XBoX Rewards & Social
  1. 1. why are dialogue sounds not getting recorded, but other sounds are?
  2. 2. Why is it when i am in a party it appears that i am in game chat and it wont switch back to...
  3. 3. [AUDIO ISSUE] XBOX parties work with audio but not Discord Link
  4. 4. When I go to my messages it says “ we can’t get all of your messages right now. Check back...
  5. 5. How to get rewards for gift card
  6. 6. Looking For Group on Xbox Game Bar doesn't detect that I am playing Minecraft
  7. 7. my bedrock multiplayer is working but when i load up java it says "multiplayer is...
  8. 8. Game Clips Stop Working
  9. 9. Minecraft "unable to connect to world" issue
  10. 10. How can I stop notifying my friends of my live stream?
  11. 11. How do you enable Minecraft multiplayer??
  12. 12. Why am I getting stuck in game chat whenever I start a party or invite someone and then I'm...
  13. 13. How do I add a friend on Xbox when I’m on nintento switch
  14. 14. I want to Purchase A PC Game pass key for my Friend ,how can i do that and is there any...
  15. 15. Why are locking for groups not working
  16. 16. Why do I keep receiving invites for minecraft windows 10 edition from random people even...
  17. 17. How can i fix this
  18. 18. Xbox pass invites on PC sending me to Microsft store and not letting me join my friends game
  19. 19. Blocking a Xbox Friend’s chat
  20. 20. I get randomly disconnected from my Xbox party (I'm on pc) and I cannot hear nor talk to my...
  21. 21. Party members disconnect
  22. 22. Xbox profile forever in offline mode?
  23. 23. party icon isnt showing up on friends profile
  24. 24. Astroneers "cant connect to the host"
  25. 25. I cant delete xbox messages!!!!!!!!
  26. 26. My friend has been falsely banned??
  27. 27. How am I banned for 2 days
  28. 28. Why can't I join my friends game session in black ops 2?
  29. 29. Party issues?
  30. 30. I have a problem with Xbox Game Bar
  31. 31. Has anyone come across the issue of the xbox app and xbox social in game bar just refusing...
  32. 32. When I try to send a message using text in voice. A red error triangle appears. wondering...
  33. 33. multiplayer with friends on minecraft
  34. 34. UPnP issue after changing to new modem
  35. 35. Discord voice chat does appear on my xbox but I can use it when I switch regions
  36. 36. Fix your system Microsoft!
  37. 37. Why isn’t there better support for Enforcements I feel I’ve been wronged for these bans...
  38. 38. Xbox Android App still forces you to use Phone Microphone and not headset microphone
  39. 39. minecraft wont let me join my friend anymore
  40. 40. Once again missing play time on my subscription...
  41. 41. Why is my Xbox saying no connection when its connected?
  42. 42. BO2 zombies problems
  43. 43. i can't view xbox groups
  44. 44. Block list
  45. 45. I got banned and I wan an estimate on how long it will last.
  46. 46. I can't access online play for any games
  47. 47. So I can join into Fortnite and join. My friends party but I can’t see anyone in a voice...
  48. 48. Queued for upload wont upload any 4.min recordings
  49. 49. Hay there
  50. 50. Why did I get banned for a year when all I did was try and change my profile picture?
  51. 51. how to fix game bar widgets
  52. 52. There is no Discord option o Groups and Chat (and my account is already linked)
  53. 53. Xbox club profile picture or background image not uploading properly
  54. 54. Why isnt my recently played with list not updating? Ive restarted my console hoping it...
  55. 55. I’m getting spam added by bot accounts by another person, what do i do?
  56. 56. This guy keeps reporting me and getting me banned and I'm on my last strike till a one year ban
  57. 57. Can underage players be blocked from each other permanently?
  58. 58. I cannot hear anyone or talk to anybody on Fortnite
  59. 59. Why won't multiplayer work on Java?
  60. 60. Crossplay Minecraft - PS4 + PC - is LAN possible in 2024?
  61. 61. Remove my following
  62. 62. Weird suspension?
