XBoX Rewards & Social
  1. 1. Rudegrape send explicit images to minors
  2. 2. I purchased a new subscription the day after my xbox gold membership expired and can’t find...
  3. 3. Why cant i talk with added friends with communication ban
  4. 4. I think 'mute microphone' should be added as a keybind to the share button on series...
  5. 5. Not receiving notifications
  6. 6. static and crackling sound on my game when I join a party using the Xbox app
  7. 7. Can't link Facebook
  8. 8. xbox series x console not getting invites to games or party.
  9. 9. Mic Audio sounds garbled/robotic/underwater when using Xbox Game Bar
  10. 10. How do I get my clips back?
  11. 11. Discord not working, keeps saying "Sorry, Looks like you were disconnected. Try connecting...
  12. 12. Ghost friend
  13. 13. How do I get rid of follow bots?
  14. 14. Unable to remove followers despite said accounts being blocked!
  15. 15. If I have been suspended from messaging for 4 days am I banned from voice chat forever?
  16. 16. I have a error with recording clips on the xbox series s it says recording failed 0x82323023
  17. 17. Any Skyrim Fans Out There?
  18. 18. How to remove a follower that can't be removed using the block and unblock method?
  19. 19. when I link my steam account to xbox live it only lets by play games from microsoft store...
  20. 20. My Rocket league achievements are stuck
  21. 21. can't send messages
  22. 22. (PC) Xbox party chat choppy
  23. 23. So I reported a person called Alex. He swore at me and started saying racist slurs and I...
  24. 24. Online Multiplayer In Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  25. 25. What can I do about a threat on Xbox live?
  26. 26. Why can’t I do multiplayer in mincraft? I signed in the Realms but still I can’t…
  27. 27. How can I hide/disable games from showing me online in my Xbox profile?
  28. 28. get blocked on Xbox S messages
  29. 29. Why has my son been permanently banned?? His father spends lots of money on Vbucks and now...
  30. 30. Why I can't record a voice on xbox console anymore?
  31. 31. Can't create LFG on PC. Windows 10.
  32. 32. Been having issues with my game captures ever since I got my Xbox series X anyone know how...
  33. 33. I am trying to stream using streamlabs
  34. 34. Xbox LFG banned words
  35. 35. I receives party invitations 30mins late but not on time and my friend doesn’t see my party...
  36. 36. Console not receiving party invite notifications
  37. 37. Ok im seriously tierd of how easily this report system can be abused.
  38. 38. I blocked a specific person on Xbox, yet for some reason there bypassing the block still...
  39. 39. bulling
  40. 40. Game Activity in Discord can't be disabled on Xbox
  41. 41. I need to join other realms so I can play with my friends
  42. 42. Lfg doesn't work for me at all no matter what
  43. 43. What do I do if I get suspended even though the person i was defending myself against...
  44. 44. I can't post or get interested in posts please help me
  45. 45. Why won’t I receive party or game invite notifications on my xbox.
  46. 46. How do i get my account unsuspended? A greifer got upset that i defended myself in red dead...
  47. 47. Upload game clips and screen caps to Google Photos?
  48. 48. I can add other people but it won't let me add a specific person
  49. 49. Not receiving party invites but am receiving all other invites and notifications
  50. 50. Not getting xbox notifications
  51. 51. Random bot followers
  52. 52. I cannot hear game chat or able to play with PC and Playstation. I have tried everything,...
  53. 53. My cousin has been texting missed up stuff to these guy so I need all her chats so I can...
  54. 54. Creating and being interested in LFG Post
  55. 55. Xbox One multiplayer help
  56. 56. How to use microphone on my BT headphones in xbox app
  57. 57. Why can’t me and my friend join each other on minecrsft?
  58. 58. How can I enable Discord on my teenage son's Xbox X?
  59. 59. Making looking for group posts for Xbox games on pc.
  60. 60. Trouble with adding someone on my friends list
  61. 61. I gifted my friend a game yesterday and we were able to play but today when he tried to get...
