Discus and support Ban? in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I was currently on a voice and text communication ban for 14 days for saying the word "****", and that was on October 6th. Here I am minding my own... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by xxTank1038xx, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. xxTank1038xx
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    I was currently on a voice and text communication ban for 14 days for saying the word "****", and that was on October 6th.

    Here I am minding my own business with no headset nor text communication and on the 8th of October it said that now I was banned from multiplayer because of threatening messages or harassment? I cant harass anybody or threaten while I'm on a communications
    ban anyways. And clearly the word "****" is not harassing or threatening. WTH is going on? How can I get another ban for communicating while on a current communications ban!?!? I didn't do squat XBOX!!!!

    This is getting a little ridiculous!!!!!

    xxTank1038xx, Oct 9, 2017
  2. Rock Band - Preview Thread

    that text is written just after a paragraph on guitar hero 2
    Captain Beaky, Oct 9, 2017
  3. Kieron
    Kieron Guest
    Rock Band - Preview Thread

    Never considered it to be a prank seeing as it was posted here today. If it is an April fool's then I want 5 minutes of my life back.


    Make a good game though. Bet somebody releases it!
    Kieron, Oct 9, 2017
  4. Smwutches
    Smwutches Guest


    Investigations take time so suspensions are not generally issued the same day as the actions. Both suspensions could be for actions that took place weeks ago.
    Smwutches, Oct 9, 2017
  5. xxTank1038xx
    xxTank1038xx Guest
    Ive never threatened nor harassed anybody on live. What a joke.
    xxTank1038xx, Oct 9, 2017
  6. xxTank1038xx
    xxTank1038xx Guest
    Doubt it very much, I never usually talk or message anybody. Its usually just me and my son playing multiplayer and receiving non stop trash talk from players that are getting owned.

    This doesn't surprise being how Micro$oft is such a liberal company.
    xxTank1038xx, Oct 9, 2017
  7. It is possible to get additional suspensions on top of a current one - this means that the Xbox Enforcement team is reviewing multiple submitted reports against your account over any period of time (as Smwutches said, it could be from weeks before). It doesn't
    necessarily mean that the report against your account was submitted while
    your account's current suspension was active.

    The only thing you can do is log on to, check your Enforcement history, and submit a case review as your appeal (if eligible).

    There is unfortunately nothing else the forums can do for you (aside from redirect you to the Enforcement website), since the Enforcement team does not post here, and we do not have access to your account's records.
    Internet Expert, Oct 9, 2017
  8. Ban?

    Yeah, I just got off a xbox live Ban last week. I leave the state for the weekend, come back last night. Spend a couple hours on xbox, and I wake up to another ban. this time for a week.. So they just suspend a service you pay for, for a week with no explanation.
    And expect you to be all good with that. Its nonsense. They don't even have a number for you to call, but they can suspend your service. That's bad customer support, and bad business. period.
    xMG Afronautz, Oct 9, 2017
  9. Did you just called Microsoft Liberals? Oh no, I know kids like you. You definitely talk mad crap online, you probably earned your ban lol.
    xMG Afronautz, Nov 1, 2018
  10. PromptAnemone61 Win User

    I can't watch the TV show I purchased on Xbox?

    I looked at my bank statement and Xbox charged me about 20 bucks - the price of a season pass.
  11. Hellhog Win User

    "Lack of next gen hurting creativity" says Ubisoft.

    I agree with Guillemot somewhat. Currently, I see most people playing your same shooters or same IPs that were established or further strengthened by the launch of the PS3/Xbox 360. People do have trouble accepting new IPs that don't have a big marketing
    backing. And a new console is one of the great ways to get people excited about an IP as a launch title. However, I see an established console selling a new IP better than a brand new console.

    Personally I just want a new console already for better hardware. I love using a gamepad. It is natural to me. So much I bought a wired version to use for PC gaming when the game accepts the use of it. I also console game because of the better social environment
    established by Xbox Live as a unified service across all of my games. Something Steam is doing a great job of as well. The thing is, we need new hardware. I'm sick of looking at games in upscaled 1280x720. It is just not as clear and sharp looking as a native
    1920x1080 game. Even when I play a PC game with lower graphic quality than an Xbox game but run it at 1920x1080, it looks clearer and sharper than any Xbox game I've played, including Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2. Xbox 360 has shown that it can be optimized
    well and to the equivelent of running a PC game at Med/High settings at upscaled 1280x720 (sometimes lower) using DirectX 9.

