Credit card fraud

Discus and support Credit card fraud in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Hi I Just wanted everyone to be aware of this type of credit card fraud on microsoft xbox1 I have a 3 month recuring gold subscription which my... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by GTR Gamer UK, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. GTR Gamer UK
    GTR Gamer UK Guest

    Credit card fraud


    I Just wanted everyone to be aware of this type of credit card fraud on microsoft xbox1

    I have a 3 month recuring gold subscription which my credit card is on that account, and a pin to purchase games ect..i could not believe it when I checked my credit card online and an unauthorised amount of €891 was stolen: gta5 shark cards and Roblox.

    So my password was cracked on my microsoft account. Microsoft are aware of the problem and only paid me back €209....

    I just wanted you not to make the mistake I did by leaving your card on the account


    GTR Gamer UK, Oct 23, 2017
  2. Lucifer6six6
    Lucifer6six6 Guest
    Credit card fraud

    My account was hacked on August 4th by someone in China, and I still to this day have not received a refund not am I able to play on Live. I filed a BBB complaint against XBOX on October 4th because Micro$oft will not cooperate in refunding/unlocking my
    account. I suggest head over to and file your complaint as well.
    Lucifer6six6, Oct 23, 2017
  3. Von Lucky
    Von Lucky Guest
    Credit card fraud

    thanks for the reply's guys, i have started playing dark souls offline on a silver account to keep me busy. No achievements for my GT but nevermind.

    @ Miss Portia, i appreciate there is a process but with something as serious as credit card fraud 30 days seems like an awful long time and a lot of posts on this forum are from people in the same situation who have been waiting longer than 30 days, and
    at the very least the perp/s get a minimum of 30 days use from the fruit of their criminal acts.

    @Temhotabot, none of the things in your list could apply to me apart from maybe having the same password on my EA account i honestly cant remember it was so long ago, but i will hold my hands up and say it is quite possible i am bad at remembering passwords
    and if i write it down usually lose the piece of paper.

    @strigoi1958, couldnt agree more seems like a no brainer to me, i am slighty annoyed at MS anyway because they wouldnt let me remove the credit card from my account when i tried a while ago even though i pay for my live and MS points using the scratch cards
    and auto renewal is turned off, if they had removed it many many months ago when i asked this would have never happened, anyway its not a mistake i will make again MS will never have my credit card details again.
    Von Lucky, Oct 23, 2017
  4. Credit card fraud

    It helps to keep your Xbox account secured from unauthorized users, and never revealing your email or password to anybody for any reason. Hackers will either attempt to crack the heavily-encrypted data on Microsoft’s servers, or coax you into giving your
    login details.

    You can enable two-step verification to make your account doubly-secured. Also, review your bank statements
    regularly to stay on top of any possible fraudulent activity.
    Internet Expert, Oct 23, 2017
  5. Or simply never buy on Xbox Store.

    I will wait for gift cards to be used for anything - as they deny that as payment for Gold and similar.

    But games can be bought with Gift Cards I think.

    And buy Gold subscription codes at retail.

    One way to go.

    I avoid places that store your card credentials if possible - like Paypal.

    Google try to force me to register card credentials, having Android phone - but I refuse.

    I also refused Vimeo since they both require stored card credentials as well as do auto-renew that require extra operations to removing that to remove card credentials.

    You can also use prepaid credit cards and register those, unless prohibited, don't know.

    These can be short expire period for single purchase even -and limited amounts.
    BookishFlunky90, Oct 23, 2017
  6. I tend to use PayPal a great deal because they add another layer of protection to an online purchase and whenever something happens with my account I get a notification for it on my phone through their app.
    Zen Like Calm, Oct 24, 2017
  7. smileskybird
    smileskybird Guest
    If Microsoft fails to refund you in full and if you are not in the wrong, you have the legal right to inform your bank where they have more authority with unauthorized transactions. NZ and Australia have consumer legislation rights which cannot be excluded
    by any contract (yup that includes Microsoft contract). And banks over here know our rights.
    smileskybird, Nov 1, 2018
  8. ThePouchBear Win User

    No refund received after two and a half months.