  63. 63. Looking for group not working.
  64. 64. Fallout 76 Xbox PC looking for group posts is still not working…
  65. 65. Where do you go to see clips/screenshots you’ve liked?
  66. 66. Problems with Xbox Party groups and voice channels on Discord.
  67. 67. Xbox current rules and guidelines
  68. 68. Error code 0x8924000D
  69. 69. Invites
  70. 70. Can you join a shared world on Minecraft if you share a Gamepass ultimate?
  71. 71. Discord isn't working on my Xbox
  72. 72. Trouble joining worlds with add-ons Minecraft.
  73. 73. Xbox Series X Captures corrupted
  74. 74. When i am on discord on my xbox series x. I cant hear people threw proximity chat. How can...
  75. 75. Any idea why I got suspended for making a group post saying “Wtb unyielding armor”?
  76. 76. How do i make a looking for group post for war thunder on pc
  77. 77. Someone messaged me calling a word I would not like to say.
  78. 78. How do i fix my problem
  79. 79. Hellblade 2 I have a problem with the achievements
  80. 80. Someone is sending me a bunch of bot followers and I’m afraid my account will get banned
  81. 81. My son plays Fortnite with friends but today they can’t hear him. He can hear them.
  82. 82. How do I stop receiving notifications for getting online when I blocked them?
  83. 83. Party Issue
  84. 84. Is Roblox chat coming to xbox ?
  85. 85. I keep getting disconnected from my Xbox party when I make a looking for group post
  86. 86. Xbox not allowing me to appear online
  87. 87. My xbox party chat isnt working and it has the darkend profiile picture like im in gmae...
  88. 88. Why Am I Receiving A Failed To Do Action
  89. 89. LFG Windows Game Bar not working for Diablo 4
  90. 90. Child Account- Friends- Ipad
  91. 91. streaming on xbox series s to twitch
  92. 92. Party issues
  93. 93. Why can't I send a friend request using the xbox app?
  94. 94. I have a temp ban for posting some looking for group posts that advertised my mc realm i...
  95. 95. I'm banned from using the Communication Services on Xbox for 366 days due to a Profile Picture.
  96. 96. I keep getting Error Code 0x8924000D
  97. 97. Fortnite vbucks cards bought in shops,,
  98. 98. Does anybody know how to fix the glitch when you join xbox party and it says that the...
  99. 99. Help I’m being follow botted and it won’t stop
  100. 100. How Xbox Game Bar ruined my FH5 car meet
  101. 101. I can't use game chat.
  102. 102. No Xcloud crossplay.
  103. 103. Minecraft beta can't join cossplatform in to Minecraft preview
  104. 104. My vc isn't working in party/ in game and discord but I don't have a ban
  105. 105. Stardew valley co op
  106. 106. My account was hacked and got changed password and now i cant do anything i cant log in too...
  107. 107. When are you guys going to do something about this?
  108. 108. Xbox chats arent working and i got into privacy settings manage message saftey and says...
  109. 109. my dad got banned from the 360 like 10 years ago.
  110. 110. How can i change my privacy setting from a teen account?
  111. 111. Sea of Theives Party Invite
  112. 112. LFG post rules?
  113. 113. Cant hear party they hear me fine
  114. 114. Com banned
  115. 115. Why did i get this many strikes?
  116. 116. I need help with "Capture and Share"
  117. 117. Students using 1.20.81 unable to join each other's worlds
  118. 118. Why they blocked it
  119. 119. Xbox Group Post Exploit / Hack that leads to banned accounts.
  120. 120. On xbox one I am unable to join a game that I get an invite for? Game is battlefield...
  121. 121. Why do I still have followers?
  122. 122. why is my invite button on minecraft gray and I signed in multiple times
  123. 123. Why am I not allowed to join my friend’s Minecraft world when I play on switch?
  124. 124. I am having issues with parties on the xbox app on PC
  125. 125. unable to invite friend to play fc 24
  126. 126. Sharing xbox game pass
  127. 127. Is anyone else having issues using xbox LFG on pc?
