XBoX Rewards & Social
  1. 1. The looking for group not working on pc
  2. 2. My friends list has been frozen for the past 24-48 hours. I tried to manually refresh by...
  3. 3. Been banned for a LFG post I haven’t posted
  4. 4. Discord on Xbox series X is stuck on the circular loading icon, how do I fix it?
  5. 5. Error when adding friends. On Xbox. They can add me but I can’t add them
  6. 6. Im in my xbox party and sometimes it say party got disconnected and gives me a notification...
  7. 7. Xbox chat symbol?
  8. 8. PC party audio not coming through Xbox Twitch stream.
  9. 9. Controller and headset issue
  10. 10. I am trying to add a friend who uses a PlayStation. I have his gamer tag but still can not...
  11. 11. How do I fix game chat, party chat works fine even though I use Xbox streaming?
  12. 12. How to fix UPnP not connected
  13. 13. I can’t play Minecraft with my friend at all
  14. 14. I received a comm ban for a looking for post in reference to fallout 76.
  15. 15. Enforcement action
  16. 16. xbox 360 friends are not linked with xbox app
  17. 17. webcam on xbox does not display image properly (image is ultra saturated)
  18. 18. How do i add new friends
  19. 19. My friend got banned.
  20. 20. Why cant i look up gamer tags?
  21. 21. How do I play on Minecraft realms?
  22. 22. Why can I not do split screen on MW
  23. 23. Unable to Connect to world 1.19.41
  24. 24. Is anyone else having issues with voice communic?
  25. 25. Problems with messages(Audio and text)
  26. 26. Friend conflict gone to far
  27. 27. Getting spammed with hundreds of fake followers, what can I do?
  28. 28. Stop following on xbox live
  29. 29. Why can't I hear people in game chat or speak?
  30. 30. Mw2 voice chat won't work! In channels it says "voice and text chat disabled due to...
  31. 31. Why can people get you banned whenever they want with a discord? Pls *Read* this. *Actually...
  32. 32. Can’t join specific friends says unable to connect and all friend can’t join me
  33. 33. Xbox Looking for group doesn't work no matter what I do
  34. 34. I can hear members in my party chat while playing remote but they can not hear me?
  35. 35. Why does my wireless headset cut out audio on xbox party pc or crash it entirely?
  36. 36. Appeal. I asked an Innocent question!
  37. 37. Can I find an old friend by their old Gamertag?
  38. 38. Minecraft Bedrock unable to join world.
  39. 39. Let's get a pedophile account deleted
  40. 40. Xbox party chat for Windows 10 is not working.
  41. 41. Appeal
  42. 42. Everytime this person named Ieatbleach gets online it tells me even though hes not a friend...
  43. 43. I mistyped Rocket, and now I’m banned for 3 days.
  44. 44. Do you get a phone app notification when you change a friendship?
  45. 45. LFG ban for no reason
  46. 46. my friends list and my chats not working
  47. 47. Xbox, Explain why I got banned for this?
  48. 48. Why am I still receiving sign in notifications from a very toxic player I have BLOCKED?
  49. 49. Xbox app party chat stops working when I close the app
  50. 50. Why can't I play multiplayer in Minecraft bedrock, I feel like I have tried everything and...
  51. 51. Banned for a comment?
  52. 52. my xbox servers are frozen
  53. 53. Unjustly Comms banned for the most ABSURD reason.
  54. 54. Get This Person Some Help
  55. 55. I got a unknown friend when go on the profile doesn't show the the gamertag
  56. 56. How do I talk in game chat on modern warfare 2 with my wireless headset?
  57. 57. Block feature should be removed
  58. 58. I have a member of the party that I am in muted in the Xbox PC app and I can still hear...
  59. 59. Banned when I was gone a for a week and a half
  60. 60. "Looking for Group" widget does not include the game I'm running (Halo Infinite) under the...
