ambassador problem

Discus and support ambassador problem in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; sorry everyone if this post is not inits place or shouldn't be posted here but i have a problem applying to the ambassadors community it says that i... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by InEdited gamer, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. ambassador problem

    sorry everyone if this post is not inits place or shouldn't be posted here but i have a problem applying to the ambassadors community it says that i don't have the gold membership nor my gamerscore is more than 1500 but actually i have a gold membership
    and a gamerscore of more than 2700 i guess

    thanks in advance

    InEdited gamer, Jan 5, 2014
  2. tha_villain
    tha_villain Guest
    Preview Program Level, do you know yours?

    You sure that isn't the XBOX ambassador level? (I think ambassador is the right namelol)
    tha_villain, Jan 5, 2014
  3. ambassador problem

    Hey there Yoshi! I'll take a look at where you're at in the process. Can you also check to make sure that your WLID and contact ( email were
    both correct when you applied? Let me know, thanks!
    Mister Gwyther, Jan 5, 2014
  4. ambassador problem

    Hey there

    Welcome to the forums


    I can see that your gamertag does meet the requirements. Now you have posted on the right lines, however contacting the Official support Agents will be more quicker. To do this please follow the link bellow, it will take you to a post where one of the support
    agents have posted on.


    Once here, please scroll down to the bottom of miss ermway's post. Then where the stars are, continue looking right from there, where you see some more icons like the report post ect..

    One of the Icons you will want is the Mail Icon. Simply click on it and this should bring up a pop up window saying 'start conversation. From there enter your problem and send her a message. She will then be able to investergate the issue further and contact
    you back


    I hope this helps you with the issue you are having

    Nathan Roberts (SunkNath), Jan 6, 2014
  5. WickedCueball Win User

    Ambassador program issue

    The issue is an ambassador issue and should be in the correct forum. This is the support forum for xbox live account problems not ambassador problems. The correct place is the ambassador support forum. Changes are your questions about ambassadors problems
    will not get answered here. They will only get answered in the ambassador support forum.
  6. Dirty Loco Win User

    ambassador problems

    Are you having problems on the Ambassador website, or on the Ambassador forum sections (which are closed to non-Ambassadors)?

    There are reports on the Ambassador support forums that people are currently unable to load the Ambassador site (a problem I am personally encountering). This may be connected to your issue.
  7. EdragonXX Win User

    Xbox Ambassador

    Anarchy, I suggest to you post your problem on Ambassadors forum. When you joined with AMbassador program they suggested to you to post all ambassador posts and problems there.
  8. SilentGamer895 Win User

    Ambassador Problems

    Have you had any enforcement action levied on your account?
  9. Charity EU Win User

    Ambassador problems

    Regarding badges @DCtheAssassin they have to be added manually but right now that's the lowest priority.


    @masterBlume your best bet is contacting Miss Ermine about the situation as she's got whole thing under her control, or Lambda, but try posting in the ambassador support forums as you're more likely to get a response from Xbox Support there;

ambassador problem

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