  62. 62. Still getting 'online' notifications from blocked users
  63. 63. how do i add friends to play minecraft if im on ps5 and hes on xbox
  64. 64. Suspension issue
  65. 65. Capture options no longer available when pressing the Xbox Share button on the controller.
  66. 66. Why 2 days
  67. 67. Discord on xbox keeps disconnecting
  68. 68. Will we be able to talk to discord voice chat and still hear the in-game voice chat in the...
  69. 69. A person keeps mass reporting my account i get banned every 8 days because of them
  70. 70. My Xbox 360 prop won't appear on my profile
  71. 71. Can you unban CRIMSONF0X49 ?
  72. 72. Roblox
  73. 73. So, you dont have to pay to play minecraft multiplayer on bedrock, right???
  74. 74. Issues with crossplay
  75. 75. Reported for no reason wht?
  76. 76. there was a problem publishing looking for group - How to solve this ? Windows 11
  77. 77. XBox Community
  78. 78. Fifa 23 friend online
  79. 79. How can i see follow ?
  80. 80. Why cant I see my friends achievements?
  81. 81. can someone helpe me ? Xbox can't load
  82. 82. Can you hear crossplay chat on your twitch stream?
  83. 83. My son got flagged for using improper verbage.
  84. 84. Microsoft rewards points not registering
  85. 85. I've asked this before but got no answer so I'll ask again. How do I remove someone from my...
  86. 86. My friend got randomly banned on Xbox for no valid or justified reason
  87. 87. Minecraft Preview between PC and Xbox unable to play
  88. 88. Gamechat not working
  89. 89. How can we fix the Xbox parties?
  90. 90. When will I be able to stream on twitch with my friends audio included?
  91. 91. Multiplayer not working even when settings are correct on privacy.
  92. 92. My account was randomly banned and I have no idea if it was a shadow ban or if someone else...
  93. 93. I'm raising the concern about enforcement.
  94. 94. is it possible to buy minecraft using microsoft reward points?
  95. 95. Discord Voice Freezes and Disconnects When Members Are Moved Between Channels
  96. 96. Won't let him add friends
  97. 97. After you submit one appeal is there an other way you can submit another one? If you email...
  98. 98. Update 360 avatar prop system to convert with Xbox one
  99. 99. How to tell if you appealed a suspension successfully
  100. 100. someone sent me 42 thousand followers (bots)
  101. 101. My mates has been banned for joining my party not sure why hes banned but need help with...
  102. 102. I want to play non-spilt screen multiplayer with my girlfriend in the same room.
  103. 103. How do I turn off auto friend on bedrock mc?
  104. 104. Does anybody know how to fix the in-game clip recording on the Xbox series X ??
  105. 105. How can I get achievements to unlock after 3 days?
  106. 106. Is there anything I can do after I accidentally bought a name change?
  107. 107. My game captures aren't working and only end up being like 2 seconds like and they skip...
  108. 108. Minecraft for windows won't let me join my friend's multiplayer server
  109. 109. Game chat not working…… sometimes?
  110. 110. ¿Why When You Share 4K HDR screenshots do they look worse?
  111. 111. How to stream using Xbox game bar
  112. 112. Discord always disconnect.
  113. 113. Why can’t I send/receive Xbox 360 voice mail anymore?
  114. 114. Why so sensitive?
  115. 115. Someone made bot accounts constantly add me and it won't stop
  116. 116. I need help I can’t send voice mail on the Xbox 360 I keep getting an error message
  117. 117. What do I do? I’m still comm banned even after the ban was supposed to be lifted? This...
  118. 118. I cant create a looking for group post
  119. 119. Can't join bedrock multiplayer crossplay (PC to Xbox) world remotely, even after we played...
  120. 120. Can't join/host multiplayer in Minecraft
  121. 121. Can I block all party invites/messages
  122. 122. How many times can you get suspended?
  123. 123. cant get my mic to work
  124. 124. Can I request a symbol cane for my avatar, as I am a visually impaired gamer?