  128. 128. Discord and Xbox mic issues.
  129. 129. Fallout 76
  130. 130. Why won't my Xbox allow me to create or join a party?
  131. 131. My x-box game bar capture option just dissapear, how do i fix it?
  132. 132. Game bar for pc not saving captures
  133. 133. Whenever I get a Xbox Game Bar Message Notification it doesn't let me use Game Bar Keybind...
  134. 134. Why can I not appeal on a false report?
  135. 135. Party chat for a mute
  136. 136. Recording voices in Xbox game clips
  137. 137. Unable to update Family Safety to allow child to add friends in Minecraft (he's playing on...
  138. 138. Error code 0x8924000D when trying to join party
  139. 139. Im getting bot followers from someone else and it wont stop i dont want to get banned...
  140. 140. How do I fix connecting to party glitch
  141. 141. Can 2 people play the same game at the same time if they both own it but they have game...
  142. 142. Friends list/follower issue.
  143. 143. Can I play on different networks in the same house?
  145. 145. Can someone hack 100 accounts that's offline?
  146. 146. How can I fix this..
  147. 147. Lost a friend after he changed gamer tags he sent me a msg but i accidentally deleted it an...
  148. 148. Xbox live streaming provider - something went wrong
  149. 149. How do I include my audio on a friends twitch recording using the Xbox app
  150. 150. My friends cant see when im on my pc.
  151. 151. Party Chat on PC seems to be broken?
  152. 152. My partner and I have 1 Xbox s series s, 1 tv, 2 controllers, game pass ultimate and all we...
  153. 153. When in a party or discord call in-game voice chat is completely disabled
  154. 154. Xbox Enforcement
  155. 155. Can't message
  156. 156. When is the “copy link” feature coming back to gamebar
  157. 157. I have a friend permanently muted. In Party I can hear him but in game chat doesn't work
  158. 158. My Xbox game bar won't send or delete messages, how do I fix it?
  159. 159. I was wrongfully com banned please help?
  160. 160. Can we please get back out "friends in games" button in the people tab
  161. 161. How do I get rid of the happening now tab on my friends list
  162. 162. My profile won’t pull up on Xbox for me or friends. Says sorry try again.
  163. 163. Other methods for streaming
  164. 164. Game Clips "A Error Occurred"
  165. 165. Can we get the option to shut off the what's happening tab any friend I wanna see is...
  166. 166. Friends in Games removed?
  167. 167. I have been experiencing intermittent issues trying to record games on my Xbox Series X....
  168. 168. Xbox game bar keeps giving an error and saying to "try to send this message again later"
  169. 169. I don’t see a join button!
  170. 170. how to fix xbox party not working
  171. 171. How do I add a friend on ps4
  172. 172. how to connect my computer to Xbox 360?
  173. 173. I'm trying to play grounded with my friend I'm on switch He's on xbox. We need to add each...
  174. 174. When trying to make group post it says that it has inappropriate content and I can't find...
  175. 175. How do you connect a stream on xbox to tik tok
  176. 176. YouTube keeps restarting my Xbox series s. How can I fix this?
  177. 177. party issue
  178. 178. Xbox Friend Streaming - Nonstop Notifications
  179. 179. Is there any way to include mine and others party chat audio in game clips. Im on xbox series X
  180. 180. How can I appeal a wrongful suspension?
  181. 181. The Xbox part chat only works if its just me and one other person
  182. 182. i cant join a party on xbox app on windows?
  183. 183. Not able to see all friends
  184. 184. party chat doesnt work
  185. 185. I am Constantly getting error messages when trying to do something on Xbox Service
  186. 186. How do i get game bar capture to record my mic when it is set to record everything?
  187. 187. How can you change the "Safety settings for Xbox messages" on the Xbox app on PC?
  188. 188. Can I report someone for reporting me without reason and getting my comms taken away?
  189. 189. Xbox game chat log
  190. 190. Stream my xbox ganeplay to tiktok tell me how to do this
  191. 191. Minecraft multiplayer on my account
  192. 192. Why did Xbox stop responding to my reports and stop me from making posts?
