XBoX on Windows
  1. 1. Series X broke. Opened a repair order 11 days ago and still no sign of a shipping label. No...
  2. 2. How do I contact Xbox via phone to get refund for duplicate charge with no order number
  3. 3. Xbox Series X controller Share button not working on Windows 10
  4. 4. Why can't I access Flight Simulator 2020 for a reinstall on windows 11?
  5. 5. Got logged out.
  6. 6. Problem with redeeming my rewards
  7. 7. How is Microsoft allowed to remove core functionality from a product I paid for and without...
  8. 8. downloads on xbox get stuck on preparing 0%
  9. 9. Earning Microsoft rewards points through PC Game Pass
  10. 10. Is it possible to get an OFFICIAl XBOX ONE power cord?
  11. 11. How to fix aspect ratio issue?
  12. 12. Thrustmaster pedals not working with my Xbox x
  13. 13. how do i contact microsoft support?
  14. 14. Why can’t I download games I own on Xbox to PC?
  15. 15. Would having a family member using an Xbox 360 controller via an adapter on my Series X get...
  16. 16. My Xbox Series X is being extremely slow and sluggish
  17. 17. Reedem a Fortnite Dlc Code on the Wrong Account
  18. 18. Camera not showing for streams on Series X?
  19. 19. How do i access standby mode?
  20. 20. Roblox gift card problems
  21. 21. Roblox Gift Card Removed - Microsoft Rewards
  22. 22. Ton fehlt bei Xbox Aufzeichnung / Spieleclips
  23. 23. xbox 安装游戏无法更改路径
  24. 24. Xbox modded account to cheat
  25. 25. So I got banned for nothing…
  26. 26. Disney + App on Xbox 1 in South Africa - streaming keeps freezing and loading.
  27. 27. Remote Play Doesn't Work in IOS 16
  28. 28. An Xbox gift card does not work and u would like a refund or a new card
  29. 29. How to stop error notifications on an Xbox 360 Mega Man 10 endless attack mode
  30. 30. Sbox memory exceeded in edge browser when streaming video
  31. 31. Hi all
  32. 32. Any advice or help with my device service and repair form address field problems?
  33. 33. If I delete my cloud save data for minecraft will it erase my purchases
  34. 34. I cant connect my xbox one controller with my windoww 11 pc, Even through the usb wire
  35. 35. Youtube issues
  36. 36. Storage Filling Up Problem.
  37. 37. I can't get achievements on xbox
  38. 38. Logo usage
  39. 39. I can’t find my controller I play on a Xbox series s and I can’t find it all of a sudden...
  40. 40. Can I play multi-player on call of duty modern 2 2022
  41. 41. XBox keeps submitting unauthorized charges on my credit card. How can I get this to stop?...
  42. 42. My Xbox one glitched and it’s stuck on split screen I can only see half of the screen...
  43. 43. i ordered a xbox series x to my house. will i need to sign for it once it gets delivered
  44. 44. BSOD CODE :- 0x000000D1
  45. 45. hello i need help dll not found
  46. 46. Xbox game bar recordings lost
  47. 47. Cannot see the discord nitro perk in my xbox gamepass mobile app.
  48. 48. -> Start order -> Device Service & Repair - get TraceID
  49. 49. Why is there no direct way to contact xbox support for issues?
  50. 50. Forza horizon 5 syncs and I can play on cloud play but when I install the game it syncs...
  51. 51. Xbox series buzzing/static sounds
  52. 52. My new Xbox seris s is stuck on preparing console 50%, I’ve done the troubleshoot thing and...
  53. 53. Error when trying to process warranty
  54. 54. Xbox failing to link with discord
  55. 55. Where can I find the file location of the backgrounds on xbox one series X, and is this a...
  56. 56. Why did i get banned for the Same reason month after the first one
  57. 57. How do I get my Gears Of War 3 stats back
  58. 58. Why didn't I receive the full product when I purchased it through the movies & TV app on my...
