XBoX on Windows
  1. 1. Why cant I link the accounts?
  2. 2. Will Microsoft not be able to service my Xbox if there's very minor psychical damage on it?
  3. 3. Songs on rockband
  4. 4. Minecraft Launcher won't let me play, despite having an account
  5. 5. My xbox app will not launch
  6. 6. Samsung tv not allowing me to access Xbox Home Screen with Xbox remote
  7. 7. Microsoft Store Gift Card; with physical stores closed, how can I redeem them?
  9. 9. Does anyone know if Microsoft has been looking into fixing the audio delay with dolby atmos...
  10. 10. Hello Microsoft, I have a problem entering Visa into my account. Can you help me?
  11. 11. How do you report someone for cheating in a game when that option is not available in XBOX...
  12. 12. When will microsoft answer my support ticket its been 12 days.
  13. 13. Will my dlc content transfer.
  14. 14. why can youtube cast to my xbox without my permission and microsoft is aware of the problem
  15. 15. xbox bundle from EE 2 year game pass subscription
  16. 16. Help me I am tied to install XBOX application on my window 11 single home version. Error...
  17. 17. My Game Bar recording does not work unless I turn it off and back on in settings.
  18. 18. I accidently redeemed a Xbox gift card on the wrong xbox account. How can I move it to the...
  19. 19. Non stop static threw headeset when plugging xbox series x controller into pc
  20. 20. The Microsoft Direct Xbox page or link are not working at my end on the website how it can...
  21. 21. Call Center for Microsoft
  22. 22. game wont install only tries to update and then fails
  23. 23. Who can i contact in regards about an idea for a new type of console
  24. 24. Can't use my Xbox gift card...
  25. 25. Error code 400 when trying to activate xbox series x in developer mode?
  26. 26. I can not sign in to Microsoft rewards on x box I have changed my location 10 times but it...
  27. 27. Refund Not Received
  28. 28. I did,t never get my Xbox series s yesterday
  29. 29. Is it possible and safe to plug my xbox series s into my laptop?
  30. 30. My fortnite account got hacked
  31. 31. Mic not working xbox app.
  32. 32. Achievement wont unlock
  33. 33. Error 0x80070005 when attempting to install the Xbox App from Microsoft Store
  34. 34. How to fix this?
  35. 35. I keep getting error code 0x000005b4 when I use the movies and tv app on my xbox series x....
  36. 36. No active suspensions but my xbox says I do
  37. 37. I requested a refund but haven’t received
  38. 38. I have no ups drop off point where I live
  39. 39. Who can I get in contact with that can give even the slightest bit of help in regards to...
  40. 40. How to fix My Home Xbox?
  41. 41. How do I connect online with NBA 2K22?
  42. 42. How many pieces make up a Xbox?
  43. 43. Why won't [mod removed] get suspended when he's calling me the NWORD I've reported it so...
  44. 44. Why won’t the money from the gift card that says I’ve redeemed show up when I try to buy...
  45. 45. why cant i use microsoft account balance?
  46. 46. extremely high ram usage from dvr and broadcast user service
  47. 47. Gaming Lagging after System Reset
  48. 48. Xbox will not turn on?
  49. 49. I'm unable to open the Xbox app on Windows 11. I get error 0x80070005. This is after a...
  50. 50. My Xbox 1 S headset chat mixer is greyed out to the right, I don't know what to do.
  51. 51. Xbox one stuck while downloading update
  52. 52. Is Xbox server side down for GPORTAL?
  53. 53. If i have someone being openly racist in messages but the automatic system will not pick it...
  54. 54. Request failed with status code 400
  55. 55. Need Help with Monitor Issue - Black Screen and Blurry Display When Minimizing Games
  56. 56. Appeal for Account Unban due to Inadvertent VPN Usage
  57. 57. I have a problem with my xbox
  58. 58. Why can't I remove my credit cards from my Microsoft account OR change my password????
  59. 59. Is it is are worth of waiting for the reshrement to the next gen on the series x or stick...
  60. 60. How to use PS4 controller with Gamepass PC games?