  61. 61. I can’t play multiplayer on Minecraft because of my settings that I can not change
  62. 62. I am playing farm sim 22 and am in a multiplayer server, I tried to invite my friend but...
  63. 63. Xbox gamebar won’t stay open on pc
  64. 64. Party chat on mobile app not working with Twitch:
  65. 65. Banned for "lmao"
  66. 66. hello, I have a question, is it possible to delete achievements from a certain game and not...
  67. 67. Party Chat Division 2 Series S
  68. 68. Why is friends list not showing on my xbox 360?
  69. 69. Tts in party not working
  70. 70. How do I combat this abuse?
  71. 71. Capturing Far Cry 6 footage on Series X is dropping frames like crazy, help?
  72. 72. Falsely accused LFG suspensions and communication bans
  73. 73. Why is Xbox actively helping some one bully and harass me ?
  74. 74. Blocking on the Xbox android app
  75. 75. Someone is using my personal face as their profile picture
  76. 76. Why does Xbox app messaging glitch out and crashes the app?
  77. 77. Got comm banned for something I already served
  78. 78. How come I get banned for a “Your mum joke”, but someone who’s threatening my life gets...
  79. 79. When i sign in using my microsoft account it asks me again although i am already signed in...
  80. 80. Hi, I’m having trouble with my ‘parties and chats’ tab on my Xbox main screen, I’m unable...
  81. 81. why am i getting banned for no reaosn for looking for friends
  82. 82. Why did I recieve a temporary ban?
  83. 83. How to allow multiplayer on Microsoft ?
  84. 84. Why will it not load me into on going BO2/Black Ops 2 matches?
  85. 85. friends lists not working
  86. 86. How do I get unbanned
  87. 87. I have a suspension for copying a post someone else posts and is very common in the LFG...
  88. 88. Chat privacy settings per application?
  89. 89. Windows 11 microphone quality in Discord in games / sometimes not working at all
  90. 90. Can't Access Minecraft Realms on Bedrock (PC)
  91. 91. Can't make a party
  92. 92. Why i cant hear game chat when im in discord whit my friend?
  93. 93. Why cant my friend and I play minecraft on multiplayer mode?
  94. 94. Notifications from removed friends. Still happening after 7 years.
  95. 95. Why can’t I talk in parties and game chat on my Xbox series S?
  96. 96. Cannot host or join multiplayer games with my friends
  97. 97. Hi, When I try to connect xbox with discord and it says it can acess whatnot there is no...
  98. 98. Why is Xbox enforcement trash?
  99. 99. Mapping Elite 2 Party/Game Chat
  100. 100. Nobody showing up in discord chat even though connection was successful?
  101. 101. Can Xbox Mobile Users include Party Audio on Twitch?
  102. 102. Why won’t my captures load on the Xbox mobile app?
  103. 103. If I’m game sharing with a friend on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, if he upgrades to...
  104. 104. Can't Stream To Twitch On Xbox Series S
  105. 105. can i turn off microsoft family safety
  106. 106. Xbox Party Chat’s Chat Mixer Barely Adjusts
  107. 107. I received a ban for "Diamond casino heist after preps 20% cut" on a LFG post that was...
  108. 108. Why is my account suspended?
  109. 109. My xbox series x won't let met create or join an Xbox love party how can I fix this?
  110. 110. Hack?
  111. 111. Can Roblox chat (even voice chat) return to Xbox One since their game rating has changed?
  112. 112. Seems like others are getting random two day bans for no reason. Anyone know anything about...
  113. 113. Lan play (minecraft bedrock problem, please respond)
  114. 114. i cant see or add friends to a group flight
  115. 115. What can i do to connect to multiplayer properly in Dragon Ball xenovers 2?
  116. 116. Why aren’t these two people getting banned
  117. 117. Joining worlds on MCPE
  118. 118. How do I get voice chat on game channel recorded?
  119. 119. Why can’t I gift Call of Duty to my friend
  120. 120. MY MIC WON'T WORK AT ALL
  121. 121. Xbox One mic not working on specific controller.