  59. 59. Sipariş geçmişi sorunu
  60. 60. My files are gone
  61. 61. xbox live sign in white box sea of thevies PC
  62. 62. Why is my Xbox off but my steering wheel is on and blinking rapidly
  63. 63. Xbox 360 technical glitch
  64. 64. My sons account isn’t working properly and when I check the Microsoft family account it...
  65. 65. My Elite 2 controller stop charging
  66. 66. Why does it go to the top while I’m typing?
  67. 67. linking Ultimate with EA rewards.
  68. 68. xbox one not completing restart during update
  69. 69. Why cant I see the 'Volume options' column in my volume and output settings? (Xbox Series S)
  70. 70. How do I get my LED light to work on my SoulBytes s9 headset with USB plug-in?
  71. 71. Dolby vison 4K Blu-ray
  72. 72. Could I redeem my Robux for Xbox gift card code for different devices?
  73. 73. Hi I purchased my Xbox series S on takealot and was eligible for a free 3 month game pass...
  74. 74. Xbox one issue: I can't hear my friend when in a group even when i'm on an alt account.
  75. 75. Why doesn't Jigsaw save my puzzles any more? It used to!
  76. 76. Microsoft Store is loading and loading
  77. 77. Is it normal for the xbox series x to switch on when ejecting a disc while the console is off?
  78. 78. Is the process to reset a family passcode still the same
  79. 79. X-Box support & policy is terrible
  80. 80. Reset xbox one cache does not work
  81. 81. My mic was working perfectly then all I can hear is party chat. Why . Play station has way...
  82. 82. I have gottem a strange payment on my card thats was 8.81 even though my card was...
  83. 83. Why does my computer lag when I only use my gpu instead of gpu and integrated graphics?
  84. 84. It says here I have been suspended in my Xbox and I’m not able to chat with other players,...
  85. 85. Missing content on Xbox one X
  86. 86. I have a Samsung monitor and I can’t get my Xbox to display in the 2nd port
  87. 87. How do I set xbox seris s up with my Dell st2220L monitor?
  88. 88. XBOX won't let me sign in. (Windows 11)
  89. 89. Getting audio from the xbox x series when connected to a computer screen
  90. 90. Updated android software and minecraft stopped running
  91. 91. the store says i have two different currencies but i only want one. How can i make that...
  92. 92. Epic games launcher is not working, it's showing a error code 0xc000007b pls help
  93. 93. Controller
  94. 94. Xbox enforcement why have i been account banned for no reason?
  95. 95. Why i can't play multiplayer?
  96. 96. Cannot join my sons Xbox series S games?
  97. 97. Availability and Usability of Xcloud in India, specifically on mobile devices
  98. 98. how do i stop gamesharing with someone i am no longer friends with when i have no more home...
  99. 99. getting my epic account back
  100. 100. Are there any games available on xbox that are not available on PC on the xbox game pass...
  101. 101. Xbox One S broken heatsink pipes leaked strange liquid onto motherboard.
  102. 102. Annoying message keeps poping up in Xbox app
  103. 103. Need refund help
  104. 104. Why can't I navigate my Xbox Series X with TV remote?
  105. 105. How do I Fix desync?
  106. 106. Microsoft account won't connect to ps4
  107. 107. need help on xbox console
  108. 108. Problems uploading and downloading on an Xbox series X.
  109. 109. Can I transfer my gamer tag to my kid?
  110. 110. Running Minecraft crashes pc, error codes 1 and 1073741819
  111. 111. 플라이트시뮬레이터 에러 U are missing packages that~~블라 블라
  112. 112. Roblox Error Code 116
  113. 113. Netflix stops playing video when I turn off my series x controller
  114. 114. Can I share my cloud saves ?
  115. 115. Xbox Remote Play not working away from home
  116. 116. Xbox Series S Audio Passthrough is still broken and it doesn't work for Netflix.
  117. 117. My Xbox stops downloading things when it turns off
  118. 118. My pc randomly freezing but in specific way and I can't recognize the problem myself
  119. 119. How to fix I tried everything I read
  120. 120. I got a question about the commuinity guidelines
  121. 121. Where is my Minecraft?
  122. 122. I paid to pre order a game around this month and I just an email that I will be charged...
