Disc Drive Issue. Second time now.

Discus and support Disc Drive Issue. Second time now. in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; First time this happened I freaked. when putting a disc in, it seems to fail pulling it in, like the mechanism for taking the disc fails. I can... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by BlackSun-40841E4A-2CF5-437F-97B9-D60241A182C1, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Disc Drive Issue. Second time now.

    First time this happened I freaked. when putting a disc in, it seems to fail pulling it in, like the mechanism for taking the disc fails. I can basically shove the disc in an pull it out, but it won't take it. as a result on the home screen the store on
    the right side and my pins on the left have the swirling circle of loading, but do nothing. This happened to me once before, but it seems to fix itself after a few hours. Last time it happened, it seems to be related to xbox live being down for maintainence
    or something. I'm having that issue again now. it won't take my disc. I can't play my downloaded games, Crimson Dragon, powerstar golf etc, but can't stick a disc in. Ive checked xbox live issues again. is it related. so bloody annoying. Anyone else have this

    BlackSun-40841E4A-2CF5-437F-97B9-D60241A182C1, Jan 5, 2014
  2. momo
    momo Guest
    XBox One disc goes back into console on ejection

    I've had issues with my disc drive from day one, unfortunately. Sometimes I can put a disc in and it reads it fine, other times I have to insert and eject the disc ten times before it finally recognizes it. =/
    momo, Jan 5, 2014
  3. CUBaN310
    CUBaN310 Guest
    xbox one disc drives makes a buzzing noise

    i either insert a bluray,dvd or audio cd and the disc drive makes a buzzing noise sometimes for about a second and wont read the disc that's inserted. I would to eject the disc sometimes several times so it can read anyone having this issue thanks
    CUBaN310, Jan 5, 2014
  4. Disc Drive Issue. Second time now.

    Well I've pretty much confirmed that has to do with updates or something, but why an update needs to effect sticking a disc in the machine makes no sense. I feel like I'm gonna damage it every time I push a disc in even a quarter inch to discover the mechanics
    wont take it.
    BlackSun-40841E4A-2CF5-437F-97B9-D60241A182C1, Jan 6, 2014
  5. Mister Cerb
    Mister Cerb Guest
    Hey there Sun! That definitely sounds odd. Let's see what we can do to get things sorted.

    To start off, here's a few questions for you to help us better understand the situation:

    1. Do you hear any noises from your console at all when it won't accept discs?
    2. When you're not trying to put a disc in your console, do the tiles on your home screen load?
    3. Just to confirm, are you saying you can't play downloaded games at all either?
    4. What has lead you to believe that it has to do with an update?

    It sounds like the console may be in need of a repair, in which case I suggest vising out our
    Service Center to get things started.
    At any rate though, hit is back with those questions and we'll be standing by to hear back from you! ^_^
    Mister Cerb, Jan 7, 2014
  6. 1. Even when the thing is completely off, it seems to makes sounds. I just never hear anything scary. Just like it's doing background stuff. No big deal.

    2. I was putting a disc in for the 3rd time and it failed to take it. It almost feels like I'm not feeding it fast enough and it quits trying to suck it in. Right when it happened I looked and the tiles were there. I turned the system off and back on and
    when it rebooted the tiles aren't loaded. Swirling white circles.

    3. No, the games I downloaded, Crimson Dragon, Powerstar Golf, work fine.

    4. I thought it was related to updates because of the tiles. Like its trying to load new graphics and stuff and somehow that's messes up the works. Made little sense to me as I couldn't understand how the mechanics of a disc being pulled it would relate,
    but I always have these issues simultaneously. Even now. Since the last screw up, my machine is off, but I hear it doing stuff, like it's moving data and downloading, typical busy computer sounds. What I don't get each the first 2 times this happened, after
    many hours, everything is fine. like it never happened. Also makes me thing background stuff causes it. Other than this issue. I've had zero problems, but it is none the less very disappointing. I've a day one xbox live subscriber, over 11 years and I expect
    more for all the money I've invested over the decade. Sure I know some stuff like updates to the interface take time, but really.... for what it is now, I just want it to work properly.