  122. 122. Why did I get suspended
  123. 123. I was banned on Xbox for literally no reason here’s proof
  124. 124. Xbox party inv not showing up on pc
  125. 125. Why did I lose all my Xbox live friends?
  126. 126. Why won't it let me file a case review?
  127. 127. Do you plan on adding a feature that allows you to see how long you've been friends with...
  128. 128. What does it take to get someone’s Xbox banned?
  129. 129. How do you fix a grayed out "join party" tab?
  130. 130. Mic won't work at all on xbox
  131. 131. Xbox Series X Audio Issue
  132. 132. Communication ban when nothing posted is against the code of conduct
  133. 133. how can i play minecraft online when i am told that ,,i have disabled it and i can fix it...
  134. 134. Why did I get banned
  135. 135. Why did all of my friends get unadded without my doing or knowledge and the same thing has...
  136. 136. Why does my xbox show that i have only 8 friends out of the 539 i have and when my friends...
  137. 137. What do I do if all my friends on my friends list have disappeared on the Xbox one s digital?
  138. 138. Xbox acting weird
  139. 139. I was about to play with my friend when he with along all my others friends were gone can...
  140. 140. why are all my friends gone, i can't view profiles, almost all my chats wont load anymore,...
  141. 141. Why did my friend get an email saying I got them banned?
  142. 142. It say I have 0 friends but I did yesterday
  143. 143. No friends?
  144. 144. Friends wont show up and parties wont work
  145. 145. Why is my party chat not working?
  146. 146. Half of my friends list is missing on my console?
  147. 147. My xbox friend list has disappeared
  148. 148. Groups aren't working
  149. 149. How do I fix my friends list it says I have no friends and my chats with said friends are...
  150. 150. My friends list disappeared and I can’t add anyone. How do I fix this?
  151. 151. All my friends got deleted and wont pop up for some reason an i cant send direct messages too
  152. 152. Friends list has disappeared
  153. 153. Friends list disappeared
  154. 154. Why does the friends list keep saying my friends were deleted
  155. 155. Party issues
  156. 156. My friends list keeps telling me i have 0 friends.
  157. 157. Friends list showing I have 0 Friends
  158. 158. For some reason I cannot view my own profile and I also cannot look at my friends list....
  159. 159. It is not loading my online friends, not letting me see group posts or make one, it won't...
  160. 160. My X box is showing that I have 0 friends and I thought this was fixed
  161. 161. My friends list got completely wiped.
  162. 162. Xbox says I have no friends at all
  163. 163. My xbox shows i have 0 friends online but on xbox app it says i have plenty online
  164. 164. My friends list disappeared no online friends showing up
  165. 165. Friends list is empty?
  166. 166. my xbox friends list is missing
  167. 167. Friends list gone?
  168. 168. All the friends on my friends list have disappeared
  169. 169. Messages and most profiles won’t load what I do and I can’t play with my friends
  170. 170. Xbox is saying I have 0 friends when I know I have about 90 friends or so
  171. 171. I signed into my Xbox and my friends were-not showing resetting didn’t work and I can’t see...
  172. 172. Our profiles are currently under attack by china My friends list is gone
  173. 173. My entire friends list has been deleted and I can’t add any existing friends that I had.
  174. 174. My entire friends list disappeared. It won’t let me look at anybody’s profile or mine and...
  175. 175. No friends on friends list problem
  176. 176. Having trouble with social parts on Xbox.
  177. 177. Most of my friends appear offline
  178. 178. My friends list I got there are zero friends on and I have done all the ways to fix it.
  179. 179. Friends list gone?
  180. 180. Why did most of my friends on my list disappear?
  181. 181. Why cant I see group posts and see who’s in Xbox parties?
  182. 182. Friends and socials disappeared
  183. 183. None of my friends are showing up on my friends list
  184. 184. Why can't i see any of my friends in my friend list even by searching for their gamertags?
