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  1. 1. I can't upload any of my game captures onto Onedrive from my Xbox series X
  2. 2. I'm logged in to my Microsoft account on Minecraft. I want to go to Servers to play with...
  3. 3. Xbox game bar is not working.
  4. 4. i was banned while defending myself from a hostile guy but when i report him nothing happens
  5. 5. How long is a fourth communication ban?
  6. 6. My microsoft account on minecraft switch
  7. 7. Xbox says I have more friends than I actually do on account?
  8. 8. How to fix "There was a problem posting you looking for group" and "Unable to send join...
  9. 9. Can someone explain why I got banned
  10. 10. I cant apply to or make any looking for group posts ive tried checking my wifi updating my...
  11. 11. Minecraft Error 100
  12. 12. Am I cursed? Microphone not working.
  13. 13. Xbox Game Bar says "We can't show your friends right now. Try again in a bit."
  14. 14. How to fix twitch stream audio issues on Xbox series X
  15. 15. Account Suspended.
  16. 16. My friends list is not working on either my Xbox Series X nor my PC Game Bar
  17. 17. How do I view previous parties
  18. 18. Hey im new to the strike system and need help understanding it.
  19. 19. Why can't I talk to friends in Xbox game chat?
  20. 20. Why my game still shows voice chat restrictions but I haven't said anything bad
  21. 21. If a friend has game shared their game with me do i have to keep logging in to there...
  23. 23. Game Bar won't show friends - "We can't show your friends right now. Try again in a bit"
  24. 24. Why can I not stream conveniently?
  25. 25. Consent banned and suspended for no reason
  26. 26. Mic only works in party chat after factory reset.
  27. 27. How come my mic isn't working?
  28. 28. How do I play Sea of Thieves with Xbox friends from steam deck?
  29. 29. How to make xbox stop suggesting friends?
  30. 30. Party chat has stopped working why? X
  31. 31. How to change settings for multiplayer Minecraft on ps4
  32. 32. Can you view who has seen your clip that has been uploaded to your activity feed?
  33. 33. I can't record clips of roblox
  34. 34. Is there any way to fix my issue with the LFG system?
  35. 35. Com ban
  36. 36. How can I play the same game with a sibling who has the game on their own account?
  37. 37. Can't connect to Xbox live party's just says connecting(network address translation issues...
  38. 38. why I got a 3 day social suspension pls tell me its not just me
  39. 39. HELP!!! I got communications banned.
  40. 40. How do you refund gifts that never got to the original person you sent it to
  41. 41. I can’t join/make a party
  42. 42. how to i accapt an aproval request for my child he sent the request but i cant see it anywhere?
  43. 43. Game Bar not sending notifications on my PC but I receive them on my phone
  44. 44. Why won't my game bar open?
  45. 45. My sons xbox series s wont let him use a headset to talk with anyone, i think we have set...
  46. 46. Why am i not able to join when i play with my friend
  47. 47. Lfg kicks me from party
  48. 48. Xbox suspension
  49. 49. Hi guys, I'm having an issue with party chat on my Xbox series s.
  50. 50. I am trying to play multiplayer
  51. 51. Why is Xbox suspending me for putting up group posts
  52. 52. Does this breach xbox terms of services ?
  53. 53. Xbox game bar background permissions is off and only way to fix it is by reseting Xbox game...
  54. 54. How do I seen my friend online
  55. 55. Xbox party invites don’t come through after resetting gaming services
  56. 56. my friend list won’t show on my xbox,
  57. 57. Friend List completely Disappeared - I need Help
  58. 58. Got a message pop up with suspension but I've done nothing the only person I've messaged is...
  59. 59. Can I unreport someone?
  60. 60. i can’t except a invite to play a game on Xbox X (game) GTA5 they are on Xbox One GTA5
  61. 61. Can’t access LFG features
  62. 62. My freinds can't join my world I can join there worlds but they can't join my worlds.My...
  63. 63. Why do my clips have lag even though I wasn’t lagging
  64. 64. Is there a capture (screenshot) limit, and can I restore captures that were automatically...