    PS Even now, after being turned off for 15 minutes I can hear it busying doing stuff, like it's reading the hard drive. Odds are, if I wait till it stops and turn it on, everything will be fine, however, because my cable box is plugged in, unless it's on,
    I can't even watch TV making 2 units useless. Bummer man.
    BlackSun-40841E4A-2CF5-437F-97B9-D60241A182C1, Jan 7, 2014
  7. So I turned it on. Can't watch Netflix, can't Youtube, can't TV. So like I said, currently useless and ruining all my entertainment. This "All in One".... "Screwed them All"
    BlackSun-40841E4A-2CF5-437F-97B9-D60241A182C1, Jan 7, 2014
  8. Disc Drive Issue. Second time now.

    I know nothing of the specific problem your having Sun but I do know that my x1 always connects to the wireless network even when its off and is constantly working. Like you, I noticed very slight noise coming from it like"busy computer"also. I think this
    caused my kinect to fail out of the blue two days ago. Luckily I was in the 30 day return window at Best Buy and they replaced the whole unit. But again I also feel that what ever the system is doing while its off is causing a bunch of different issues, mine
    just happened to be the kinect and yours the disc feed system. Good luck my friend, I really do feel your pain.
    KillerJMPz4Life, Jan 7, 2014
  9. Well I work at FutureShop, basically Canadian Bestbuy and could probably arrange an exchange, but the question is, are my games hard drives saved or cloud saved? Bought a lot of games, I'd hate to be screwed out of game progress, since I bought damn near
    every game.
    BlackSun-40841E4A-2CF5-437F-97B9-D60241A182C1, Jan 7, 2014
  10. as far as i can tell from reading then yes you'll have all the games on the new system. you will have to download them again but you will have them. it even saved my save points on the games i have when i restored my gamer profile, but they are the physical
    disc not digital downloads.
    KillerJMPz4Life, Jan 7, 2014
  11. This has just happened to me as well. Played a blu-ray disc, and when finished, ejected the disc. Turned off the system. Now, when turning back on, my Pins and any other options will not appear. Any disc I try to put into the system does not feed into the
    drive. Tried leaving it for a day, but no luck with loading any apps or inputting a disc.

    I don't believe it has anything with connectivity or network issues.

    Anybody have luck with solving this issue yet?
    Blank Zero9910, Jan 7, 2014
  12. I did manage to get TV going, but still no Netflix or anything internet related, which is weird. I mean what the hell does my drive messing up have to do with internet options? In addition, I'm still connected and can view my friends... who all seem to be
    having a good time without me. I just can't do anything service related. 300,000 messed up servers... ugh... Not angry, just frustrated and annoyed.
    BlackSun-40841E4A-2CF5-437F-97B9-D60241A182C1, Jan 7, 2014
  13. Disc Drive Issue. Second time now.

    Seriously tempted to yank the internet cable out and turn it on without, turn it off. Plug it back in and see what happens.
    BlackSun-40841E4A-2CF5-437F-97B9-D60241A182C1, Jan 7, 2014
  14. Internet cable didn't work. so I turned it off, yanked the plug out for power, forcing a reboot. worked. Seeing as the machine is never truly off this might be a glitch fix. BTW, it sucked the disc right in afterwards. Try and confirm Blank Zero.
    BlackSun-40841E4A-2CF5-437F-97B9-D60241A182C1, Jan 7, 2014
  15. Ok I just unplugged every cable and plugged back in. It seemed to work for me. The disc went in like normal. Not sure if it will last, or what caused the problem, but seems to be resolved for now.
    Blank Zero9910, Jan 7, 2014

Disc Drive Issue. Second time now.

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