  185. 185. Is there a new issue with the update for the the xbox ? Ever since today Nov 1 2022 I can't...
  186. 186. My friend's list is blank but my games show I have friends?
  187. 187. My friends are gone for some reason
  188. 188. Series X - Friends list randomly emptied
  189. 189. Xbox freinds list has disappeared once again I’ve been reading been happing for years and...
  190. 190. My gamertag doesnt appear in party chat?
  191. 191. Is anyone else experiencing problems with seing their friends? Or their friends seeing you?...
  192. 192. my whole list of friends disappeared off my friends list and I can’t look at their...
  193. 193. Why isn’t it showing any of my friends?
  194. 194. How to deal with or remove wrongful ban
  195. 195. Why did xbox gamebar remove most of my friends?! ( Windows 11 computer user )
  196. 196. Can I get my comm ban reversed right away please? (READ BELOW)
  197. 197. All my friends dissapeared? What do I do?
  198. 198. I cant join my Friends minecraft game.
  199. 199. For some reason my friends list isn't loading anyone have a idea
  200. 200. "Unable to send request" on Xbox LFG.
  201. 201. I need help reporting a xbox user
  202. 202. Windows Xbox app, I sound like a robot underwater to my friends in party chat
  203. 203. “Unable To Connect To World”
  204. 204. Can you share and receive games with two different people on game share?
  205. 205. why did i get suspended for gamerpic
  206. 206. Forza Horizon 5 Club beitreten
  207. 207. Do people actually check messages being reported?! Suspended for reporting someone wishing...
  208. 208. I downloaded the Xbox app, it sent out a bunch of friend requests to people I unadded. Is...
  209. 209. Please I want to sell Xbox life gold 3 month
  210. 210. what is the problem here?
  211. 211. why cant i hear my friend in the party
  212. 212. Certain Achievements will not popped up in community tab when unlocked?
  213. 213. So about a 2 years ago one of my friends on the xbox app sent me an image and for some...
  214. 214. Help, I got suspended/Banned for my Gamerpic. However my Gamerpic is my face. Literally my...
  215. 215. Friend list not showing in State of Decay 2, Windows 10
  216. 216. Anyone got an answer as to why I have had four back-to-back enforcements placed on my...
  217. 217. All friends appearing offline
  218. 218. The "join party" option is greyed out on my xbox, and I can't join discord calls either on...
  219. 219. Discord Voice on Xbox - Microphone Issues
  220. 220. 12 suspensions
  221. 221. Xbox Game Bar recording function not working at all
  222. 222. [PC Problem] Xbox app/Xbox game bar Is making my microphone in the parties sound glitchy
  223. 223. Multiplayer problems
  224. 224. on xbox game bar it says something went wrong try again later
  225. 225. It seems that my friend [mod removed] has reported my account
  226. 226. Xbox Series S Skype not working
  227. 227. Bot accounts
  228. 228. Account Suspensions and Spam reporting
  229. 229. Game share
  230. 230. Xbox Game Bar Random Crashing
  231. 231. looking for group error
  232. 232. Discord keeps disconnecting on Xbox
  233. 233. wrongfull suspention and neglect of community
  234. 234. Party voice chat only works via headset
  235. 235. Steam Friends on xbox?
  236. 236. Xbox live won't let me message or talk to anyone on live
  237. 237. My voice in Xbox game bar is crackling
  238. 238. In game chat
  239. 239. How many suspensions until a permaban?
  240. 240. Mic isn’t working.
  241. 241. Tech to speech Xbox game bar
  242. 242. game sharing
  243. 243. Minecraft Multiplayer
  244. 244. messages breaking (serious)
  245. 245. Xbox Enforcement
  246. 246. mic too loud
  247. 247. Crossplay from Xbox to switch
  248. 248. Letting customers play my Xbox Series X in my bar?
  249. 249. Xbox Game DVR Audio Desync
  250. 250. Roblox chatting on the xbox