  65. 65. How to watch a show on an Xbox and Windows PC in two different locations
  66. 66. I can’t talk in party’s but I can still hear other people, how do I fix this?
  67. 67. Shouldn't it tell me what message it was?
  68. 68. How to stop getting error 8x80190193 when installing game pass games on pc
  69. 69. Im getting error code 0x80199cc disconnected from party's anyone else having the same issue
  70. 70. xbox game bar, cant open group chat in lfg posts party
  71. 71. Hey, my question is that how can i play cross platfom with my friend who has the game...
  72. 72. I can’t see any of my friends online and if they try to send me a game invite, it tells...
  73. 73. I cannot sign into Gamebar or the Xbox app (code 0x80004005), but I can play online xbox...
  74. 74. Games shows me Online when i am Offline in xbox to followers
  75. 75. No option to choose saved file when joining friends game NMS
  76. 76. i cant download a clip i was sent
  77. 77. Party chat on Xbox game bar not working.
  78. 78. Lfg send message fix?
  79. 79. My account is stuck at 2000 followers and wont go any higher. How can I fix this?
  80. 80. My mic isn't working on my new xbox series S.
  81. 81. How you get people as a xbox add
  82. 82. I cant join my friend on bedrock Minecraft, he is on pc and im on xbox.
  83. 83. You'll need a new app to open this ms-xbl-multiplayer link
  84. 84. My Xbox app on PC won't receive neither party invitations nor game invitations.
  85. 85. Why can’t I communicate with other players after suspension is lifted?
  86. 86. Why isn't palworld multiplayer not working
  87. 87. how do i get my game and party audio on to my stream?
  88. 88. Not receiving rewards and banned for defending against racism
  89. 89. Why do you guys literally do nothing
  90. 90. Somebody help me figure out why I got banned?
  91. 91. Your Xbox Profile is not able to use Parties?
  92. 92. why can’t i livestream?
  93. 93. Managing clubs on PC
  94. 94. I was being threatened this guy [Mod removed] has done this to other ppl too
  95. 95. Group chat not allowing users to send messages inside of group chat.
  96. 96. Why can’t I sent messages to my friends in the Xbox app, I barely message on there
  97. 97. Cant join friends playing mcc on steam.
  98. 98. Im being false reported
  99. 99. problem with party chat
  100. 100. Why aren’t all bans able to be appealed
  101. 101. Why can't I make it interest in any group posts
  102. 102. Nintendo switch minecraft dungeons cross platform error message
  103. 103. Minecraft server xbox account unable to connect
  104. 104. "Something went wrong with your party. Try again later" error when attempting to join a...
  105. 105. every time i try to join an xbox party, it gets stuck with a connecting glitch and...
  106. 106. Every time I join a party or host one and someone joins me it gives me and error code and...
  107. 107. fix for diablo 4 LFG game bar widget PC not working?
  108. 108. Xbox linked to tiktok live
  109. 109. Friends list not loading on Xbox
  110. 110. I regularly play with a person on Fortnite. I see when they play but they cannot see when...
  111. 111. My Wired headset(s) mic(s) won’t work with one Xbox Account, but fine with others, and...
  112. 112. Issues with invites. More details body of the question.
  113. 113. Bot followers
  114. 114. How do I receive invites to parties and games on pc?
  115. 115. If I get a non cross-platform game like Naruto ninja storm 4 on Xbox pc app can I play with...
  116. 116. I can't see messages from my xbox or receive them and I don't know the password to my...
  117. 117. How do I fix the Xbox app pc party chat?
  118. 118. Am I banned? Why doesn't my voice chat work?
  119. 119. How to make a realm on nintendo switch?
  120. 120. Why are we so many racist players allowed to send messages online without proper...
  121. 121. I cannot continue an online game with my friends. It's says that cannot join the game. For...
  122. 122. LFG Issue
  123. 123. Hello, I have had this issue for a few months. I am unable to view my friends on the game...
