel slighted by them as well but i grew up being
    taught that just because someone else does something it does not make it right. I know next generation I will not be so anxious to give Microsoft my money so quickly. Who out there shares my feelings?

    SENSationaLtrY, Oct 20, 2017
  2. TheDickyB
    TheDickyB Guest
    Sea of Thieves

    Does anyone else feel cheated for spending $60 on SOT? Am i really supposed to buy into the idea of playing a game for the sole purpose of upgrading cosmetics? That is ridiculous. Another mocrosoft blunder. This industry is becoming a joke full of imcomplete
    games. Wake up people!!
    TheDickyB, Oct 20, 2017
  3. ohbeard1
    ohbeard1 Guest
    ohbeard1, Oct 20, 2017
  4. Smwutches
    Smwutches Guest

    Does anyone else feel cheated

    That's generally how It's been for every console released so I guess I'm just used to it. There is a ways a price drop at some point and different bundles being released. I remember being little and wanting a Super Nintendo and my parents waiting and buying
    a bundle that only had 1 controller and no games because it was cheaper then the origins bundle with 2 controllers and a game. It's rare that I buy something at launch because of that.
    Smwutches, Oct 20, 2017
  5. I`ve been working for the same company for 20 years and I don`t get rewarded for being a loyal employee.

    Looking on the bright side, at least I can afford to buy a One X Does anyone else feel cheated :)
    Paraffin Alien, Oct 20, 2017
  6. I guess I am more bothered by the console upgrades than the bundles. Xbox one, Xbox one s, Xbox one x. These systems are not cheap and with each new version the value of the prior drops. People are selling their consoles off, some even both playstation
    and xbox and they still need to pay more to get enough to buy this new upgraded version. I feel that things are heading in a bad direction for us gamers and maybe we just need to show some patience and wait it out and buy after a couple versions but i dont
    think gamers or Microsoft want that.
    SENSationaLtrY, Oct 20, 2017
  7. SigmaTheDJ
    SigmaTheDJ Guest
    It's the risk you take when being an early adopter.

    There's always going to be a better product, a better deal, a better bundle etc. if you wait, so you could get perpetually trapped in that mentality. You could buy an Xbox One S bundle today and find it $50 cheaper a few months later. That's just the way
    it goes.

    I think the thing to remember is that there was a 3 year gap in between the launch of the Xbox One and the release of the Xbox One S, so if you bought the OG console when it first came out, you've had 3 years of enjoyment out of it that you wouldn't have
    had if you sat around waiting for revision 2 of the console.
    SigmaTheDJ, Oct 20, 2017
  8. Does anyone else feel cheated

    An employee in a company and a consumer are very much different topics Paraffin Alien and alot of us have work our asses off and not be shown appreciation . But can you say in your 20 years you have not recieved a raise because thats a reward for your
    work and loyalty. You make a fair point sigmaTheDJ, but if they are going to turn around and change and add every couple years I still believe we are paying to much for the base console. I see others don't share that and maybe your financially better off
    than me, maybe your parents buy you these things so it doesn't matter to you. But like the crazy micro transactions now i see this getting out of hand
    SENSationaLtrY, Oct 20, 2017
  9. SigmaTheDJ
    SigmaTheDJ Guest
    I think it's just the way tech goes. If you buy a smartphone, a better version of it will be released next year and the price of your model will have gone down. The same with tablets, TVs, all kinds of things.

    You could argue that it would be better if they "got it right" on the first go, so there was only one model/revision of console that lasted an entire generation, but I don't think that that's a realistic expectation. For instance, it wouldn't have been possible
    to put a UHD Blu-Ray player in the original Xbox One, but now that the tech is both widely available and affordable, they can put it into the Xbox One S and X. Revisions also allow them to make a smaller, more efficient console that consumes less electricity.
    If you look at the original Xbox 360, for instance, it had a PSU rated at 203 Watts, while the final revision of the console took that down to 120 Watts.

    As for my financial situation, well, it's far from great tbh, and I'm middle-aged so my parents certainly aren't buying me games consoles anymore, but then I'm still on an original Xbox One myself. To me it's whether something I own passes the "good enough"
    test. With the Xbox 360 I immediately upgraded to the Xbox One S when that came out, solely because the original 360 hardware was so clunky and loud. The Xbox One was nicely built out of the gate IMO, and very quiet, so I haven't felt an urge to get an Xbox
    One S, nor have I felt ripped off cos they brought out an updated revision - I knew that was coming, cos it always happens.

    The only gripe I have in terms of feeling a bit ripped off is with the packed in Kinect. MS have effectively abandoned it at this point, yet it was pushed as a must-have item that was integral to the Xbox One experience, so it would never be unbundled. I
    get that MS have to react to the market and sometimes that means doing u-turns, but I don't think they've done a great job at supporting Kinect for existing owners and that does feel like a bit of a slap in the face. Just a small slap, but still a slap. Does anyone else feel cheated :D
    SigmaTheDJ, Oct 20, 2017
  10. Daft Badger
    Daft Badger Guest
    Whether it's a gaming console,a tv, a car etc. they all have things in common like the price will drop so you will pay more at launch,they will always release "better" or updated versions at some point.