    If it was on a credit card, report it as fraud
  9. Menkey Win User

    Credit card fraud

    Just got my credit card statement through and noticed the same charges as everyone else. I'm not sure if I should be reassured that I'm not the only one who's been affected, or worried that nearly two weeks after what was clearly an organized and widespread
    case of fraud there's been no statement from Microsoft advising people to check for unusual activity.

    Has anyone actually received any information about what action is being taken? I'd quite like my account restored to the way it was before. As grateful as I am for the three FIFA 2012 achievements, I think I'd rather they disappeared. Oh, and I suppose getting
    my money back is important too. Possibly even more important, unless I find a way to survive without purchasing food.

    If only I could spend microsoft points on groceries.
  10. VernierSlake Win User

    Credit card fraud

    If remembering passwords is a problem it's worth looking into the concept of root word based passwords. The idea behind it is you have a common word that's in all your passwords and then combine it with a unique word for each site. For example -

    1. I choose my root word as Slake and then change some of the letters to numbers to get Sl8k3

    2. For my XBL account I take Sl8k3 and combine it with the word Limbo (yes that's a reference to the book) so I get Sl8k3Limbo.

    3. I then change some of the letters in Limbo to numbers to get L1mb0.

    4. My password is then Sl8k3L1mb0.

    5. I then repeat the process with other sites, continuing to use Sl8k3 as a common thread but combining it with unique words for each site.

    Impossible for a hacker to guess or social engineer out of you and bruteforcing it will take years. All you need is a word that can't be linked to you personally and to jumble it up with a few numbers. Before anyone asks Sl8k3L1mb0 isn't my password anywhere,
    I'm not that stupid.
  11. strigoi1958 Win User

    Credit card fraud

    @Temhotabot. I'm not blaming anyone for my account theft, and although your example of how most accounts probably get compromised and how to protect them are wise words... they do not show all the ways.

    That said the victims (especially those who own xboxes) suffer badly. Safeguards set in place to prevent accidental purchases (I've read someones child or sibling have bought DLC using the account without permission) and unauthorised purchases can AND should
    be brought in. If I ran my own company I would feel it my duty of care to the customer to protect their details in any way I could. If adding a small safeguard to stop account theft being rendered virtually pointless, I'd do it. Xbox victims do lose a lot
    of time and a safeguard would end that, they could just change their password and be playing again immediately.

    If I owned a company I wouldn't want to put up a big warning saying "The only protection this account has is a password and regardless of how that is bypassed, once it is compromised no safeguards exist. You are responsible for deciding whether or not you
    want to keep your payment details here".

    I'd probably hide them away in the small print but a simple safeguard would be the best option.

    If renewals, and only renewals could be done without verification both sides can be happy as nobody can purchase anything once in the account and MS can still continue auto renewal without need of the account owner having to log in.
  12. Temhotabot Win User

    Credit card fraud

    Everyone needs to start taking account security seriously. If your account has been COMPROMISED, not hacked, then you should take a look at all the possible ways that someone could have got a hold of it. Until you know for sure
    how it was compromised I would hold off on placing blame on anyone, including blaming MS.

    There are a limited number of ways anyone can gain access to your account:

    -you give out your personal information including e-mail and password (this is most commonly associated with people trying to obtain an illigitimate rank in a game without actually earning it)

    -you are phished (this is common amongst the free ms points/generators that you see offered around the internet)

    -you are socially engineered (this happens when a player engages another in seemingly senseless chit chat about their lives, but turns out to be a 20 question

    session trying to gain your personal information so they can steal your account)

    -you use an unsecure PC (typically you will want to have your encryption turned on if using wireless and be running a good anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-

    malware program as well)

    -you use the same e-mail address and password for your XBL account that you use for other websites/services (for maximum security you should be using an

    e-mail address and password just for XBL that you do not use anywhere else)

    -you thought it would be a good idea if your friends/family knew your log in information (you know, in case they want to play)

    In addtition to the above the following are ways someone can get a hold of your credit/debit information:

    -if you don't shred your mail (bank/credit statements) before you bin them.

    -if you shop online using an unsecure PC.

    -your bank/credit institution security is compromised (happened a few years ago to several banks)

Credit card fraud

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