  124. 124. Can't Join Xbox Parties on windows 10
  125. 125. I want to ask, why if i dont use my xbox and is still on it get darker and show me...
  126. 126. Xbox group post problem
  127. 127. No party chat audio in cross-play?
  128. 128. i have been told that i my xbox profile is not able to join parties
  129. 129. my gamebar doesnt get any invites how do i fix this
  130. 130. Party chat stuck connecting
  131. 131. Xbox False Notification Icon
  132. 132. My friendslist appears empty, allthough i have friends added.
  133. 133. why am I not unsuspended for something I said I didn't know
  134. 134. Can't stream on Discord when using Xbox remote play
  135. 135. My friends can only sometimes hear me in voice parties.
  136. 136. How do i go about reporting someone through Xbox live/Microsoft
  137. 137. How can I fix my game clips?
  138. 138. I am unable to join parties on my pc and it says my profile is unable to use parties but i...
  139. 139. Can I still end up playing with a blocked player if a party leader invites the person I blocked
  140. 140. Xbox is saying I’m muted on discord but not any other device
  141. 141. help please
  142. 142. When will Microsoft, a Billion with a B, dollar company fix it's party chat issues that...
  143. 143. People can't find my gamertag on Xbox Gamebar
  144. 144. romove the block from the apps
  145. 145. Onedrive uploading?
  146. 146. Im having trouble joining group posts on xbox gamebar
  147. 147. If I send a message to someone and they don't have the Xbox app will it pop up for them...
  148. 148. Not receiving Xbox party notifications on Game Bar App!
  149. 149. How to fix voice messages not working on Xbox app and Game Bar?
  150. 150. Is it possible for an xbox account set to chat with friends only to chat with friends on...
  151. 151. Clear message on Xbox
  152. 152. Why can’t I log into Cookieisblu ac
  153. 153. Game Bar Issues
  154. 154. Unblocking on Java Edition Help
  155. 155. Can I get un suspended another player told me if I didn't quit the game I would get...
  156. 156. Xbox Game Bar/App Social activity status is showing "Online" instead of Playing: "Call of...
  157. 157. Anyone know how to fix recorded game clips looking grey and washed out?
  158. 158. if i factory reset my xbox will it fix discord?
  159. 159. How to play gears of war 2 split screen on the series x with a guest a count
  160. 160. I got a new Xbox series s and when I go to join a discord chat it tells me something’s...
  161. 161. Xbox keeps asking me to relink discord
  162. 162. Can’t play with friends/having connection issues.
  163. 163. LFG Issues
  164. 164. Xbox game bar doesn't pickup blue yeti mic in party chat?
  165. 165. [Xbox Forum] Unable to remove a follower on Xbox Profile
  166. 166. PC Gamebar Looking For Group not showing all my games.
  167. 167. Game chat not working on several games, party chat is working fine.
  168. 168. Joining friends on Warzone 2
  169. 169. How do I turn on push to talk on my Xbox I’ve been looking but can’t seem to find anything...
  170. 170. Can't play multiplayer in Minecraft
  171. 171. I have allowed multiplayer on my minecraft world but when I'm inside the world, it shows...
  172. 172. I have been told that my xbox profile is not able to join parties but i have no active...
  173. 173. Friends show as offline on Minecraft but my switch says that they are online playing Minecraft.
  174. 174. When people start the interaction how come they can still ban those who respond
  175. 175. Can't find lfg on xbox
  176. 176. Can’t chat to people friends or teammates in Fortnite
  177. 177. does my twitch stream still pick up party audio when we switch party to in game chat on...
  178. 178. I’m trying to unblock someone called L******** and it’s not working
  179. 179. Xbox discord Noise Suppression
  180. 180. My friends account (****) has had his gamerpic changed to a inappropriate picture leading...
  181. 181. "This player doesn't meet the requirements to join your current game mode"
  182. 182. Xbox Series X won’t upload Screenshots to OneDrive
  183. 183. why do my clips on xbox series s randomly freeze throughout the video
  184. 184. Why am I getting comm banned bc of a hacker?