    My xbox one is getting on & I am going to get another one but am waiting as I know from experience the price of the xbox one s will drop after the X is released.

    I will eventually pick up an xbox one x but again,i know the price will drop in the future so am waiting,same reason I haven't bought a 4k tv yet.

    It's been like this with electronic goods for years.
    Daft Badger, Oct 20, 2017
  11. Your first mistake was showing loyalty to a company that only cares about your money.

    I will never understand why people are loyal to corporations who don't give a damn about them.
    Zen Like Calm, Oct 20, 2017
  12. Was just trying to make the point that to most companies, even one you work for, loyalty means nothing.
    Paraffin Alien, Oct 21, 2017
  13. smileskybird
    smileskybird Guest

    Does anyone else feel cheated

    No one is asking you to be "loyal". Just because you've had Xbox for X amount of years doesn't make you special and doesn't make you more important than other customers. It's about innovation. New things come out, then the previous model and stuff drops
    in price. You pay more and play now, rather than pay less and pay later. It's about Living In The Now. You only live once.
    smileskybird, Oct 21, 2017
  14. As a rule, you never buy the 1st production runs of anything. I learned that lesson the hard way with the origional xbox back in 2002. That thing spent more time on a fed ex truck than it did actually running games. Horror story which ended with MS replacing
    it with one that shot sparks out the back of the unit.

    The 360 came out and remembering ^that lesson^ I waited. No RROD 4me for I paid attention and waited some 5 yrs before finally buying a 360 slim. Its still humming along. (knock on wood)

    That said, If you wait. You'll not regret it, for allows in the 4th quarter of the following yrs. You can save a lot of cash on most everything.

    I say: Patience!
    ElectroFlying, Oct 21, 2017
  15. When you puchase something - you agree to the price at the time, and that this is worth it is probably something you considered carefully.

    Like for any product - you can eventually find a campaign for the same product.

    As consumers we have to be aware of this.

    So many on forums tell how they rather buy digital for Xbox store - even knowing they pay silly prices compared if to buy retail.

    Doing that they agree to the terms and prices when a purchase is made.

    But very common today to have return policies in retail - so you have 30 or 60 days or so to return what you bought.

    In your case - I would see to buying at these stores if the product is available there.

    Some in retail have incredible policies - like they even pay the return shipping - if you regret the purchase.

    They go for fully satisfied customers - and remove products they offer - learning from returns they got.

    So in the end the manufacturer also gets feedback:

    - this is not selling to expectations at all, why?

    With Uservoice site I think Microsoft also goes for fully satisfied customers - if they actually go by voted suggestions for improvements etc.

    Microsoft has soooooooo been able to rely on domination in PC market with Windows OS - but this changed substantially as Apple relased iPhone 10 years or so ago.

    Then Google made Android and is now bigger than Apple iOS.

    Now many households go by just fine having a smartphone and many PC's in every home is not as obvious anymore.

    Microsoft purchased Nokia to try and overcome what they lost.

    They purchased Skype and Minecraft as well - being huge successes.

    They sponsor a lot of TV-series I watch on DVD - having Windows Phone stuff all over - well recognized as product placements.

    They now introduced Xbox+Windows 10 gaming on titles - trying to make PC stay on stronger - and gamer platform is probably important part of that. apple is not strong on gaming.

    Now the worlds most powerful console is about to arrive.

    As consumers we all have to be aware of these things - and not paint ourselves into a corner, not having options anymore.

    Every purchase we make - is also a statement - I like what you are doing!!!!

    You pre-order games and consoles - well that is on you then paying while in demand - with often higher prices.

    I probably would not have bought Xbox One at all if launch version did not drop 30% in price as Slim came about a year ago.

    This means it was now rather mature console - and also having a good library of silly cheap games to get, being out for long already.

    PS3 in 2010 was my first console - and that also been out a good while then. Buy dozens of games really cheap - around £10 or so.

    360 in 2012 was my second - and also been out a good while. Also good bunch of really cheap games available.

    So will probably wait a couple of years to have games that really makes a difference on X1X before I get one - if developer even care one bit, we will see.

    Good part seems to be that Microsoft push developers a bit to enhance games for X1X.

    Maybe I have internet on fiber not fiddling with having pending updates all the time due to not having enough bandwidth left for the month.

    But if they really made BC built in - so you could install those games right off 360 disk - it could be sooner purchase.

    That would really make a difference with a full 360 emulator built in - that would floor me and sign up right away.
    BookishFlunky90, Oct 23, 2017

Does anyone else feel cheated

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