  61. 61. need help disputing bill
  62. 62. How do i revert to the old version of Minesweeper?
  63. 63. Refound
  64. 64. Can anybody help because I’ve restarted my Xbox so many times.
  65. 65. How do I reset gamertag without paying the $10
  66. 66. Xbox gamepass sharing
  67. 67. The last 3 days I've gotten 2 emails saying the refund I requested is being looked and I...
  68. 68. Why Is my order cancelled?
  69. 69. I need the know where I can use the code of an fysical Xbox card
  70. 70. Xbox series X Discord streaming not working
  71. 71. I had 10000 rewards points on xbox and used them to get 1000 Overwatch coins and then I...
  72. 72. Gift card & card but saying pay full on card
  73. 73. X BOX 360 STARS WARS EDITION console power button turn red flashes 9 times then powers off?
  74. 74. 360 power button red then console turns off
  75. 75. How do I register as an Xbox distributor and/or reseller in South Africa?
  76. 76. Unable to claim bundle on new Xbox
  77. 77. gamebar fps capture stuck at 37.49fps
  78. 78. Xbox App for PC not launching
  79. 79. have to ask again because i cant find my original post
  80. 80. The ELDEN RING Digital Artbook & Original Soundtrack app will not install on my xbox series X.
  81. 81. Dear Microsoft I need you to help me because I have redeemed 100 rubux and the code did not...
  82. 82. GameSharing with another person
  83. 83. Have been charged twice. Is there any chance to contact support?
  84. 84. turn of osk on console ms edge
  85. 85. My chat mixer is grey and I can't hear game audio thru my headphones.
  86. 86. I ordered a custom Xbox controller in November and it has said processing since. Any idea...
  87. 87. Any fixes for audio problems on discord for xbox?
  88. 88. Xbox enforcement problem
  89. 89. What to do if Microsoft hasn’t fixed my Xbox Series X in 4 straight returns, what should I do?
  90. 90. I requested 3 refunds on 1/8/24 and all were approved and I’ve still not received my refund
  91. 91. Persistent Notifications Regarding Old Refund Cases
  92. 92. My Minecraft microsoft problem... How do i deal with this??
  93. 93. Why doesn't xbox give us these new features upgrades?
  94. 94. Microsoft account recovery is awfull.
  95. 95. Remote play issue
  96. 96. Not installing game due to Ubisoft sign in but it is signed in.
  97. 97. Xbox games keeps getting installed on my PC
  98. 98. I refunded yesterday it's approved but the amount is not credited it's been 28 hours
  99. 99. My xbox one s have only chinese region how to change region
  100. 100. Code redeemed on windows but then when through to xbox its the wrong profile
  101. 101. Hello Xbox. We had a problem, with xbox home and it’s been removed from me and my friends...
  102. 102. I have never changed my xbox gamertag before yet it is still making me pay. What do I do?
  103. 103. Xbox Game Pass PC App Crashes Immediately on Windows 10
  104. 104. Xbox series X unsupported mode on tv can't get menu for xbox settings to come up on tv....
  105. 105. I tried redeeming my Xbox reward points but I never received the reward
  106. 106. How to get a manual refund?
  107. 107. Hi everyone my Xbox series x is not responding to the button a when on Home Screen I have...
  108. 108. Dolby Atmos suddenly stopped working on Xbox Series X
  109. 109. How do I recover my account?
  110. 110. How do I stop getting rhis message saying “ Try launching again shortly
  111. 111. can we get text chat back on roblox please there is no reason not to have it
  112. 112. How do I change port selection since the upnp is unsuccessful on my Xbox
  113. 113. When I try and open Xbox app, it doesn't load and the Xbox logo doesn't move. It eventually...
  114. 114. What kind of wifi extender do I need for my Xbox 360
  115. 115. My Home Xbox isn’t working
  116. 116. Why is Xbox enforcement so soft?
  117. 117. Halo/ParamountPlus Sweepstakes Not Finished
  118. 118. Is purchase history specific to log in information or console?