  123. 123. My original Xbox one won’t power on
  124. 124. my 6-digit code is not showing'
  125. 125. xbox networking error?
  126. 126. Video Capture Filter is blocked
  127. 127. glitch?
  128. 128. Software issues? Or controller issues?
  129. 129. I cannot find the paramount+ in the store on my series x
  130. 130. I accidentally changed the Xbox to keyboard and mouse setup
  131. 131. I’m selling my brand new XBOX because support sucks
  132. 132. My account has been hacked
  133. 133. Why is there no progress on Black Friday Sale punch card?
  134. 134. Why can’t I access the dlc I pre ordered months ago for the new COD?
  135. 135. Would I be abusing the Microsoft refund system if I bought a game, played it, didn’t like...
  136. 136. Can't sign into Xbox app
  137. 137. What do I do if I bought minecoins but it doesn’t show up on my account?
  138. 138. Can i still use my Walmart 3 year protection warranty if i break the warranty seals on the...
  139. 139. Cloud says I'm in an unsupported region when I'm not
  140. 140. Xbox disconnects
  141. 141. Unable to get a call back from Microsoft support
  142. 142. why aren’t my cod points showing up in my account even though the redeemed code is in my...
  143. 143. hi I recently bought a secondhand pc and every time I try to play any battlenet. or epic...
  144. 144. In Response to: Xbox Game Bar - Error Code 0x82323007
  145. 145. Question about buying a new xbox
  146. 146. Sorry. Something is wrong. This video might be inappropriate for sone users. Sign in to...
  147. 147. Why is microsoft support so bad?
  148. 148. Windows 11 unable to connect to Xbox One wireless display
  149. 149. Request a refund and didnt get my money back!
  150. 150. Why isn’t my Xbox 1 S not reading the new mw2
  151. 151. Cursur dosent move while holding a key
  152. 152. How do I turn off the Xbox virtual keyboard,
  153. 153. I have been charged twice any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  154. 154. I cannot install games or update them because my Xbox says that I need more storage and...
  155. 155. In the past months, I have published my application, and it is still under review
  156. 156. Why can’t I purchase anything it says error support to contact microsoft.
  157. 157. I get a pop up saying "you cannot chat with other players because of how your Microsoft...
  158. 158. I was charged 3 times for same game I purchased.
  159. 159. Refund request terminated, falsely.
  160. 160. Can I use my Xbox as an eGPU?
  161. 161. I haven’t gotten my money back after I requested a return
  162. 162. Billing issues
  163. 163. It says on microsoft that my account linked but my ps4 it hasent?
  164. 164. My Xbox One external drive is dead. Will I lose all the saved games data/progress?
  165. 165. Hi my son can not hear any sound via his controller for x box X ?
  166. 166. How do I fix messed up display?
  167. 167. Bad website
  168. 168. right analog stick has low sensitivity regardless of in-game sensitivity settings.
  169. 169. All purchased episodes of a TV show are not showing up. It has been 100% purchased. After...
  170. 170. I can't sign into microsoft on minecraft on my switch
  171. 171. not a question but for linking to my console for remote play I found signing out of the app...
  172. 172. Service Request Number
  173. 173. Xbox issue with sound
  174. 174. Send out for repair
  175. 175. Why is the notification for these items on your wishlist are on sale, keep popping up even...
  176. 176. How can i get my money back!
  177. 177. How do I get xbox app to use my game files?
  178. 178. My xbox game bar crashes after scrolling through the widget store
  179. 179. Achievement not unlocking
  180. 180. Why doesn't my G29 steering wheel not ant to work?
  181. 181. Is the 3 months nitro for xbox gamepass ultimate still here?
  182. 182. Waiting on a xbox warranty confirmation email?
  183. 183. I can’t open Microsoft awards on my Xbox.
  184. 184. MW2 Vault edition Upgrade?
  185. 185. xbox won’t fully power on and finish updating
  186. 186. lagging stream on xbox helper app
  187. 187. I recently purchased the Xbox series S and was charged a bill of 263$, 3 separate times....
  188. 188. Okay so how do I connect my Minecraft switch to a Microsoft account?