  193. 193. When I start an Xbox party or join one, the screen says "connecting" but I can't speak to...
  194. 194. Can I link my 15 year old account to discord?
  195. 195. How come my Xbox Series X keeps encountering party chat errors and can not play online...
  196. 196. I cant post or “be interested” in any looking for group posts
  197. 197. Why are some accounts with super offensive names not getting removed?
  198. 198. I've done all the steps and it still wont let me reply or make a group
  199. 199. PLEASE HELp
  200. 200. Xbox won’t let me join or start a party.
  201. 201. New controller mic robotic
  202. 202. Is local split screen not working on Xbox X series
  203. 203. Having issues setting up Xbox live. I have the app, and signed in on console. However my...
  204. 204. Microsoft’s chat filter is ruining my gaming experience
  205. 205. how can i see when i added someone as a friend or when we became friends?
  206. 206. bring back console companion or clubs feature in the new Xbox app :(
  207. 207. I cannot join parties after comm ban expires
  208. 208. My discord on xbox won’t let me unmute and talk to friends
  209. 209. some reason the audio for my stream is muted and it wont let me fix it, its honestly quite...
  210. 210. Remove followers...
  211. 211. When i join a Xbox party(on pc) the audio begins skipping, other process slow to a...
  212. 212. Contacting friend for mental health.
  213. 213. How can I get my texts to go through to my friends on my Xbox?
  214. 214. I cant rejoin parties
  215. 215. Trying to share captures but "something went wrong" error message appears instead. Other...
  216. 216. Why does my Xbox Discord stream not pick up my background music?
  217. 217. Party issue
  218. 218. I’m can not communicate on xbox live party chats or in game chats
  219. 219. Minecraft Regional version
  220. 220. DOOM!!! Let's make it coop/deathmatch already:) "Eternal" pre/post
  221. 221. Need advice on a possible hack of my account
  222. 222. I can’t hear friends or talk in Discord from my Xbox One S
  223. 223. Why do you allow people to get banned so easily for posting on lfg?
  224. 224. I am unable to hear my game chat audio but I can hear party chat and game audio
  225. 225. Unable to refer.
  226. 226. how to enable Xbox voice chat in backgroud on pc gamebar
  227. 227. Console party chat not working. I'm on a stable wifi connection but I can't connect to...
  228. 228. My LFGP isn't working and won't post. I have tried doing everything other articles say to...
  229. 229. Why when I'm in a party am I stuck in game chat and cannot enter party chat.
  230. 230. Discord on Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, PS5 Mics Cut Out After 30+ minutes in a call
  231. 231. Cant see chats, recieve or send messages. What should I do?
  232. 232. i just made a new twitch account on my phone and successfully linked it to my xbox but when...
  233. 233. something went wrong with your party chat try again later. is what my xbox game bar says
  234. 234. false reports and enforcement
  235. 235. Streaming on Discord
  236. 236. My Xbox One S can't capture clips or recordings but takes screenshots
  237. 237. does xbox offer community forums per game like steam does?
  238. 238. I have xbox on my phone and play Nintendo, when I text on the app I get "This text is...
  239. 239. Xbox party Issue with Warframe
  240. 240. With my headset on Xbox how do I turn up discord call volume as I can only change my game...
  241. 241. My clips and 30s vids dont show up in the xbox friend chat menu even though i clipped them....
  242. 242. Why is my roblox xbox voice chat not working
  243. 243. How do i access my xbox captures on my pc
  244. 244. Group post unable to send request and cannot create post trouble
  245. 245. How do I turn off a friend's online notification when they're live streaming from their xbox
  246. 246. Why can't I see other people's messages on Minecraft Servers? (Bedrock)
  247. 247. How do I fix this issue?:
  248. 248. Cannot join friend's singleplayer minecraft world and vice versa, but both able to join 3rd...
  249. 249. why is there no chat box in-game robox i want to know what my friends are talking about but...
  250. 250. Xbox gamebar social menu not appearing