  119. 119. how do i turn off the function keys
  120. 120. qccount help me
  121. 121. Music Apps Not Working
  122. 122. How do i fix it
  123. 123. How do I refind a Bing notification?
  124. 124. I cannot install Xbox app on my Windows 11 PC? I get this message: We weren't able to...
  125. 125. how can I refund a charge that I didn't know?
  126. 126. Issues with my mic
  127. 127. Game pass ultimate not showing up
  128. 128. Bush 50 inch smart 4k uhd qled Xbox one X help
  129. 129. Oneguide issue
  130. 130. how to fix error code 0x80073d0f
  131. 131. Refund approved but money not received
  132. 132. Remote access play question
  133. 133. endless loop, can't get support
  134. 134. I got approved a refund weeks ago on a game but never reieved the money and cannot get...
  135. 135. call of duty MW3 wont run due to a fault in the; ucrtbase.dll file.
  136. 136. Why do you get suspended for making a post
  137. 137. Trying to reinstall Xbox app through Microsoft store after having to delete it but it just...
  138. 138. The PC Xbox app won't let me download games to drive D
  139. 139. About UHRS
  140. 140. My account has been hacked. How can I contact support?
  141. 141. Epic games and xbox
  142. 142. Xbox app on PC is not opening anymore. Is stuck on startup screen before crashing...
  143. 143. play a pc game reward does not redeem
  144. 144. change your rigion store error
  145. 145. Xbox Ambassadors quests not completing
  146. 146. My mcpe won't let me import any skins and it always says it isn't a Minecraft skin even...
  147. 147. Why is my Xbox one so slow on system updates?
  148. 148. Minecraft Account Lost After Migration
  149. 149. Second hand xbox 360 infected with malware. need xbox 360 s operating system download link
  150. 150. still haven’t received refund
  151. 151. How do I reply in CDOC Case Management?
  152. 152. I need to talk with support about a refund that i did
  153. 153. Why am I being denied a refund?
  154. 154. Why have I been granted a refund, but on my purchase page it doesn’t come up as refunded?
  155. 155. I have a charge pending on my account I did not authorize
  156. 156. i keep getting an error "oops. not sure what happened there. Please try again later' when...
  157. 157. My headset chat mixer won’t work
  158. 158. Microsoft Edge on console crashing on Discord calls.
  160. 160. Cloud gaming pc won't connect to xbox
  161. 161. Why is battlefield 2042 not available download for xbox one but is telling me to down load...
  162. 162. Disable recording feature on the HoloLens
  163. 163. Since about a week ago, I have been unable to update almost any game on PC Xbox (Game Pass) app
  164. 164. I bought a great white shark card yesterday in the Xbox store and I never got my money in...
  165. 165. Xbox UI
  166. 166. My startup type is disabled completely on the Xbox computer app? How do I fix this?
  167. 167. How come the Xbox Installer isn't installing.
  168. 168. I’ve been waiting a month for a refund and I don’t know how to reach out to Microsoft to...
  169. 169. Hello, I purchase a xbox one gift card from Target (2400 points - call of duty Modern...
  170. 170. Unexpected Xbox refund mail
  171. 171. Xbox won’t update - no error message
  172. 172. Xbox mobile app crashes when editing a clip.
  173. 173. Xbox app not opening
  174. 174. Desktop goes to power save using Xbox one
  175. 175. Is it possible to return a product?
  176. 176. What to do when someone sells you a banned Xbox 360
  177. 177. CPU throttling?
  178. 178. Refund issue
  179. 179. Why is my Microsoft rewards not letting me get my Robux? I didn't do anything wrong and I...
  180. 180. How do I get a new gift card code
  181. 181. Gamepass PC fails to start
  182. 182. New Member Introduction - Excited to Join the Community!
  183. 183. My mx anywhere 3 was working with dongle yesterday. Please tell how to make the dongle work...
  184. 184. My Robux hasn’t come in yet
  185. 185. Hello my acc has been hacked and I’m very afraid that there’s someone on the acc spending...
  186. 186. Why will my controller only turn on if it's plugged in?
