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Discus and support Console Ban in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; G'day I got a console ban about 6 months ago, for attempting to get passwords. I was very angry at a friend who tried doing it to me over 'Facebook',... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by GamerBoyDylan, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Console Ban


    I got a console ban about 6 months ago, for attempting to get passwords. I was very angry at a friend who tried doing it to me over 'Facebook', so I decided to do it to him and his friends. It was the wrong thing to do.

    Since then, I've been told that I've got ADHD, and I am now on medication for it, and it seems to be working. I haven't been angry in months, and I'm not in trouble anymore. Also I have apologized to him and his friends in real life, and they accepted my

    Is there any chance of getting an un-banning, as I got told on Chat With Microsoft, that I 'sure should be able to get my ban lifted.'

    It wouldn't happen again, and my friends want me back online so I can communicate with them seeing as I have moved, so please Microsoft, Is there any chance of getting an un-banning, as I can assure you no such happening shall occur ever again. My GT was
    LallanaArmy and my Xbox 360's Serial is; [Mod removed]

    Many Thanks in Advance,


    P.S: I have forgotten the login details for LallanaArmy.

    GamerBoyDylan, Jan 4, 2014
  2. turk3y
    turk3y Guest
    What happens to your games if you get banned on an XB One

    that is the same as it is now, if you manage to break the rules so badly its a lifetime account ban you loose everything jn that account.

    for a modified console its the console that is banned, I think you have to involved in active game code hacking or account phishing or other be involved in nasty completely ruin live for others areas to get a perm ban for your actual gamer account, hey are never clear on why accounts are banned tho
    turk3y, Jan 4, 2014
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    It's not a permenant ban but those that have received a retail console early and connected it to the net have had it banned.

    Xbox One shipped early by Target, one user gets a temporary ban by Microsoft | VG247
    Indiana Jones, Jan 4, 2014
  4. onyxishere
    onyxishere Guest

    Console Ban

    Phone support is incorrect. Once a console is banned it cannot be unbanned.

    However, if you would still like to try you'll need to post in the Suspensions Forums.
    onyxishere, Jan 4, 2014
  5. Hi

    I posted in the Suspension forums, and they said that it wasn't the place for it. So I went back to the Chat With Microsoft and they said post it here...
    GamerBoyDylan, Jan 4, 2014
  6. Any ideas where I should post it, or is there an e-mail address I could send it to?
    GamerBoyDylan, Jan 4, 2014
  7. davemcfly85
    davemcfly85 Guest
    ONLY the suspension forums can tell you why a console is banned and as the other said there is NO reversal for it, you will have to buy a new 360 and follow the rules this time sorry.
    davemcfly85, Jan 4, 2014
  8. Console Ban

    OK Thank-you. Can I buy a new hard drive and put it into my banned console? Would this work?
    GamerBoyDylan, Jan 4, 2014
  9. CYR426
    CYR426 Guest
    the ban isn't on the hard drive its on the system hardware so you need a new console and a new gt
    CYR426, Jan 4, 2014
  10. How is ADHD an excuse? I suffer from that, and also Dyspraxia, which affects motor skills. I have autistic friends as well. ALL of us know not to do stuff like this.
    DanielMaloney66, Jan 4, 2014
  11. OK Thanks CYR

    Daniel, it isn't an excuse, I was stating the obvious, that that clearly didn't help things.
    GamerBoyDylan, Jan 4, 2014
  12. Having a hard time concentrating on specific tasks in no way affects your judgement or reasoning abilities. Ban will stand.
    VisageOfAnAngel, Jan 4, 2014
  13. Console Ban


    Please check your Private Messages when you see this. Cheers
    GamerBoyDylan, Jan 4, 2014
  14. onyxishere
    onyxishere Guest
    Visage has no authority with the PET and cannot/should not have posted what he did. Please post in the forums I linked you to earlier. They are the only ones who can answer your questions. If you post and they do not reply watch your email address as
    they will reply to you privately.
    onyxishere, Jan 5, 2014
  15. OK, they said that it wasn't for that forum. I don't know who to speak to now.

    It says that Visage is an XBL Ambassador/Enforcement United.
    GamerBoyDylan, Jan 5, 2014

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