  185. 185. LFG function Problem on xbox game bar with minecraft for windows
  186. 186. Why only party chat can go through TV speakers?
  187. 187. They still can’t talk
  188. 188. How is it that anyone can report anything about me and I get suspended?! How does this...
  189. 189. Still Not receiving notification on xbox app
  190. 190. Logging on my fourth player on Minecraft is not working.
  191. 191. My pc wont let me group post or interest in one
  192. 192. Not receiving notification on xbox app
  193. 193. MC multiplayer
  194. 194. Razer Xbox Headset, Party audio issues
  195. 195. PLEASE HELP! Can’t access any type of mic chat. Whether it’s in game or party chat, I get a...
  196. 196. Not getting notifications on Xbox app
  197. 197. Stream from Xbox and include Playstation players chat?
  198. 198. people can’t add me as a friend
  199. 199. Not receiving MOST of game invitations on XBOX
  200. 200. [Mod removed] send explicit images to minors
  201. 201. Fortnite party chat not working
  202. 202. Why was I banned for calling someone a <removed>? Which means wannabe gangster , but he can...
  203. 203. I need help
  204. 204. more than one gametag profile
  205. 205. My friend has been offline for 70 plus days and that is not like him so I need to know if...
  206. 206. trouble playing multiplayer
  207. 207. How can I fix my game chat?
  208. 208. How do I make a friend on bo2 with it being on a Xbox one
  209. 209. Kathy please help with disruptive behavior ban. It's my gamertag...phayghat people ay it as...
  210. 210. It says “notice of Xbox enforcment action” when I try and send a party invite why is that
  211. 211. Dead Space 3 Coop says "Failed to Join Game"
  212. 212. Why was legacy/360 avatar content suddenly discontinued?
  213. 213. What if I want to report someone but it's in party chat text
  214. 214. Cant fix my account restrictions
  215. 215. I just got this account I can’t make post or interest in them been happening for 3 days
  216. 216. Joining a friend on minecraft
  217. 217. I can't add a friend back even though they said they didn't block me, its glitched out, my...
  218. 218. No option to join clubs on pc after 6 months?
  219. 219. App crashing with clip download?
  220. 220. Reporting Messages not working
  221. 221. Is there a way to undo an update for the Xbox Game Bar?
  222. 222. How Do I Fix This?
  223. 223. Is it possible to Join a party from a different console than what I am playing the game on?
  224. 224. I can't add a friend back to my friends list.
  225. 225. Hello, I am experiencing an issue where my friends list is not showing up on my Xbox, but...
  226. 226. How do you delete comments in the xbox mobile app?
  227. 227. My xbox game bar no longer opens with windows+g and I do not recieve invitations. How to fix?
  228. 228. My Son can't accept friend requests on Fortnite or FC24
  230. 230. Friend's voice is extremely low most of the time. We have tried everything possible...
  231. 231. Accessing a game via another PC
  232. 232. Can Xbox get my friend ban
  233. 233. Minecraft purchase sharing
  234. 234. So,.....avatars on the home screen????
  235. 235. What is up,can,t join in friends online games,open nat or is there a server not working?
  236. 236. Sexual harasment and bullying behaviour
  237. 237. My xbox game bar won't connect to parties at all, and sometimes I'll get the message when I...
  238. 238. Why can’t I talk in warzone game chat or party chat?
  239. 239. How do I fix this
  240. 240. How to get a human to review a ban?
  241. 241. Reset parental pin not working on Fortnite
  242. 242. Are game captures on the Xbox Network ALSO saved to the console’s internal storage?
  243. 243. Why cant i do anything in the looking for group menu on the xbox gamebar
  244. 244. Xbox Parties are broken for me
  245. 245. How to access old clips
  246. 246. Game share question!
  247. 247. Why was i banned for doing what everyone else does?
  248. 248. Help.
  249. 249. I still can't post/reply to looking for groups on xbox
  250. 250. Can’t join a friend’s game.