  189. 189. How do I revert a digital game refund when it has been processed?
  190. 190. Remote play only works when I’m on the same network now.
  191. 191. Xbox to console companion issue
  192. 192. Modern Warfare 2 "change a setting" help
  193. 193. Why is only the Xbox button working
  194. 194. Xbox360 not connecting to hotspot
  195. 195. I have no discord option in parties and chats after November 16th 2022 update…..why???
  196. 196. Only Sea of Thieves fails to download
  197. 197. Modern warfare two
  198. 198. All audio is played through my mic
  199. 199. How many times can a GFWL Key Be Redeemed.
  200. 200. What should I do if doesn't work and won't allow me to connect my...
  201. 201. Members of Microsoft, is it possible to move "Get Automatic Updates" to Energy-Efficient Mode?
  202. 202. YouTube is showing me an error message after the latest Microsoft Edge version 107 on Xbox
  203. 203. error when trying to buy an xbox gift card at
  204. 204. I used my doritos gamepass but still have no email after 6 hours when will I get it
  205. 205. I receive the error code 0x80072EE2 whenever I try to install the xbox app on my Windows 11...
  206. 206. Xbox Elite Controller not recognized by Accessories App Windows 11
  207. 207. I have an error code I can't find any help on 0x800c0009
  208. 208. Когда будет регион Украина?
  209. 209. retrieve an old 360 Console password
  210. 210. My xbox was standing vertically and it fell
  211. 211. No sound on captures Xbox series S recordings
  212. 212. How to disable virtual keyboard on Xbox?
  213. 213. Colorful screen crash. Drivers updated and everything. New psu and motherboard
  214. 214. Being accused with a suspension that ain't there
  216. 216. Why is my Xbox one telling me I don’t have enough storage?
  217. 217. Anyone have it where the mic connects but can’t talk out of it how do you fix that
  218. 218. I got mw2 a update and I’m getting stopped error code 0xd05e0126 . It’s a knew Xbox no...
  219. 219. Is something wrong with my console?
  220. 220. Cannot Get To The Games Menu On Xbox 360
  221. 221. every 10 minutes or so i keep disconnecting from multiplayer on grounded. every other game...
  222. 222. Is there another way to add reasoning/contest a reason for refund denial?
  223. 223. System uses 30 % cpu when playing games
  224. 224. Gaming services
  225. 225. Xbox series x controller
  226. 226. Why does Microsoft not display the Xbox on the Microsoft "Find My Device" map?
  227. 227. If I get a refund but also got a replacement card because it was lost/stolen how/will I get...
  228. 228. Why can't I get in to developer mode
  229. 229. ID@Xbox Application
  230. 230. I was charged $99 on my card does anyone know what type of charge this is for ? I don’t own...
  231. 231. i need to change my age in ashpalt 8 airborn . how do i change? and my social button is not...
  232. 232. Having issues navigating Xbox Home Screen. Acting crazy
  233. 233. I can't seem to get microsoft store to process purchases even though it has all the correct...
  234. 234. How do I speak to a representative for a chargeback?
  235. 235. Xbox game bar keeps crashing when I try to open it on windows 11
  236. 236. Xbox live on two different account and two different xbox’s
  237. 237. Xbox One dashboard started rapidly scrolling
  238. 238. Pso2 base ui is extremely small
  239. 239. Games I play with Xbox game pass suddenly close without error
  240. 240. Microsoft XBOX Series S Edge Browser video streaming not working
  241. 241. Can I check my consol location with ID and serial N?
  242. 242. Xbox cuts on for a second then back off
  243. 243. how to make my game share work
  244. 244. Missing 3 Xbox Gift Cards (total $150.00) purchased from Fred Myeyer. Have card numbers....
  245. 245. Terrible audio quality with chat mixer
  246. 246. How do I get my headphone jack to connect into my xbox series x/s controller correctly?
  247. 247. My right trigger stick isn’t working …
  248. 248. Screen goes black every 20-30 sec on xbox one
  249. 249. Rudder i8n MSFS
  250. 250. New headset sounds like I’m talking through a tin can