  125. 125. it keeps unfriending one friend , keep giving us both the error of unable to add each other
  126. 126. GTA V trouble
  127. 127. what is players' gamercard for xbox console compliance?
  128. 128. Can I Zoom on my Xbox one?
  129. 129. Am I getting banned?
  130. 130. Someone messaged me, harassed me, called me names. I don't really give a **** about that....
  131. 131. getting fake followers
  132. 132. Fix bug where my Xbox acts as if I have zero friends?
  134. 134. Captures not recording full clip
  135. 135. ¿Why Does The Xbox One X 4K shared captures look better than The Series X shared ones?
  136. 136. Open group chat?
  137. 137. I try to join my friend's multiplayer world, but it says, "Unable to connect to world. What...
  138. 138. I got a ban from someone harassing me what do I do
  139. 139. Trying to get interested in a group post is not working and my account isnt suspended.
  140. 140. I can not unmute my friend on my friend list any advice ?
  141. 141. Can I shorten the time on my suspension if you know please email *** Die E-Mail-Adresse...
  142. 142. Minecraft: Cant connect to friends world im on Xbox and hes on ps4
  143. 143. Xbox party audio keeps cutting in and out
  144. 144. Someone has got hundreds of accounts to follow me on Xbox. Will this lead to my account...
  145. 145. How do I get the full recording/game capture?
  146. 146. Why is there no 60fps option when live streaming from the console?
  147. 147. One person causing party chat echo
  148. 148. Enforcement gone?
  149. 149. Can I call cops are someone harassing me on Xbox?
  150. 150. I can't create or interest in lfg posts
  151. 151. Why can't I join or create any group text chat?
  152. 152. When I am talking on an Xbox party app, I am unable to use Voicemeeter as it give a...
  153. 153. How do I add an in-game tag to my xBox club?
  154. 154. I need help
  155. 155. Regarding Bot spam in LFG
  156. 156. How do I play call of the wild multiplayer with my nephew on Xbox.?
  157. 157. My cross lay has randomly stopped working, how do I fix this??
  158. 158. Why does the enforcement team not punish cheaters or even look into it or review my...
  159. 159. Muted friend
  160. 160. Me and my friends are having issues viewing each other's screenshots in 4k HDR
  161. 161. Censorship is EXTREMELY OVERKILL on Xbox Game Bar
  162. 162. Party chat
  163. 163. XBOX & mobile app - Capture issues.
  164. 164. Xbox Captures are not showing up after uploading to the network
  165. 165. why is it that some of my most recently uploaded captures don’t show up on the xbox app it...
  166. 166. how do i get a communication ban for putting in a apex legends group post pubs kill...
  167. 167. Why can I not post in Xbox clubs despite being a member?
  168. 168. setting up an old xbox presents me with problems...
  169. 169. My friends do not see the correct gamer pic when I get online.
  170. 170. I can't appear online!?
  171. 171. Being threat from a friend
  172. 172. Xbox game bar won't detect own mic
  173. 173. Why does the Xbox support page not load?
  174. 174. Why am I unable to hear party members when I am in a chat?
  175. 175. Chat not allowed by account
  176. 176. Any ideas?
  177. 177. I can’t talk or hear people on any in game chat?
  178. 178. Where is temporary footage from Game Bar captures stored?
  179. 179. Deleting comment posts from Fallout 76 forums and alike
  180. 180. Do I need Xbox live for free games and to join parties
  181. 181. Why does my mic work for all other apps but not the Xbox app?
  182. 182. Concern and questions on xbox conduct of c. guidelines deleted in a minute
  183. 183. Why can’t I play Minecraft multiplayer even though I have done what it said I even restart...
  184. 184. Help?
  185. 185. Cannot share or upload screenshots
  186. 186. Followers stuck on my list for 2 years. I can't remove them.
  187. 187. is there anyway to use looking for group feature with other xbox players while on pc?