    Well, it's 2012, we've had some amazing new graphic capabilities arrive in the past few years. I thriving for a new console. Something that would allow the next Battlefield game to allow up to 64 players. As long as it can play games at true 1920x1080 with
    no upscaling and take advantage of DirectX 11 capabilities (tesselation), than I will be happy. It doesn't have to run game like a GTX 680. Even something like a GTX 550 Ti will run with those requirements. Then it is just on developers to optimize the shaders,
    lighting, and such for the game.

    Long story short. The tech is old. Time for some better hardware. Better graphics processor, more vram, more ram, and a better cpu. Some caveats that I don't expect but would like are the ability to use our own storage drive [like a PS3 does] (with support
    for an SSD if we so choose), on board Dual Band Wi-Fi with three antennaes, and a removeble dust filter for the fan intake (I once opened up my xbox to reapply thermal paste when getting a 2 Red Rings error, so much dust blocking the heatsinks and caked on
    the fan).
  12. ReaganSmash1994 Win User

    Gamers Spotlight 'FE' #1

    Here are my questions answered by me because I felt so bad for leaving these so late. enjoy.

    Hello me, are you ready to answer questions? First of all, what is behind my name you ask?

    is taken from a funny little scene in family guy where they picture, Ronald Reagan (Ex President of the US during the fall of the Berlin Wall) punching McDonalds wall (referencing the aforementioned wall) shouting "REAGAN SMASH, REAGAN SMASH!"

    How long have I been coming here?

    Around three to four years now. Since early Year 11, to which I am now waiting to get my A2 results for University.

    Do I have any stories to share about this place?

    Some of the best stories were focused around 'Cherry Marmite', there was the one time he literally broke down. What makes it better is I am sure the OFX Fails blog still has records of this. I also recall being banned countless times for questioning Scottish
    Steveo with 'My Awesome Afro'.

    What is my favorite game?

    Its hard but the best experiences I have had were on Sonic (Sega Mega Drive), Croc (PS1), Jak & Daxter (Ps2) and Gears of War 1. Plus a worthy mention must go to Stubbs the Zombie. At the moment however, my favorite game would be none at all, I am bored with
    my 360 at the moment.

    Favorite Multiplayer game?

    Probably Call of Duty: World At War, it was one of my first games I had on this XBL account and I just loved it. Mainly because it had single shot snipers without scopes. Also worth mentioning, in the world before Online gaming, Time Splitters was my favorite
    MP game, the AI were so fun.

    Favorite Character?

    Daxter from Jak & Daxter, or Moby from SSX Tricky, simply because of all the medals he got me.

    Favorite console of all time?

    Probably the Xbox 360 simply because it is where i started gaming as an actual hobby, before that I played games just not as a regular thing. Maybe its because I was young and too busy climbing trees and lighting fires.

    Favorite Films?

    It would have to be Spirited Away, I love Studio Ghibli, but there is a reason this is the only non American animation to win an Oscar for best animation. Beautiful.

    I also love Jurassic Park, Fight Club, District 9, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, American History X, Requiem For a Dream and MANY MANY MORE.

    Favorite TV series?

    The OC was one of my all time favorite, simply amazing. However I also like Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. Plus Skins was nifty back in the day.

    Favorite Cartoon?

    I would have to include The Simpson, Futurama and South Park as cartoons. But a worthy mention would be Courage The Cowardly Dog, its a shame that I can't seem to find anywhere to buy the whole series.

    If I am at a Bar or Club, what do I order?

    It really depends on the day, most often, at the moment, it would have to be Amaretto and Coke, Desparados, Strawberry Brothers Cider or Mixed Fruits Kopparburg. I am a big girl.

    Is there anything unique about me?

    There are many dry foods I can eat a whole packet of in under a minute. Such a crackers. It managed to win me chocolate once.
  13. ZxRage Win User

    Status Code 80190128

    I have the same error. I purchased elite premium yesterday and received this error code 80190128 at the time of purchase. Today I see that the funds were withdrawn from my bank account but my membership was not upgraded. I contacted Activision and they
    said I am not listed as a premium member and it is an issue with Xbox Live. I called Xbox Live and they confirmed that I made the purchase and said it is a problem with Activision. The only download that actually happened was the automatic download of the
    free maps but both map pack 1 and map pack 2 never went through. When I go back into MW3 under the store, it shows that map pack 1 is available to purchase and map pack 2 is available via Elite Subscription. Something is obviously screwed up between Activision
    and Xbox Live.
  14. Recon 777i Win User

    Is Bane Going To Be In The Game?

    Cool I can't wait for the game.


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