  187. 187. My Xbox one controller wont turn on after not updating fully
  188. 188. Problem with nickname in Minecraft Java
  189. 189. Windows Store and Xbox app not working properly, how to fix?
  190. 190. How can I get my progress back on Forza horizon 3 from my old Xbox to my new one
  191. 191. My DLCS won't work when I transfer them to a new xbox and new xbox account
  192. 192. why is my refunds taking so long it has been over a month
  193. 193. Sonic Colors: Ultimate To Xbox PC
  194. 194. Why when I use my keyboard and mouse on a game it either says "controller disconnected"or...
  195. 195. Didn't receive cape after migration (Minecraft)
  196. 196. Xbox Accessories app
  197. 197. cant find a way to stop this
  198. 198. i cant remember my password but dont have access to my secondary email but i can tell you...
  199. 199. xbox advertisements on my log in page
  200. 200. Why does the verification for Microsoft points continuously say I don’t have a mobile...
  201. 201. Xbox rewards
  202. 202. Disconnected from Xbox Live when signing in on my Xbox 360
  203. 203. Does the Xbox series x have Dolby vision playback support for 4k blu ray discs ?
  204. 204. Why does Spotify pause a moment near end of every track?
  205. 205. I had merged my majong account from minecraft to a microsoft account but i dont know what...
  206. 206. Can I get some help plz?
  207. 207. Remote play not working?
  208. 208. Can't Download Xbox Identity Provider
  209. 209. I can't login using my account
  210. 210. why haven't I recieved money from my xbox refund?
  211. 211. How can I talk to a living human being about my issue? I'm struggling with the website .
  212. 212. Why won't anything on my Xbox series S load not even my settings
  213. 213. Windows Cannot Access The Specified Device, Path, or File" Error When You Try to Install,...
  214. 214. How do I get my Xbox 360 to connect to the network and Internet when I have a Microsoft...
  215. 215. Windows 11 Home 23H2 update obliterated PC performance
  216. 216. How to dispute a transaction
  217. 217. Why can't we get help from you guys when we lost our receipts.
  218. 218. Can you add it where you can talk in your xbox one video without adding it in after done...
  219. 219. xbox custom controller
  220. 220. Pls help
  221. 221. game pass refund
  222. 222. Still haven’t gotten my refund
  223. 223. Xbox series x display issue
  224. 224. gameshare not working
  225. 225. My Xbox One won't connect and the lights will be delayed for a few seconds. What is the...
  226. 226. Launcher Error -2015294512
  227. 227. I can't see posts on a club and I'm already joined but when I see a notification from the...
  228. 228. Windows problem
  229. 229. Struggling with Xbox Series X Streaming Setup: Logitech Camera and SVYHUOK Headset Issues....
  230. 230. What external hard drive can i buy to satisfy the series x games having to be played on the...
  231. 231. Refund granted but never credited back to card.
  232. 232. Can a level 2 Xbox Ambassador Ban You for life
  233. 233. Why Xbox Support Contact page or link are not working at my end?
  234. 234. Where did the uk times go?
  235. 235. Xbox for PC won't open, I've tried almost everything
  236. 236. microsoft rewards account is suspended and i cant connect to support as the window is...
  237. 237. I see an extra disk on lenovo vantage named MSFT XVDD. How do i remove this?
  238. 238. Urgent copyright question about Forza in-game photos
  239. 239. Microsoft Edge on xbox one console crashes and brings me back to the dashboard every time I...
  240. 240. refund request
  241. 241. Using a 3.0 USB stick with 128GB to capture Gameplay
  242. 242. I got a refund on something I bought it’s been 10 days but I haven’t gotten my Microsoft...
  243. 243. Help with Minecraft login on ps5?
  244. 244. XBOX Series X Streaming Apps In 4k?
  245. 245. “The Long Dark “
  247. 247. It has been 12 days since my refund request had been accepted and the money is nowhere to...
  248. 248. It’s is legal to Mojang eula?
  249. 249. Stick drift in elite series 2 controllers.