  188. 188. Help removing Followers
  190. 190. Xbox status not showing in Discord
  191. 191. Can’t Hear cross platform players in twitch stream.
  192. 192. Why does my account say that I’m not friends with anyone but their account say I am their...
  193. 193. America and Canada friends
  194. 194. Are the message report forms down or something?
  195. 195. hey uh why did my account get suspended for no reason that i know of i'm really wondering
  196. 196. Why am I getting communication banned for a profile picture
  197. 197. Can’t join online with friends they have same Xbox yet it blanks when I scroll over join ,...
  198. 198. Using Skype on Xbox One via the Microsoft Edge App, but the settings in Skype have no...
  199. 199. Can someone explain to me why I've been suspended for two days for commenting "the hell is...
  200. 200. My friends list doesn't update.
  201. 201. Message appears when I try to add one of my friends back “Sorry, we can’t save your changes...
  202. 202. Can you please remove all of my friends on my friends list?
  203. 203. What can I do to fix it my microphone problem?
  204. 204. How to get my live streaming tab to work
  205. 205. For a month Xbox voice chat takes a long time to connect, then fails. Does anyone have a...
  206. 206. How is my Group Post Inappropriate?!
  207. 207. Xbox Gamebar Activity Status
  208. 208. Can you add Playstation players on xbox?
  209. 209. Xbox gamepass cloud game invitations.
  210. 210. how to share audio to a streamer thru the xbox app for ios
  211. 211. Xbox party chat issue
  212. 212. Xbox Series X or S recording issue.
  213. 213. What should I do if I can't look at group post but there's no error message tho
  214. 214. Why is Xbox disconnecting me randomly from discord chat?
  215. 215. Talking in party chat isn’t working.
  216. 216. Have more friends on profile list than I actually have
  217. 217. Why are my friends list and various other things not loading?
  218. 218. Can somebody help me to resolve these problems please?
  219. 219. My Xbox party chat isn’t working.
  220. 220. When I join a party chat it says Connecting, and while I'm waiting, after this it says...
  221. 221. How do I remove blocked followers?
  222. 222. Why can't I ever join or create a looking for group post
  223. 223. Unable to post Looking for Groups with discriptions.
  224. 224. If I redeem a Xbox gift card will the person I’m game sharing with be able to use it?
  225. 225. Why was my XBOX Club deleted?
  226. 226. xbox game bar party chat wont pick up my voice but the audio widget does
  227. 227. Game Invites Not Showing Up
  228. 228. Cc number to stream?
  229. 229. Xbox Game Bar "Invite to game" greyed out
  230. 230. I keep disconnecting on discord
  231. 231. Minecraft: Unable to join multiplayer game
  232. 232. Regional Issues
  233. 233. why does the share button record a 7 second clip instead of a screenshot
  234. 234. Just unboxed a brand new Xbox series s and it’s lagging in everything
  235. 235. What is gonna happen with the group post spam bots?
  236. 236. does FarCry 5 support cross version co-op?
  237. 237. I need help it says i can create a group but when i try it says name in use and i even spam...
  238. 238. Why can I speak in the party chat, but not the game chat?
  239. 239. How do you create Custom Tags in “Looking for a Group”? I enter the tag but when I click on...
  240. 240. Как играть в Ганг бист на разный платформах
  241. 241. Minecraft Multiplayer greyed out even after changing all recommended settings
  242. 242. Since the last update I have not been able to participate in chat on twitch on my series...
  243. 243. How do I play Minecraft Bedrock with my daughter in multipayer when she has a child account...
  244. 244. Voice Chat Not Working
  245. 245. Multi pc
  246. 246. How do I accept my friends invite and join from Xbox gamepass cloud gaming
  247. 247. Why won’t Xbox App let me accept party invites?
  248. 248. Xbox one issue: I can't hear my friend when in a group even when i'm on an alt account.
  249. 249. My mic was working perfectly then all I can hear is party chat. Why . Play station has way...
  250. 250. Why I'm I being suspended for this?, this has happened twice