XBoX on Consoles
  1. 1. I try to connect to my hotspot but I can't, I get a NAT Type unavailable
  2. 2. Why dose my Xbox keep saying passwords wrong when it’s not and everything else is working...
  3. 3. Why won't my xbox 360 let me sign into my Microsoft account
  4. 4. The question is can Microsoft fix the banning system?
  5. 5. Xbox one stuck verifying update
  6. 6. Brand new Xbox Series X extremely snow internet speeds
  7. 7. BUGCHECK: 0x00000133 (0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000001e00, 0xfffff8030fafb320,...
  8. 8. Brought a Xbox elite core 2
  9. 9. What if Sam Fisher from the remake looked like Matt Booty?
  10. 10. I would like to know the specs and why the xbox is powerfull for its price
  11. 11. My xbox elite 2 keeps disconnecting on every device fully update fully charged even with usb
  12. 12. Xbox elite 2 controller left joystick has a bump after I sent it to Microsoft to fix the...
  13. 13. Having to do a reset everytime I turn on Xbox s or stuck in sign in loop with code
  14. 14. Orange light
  16. 16. Can’t login into COD lll multiplayer
  17. 17. How to Remove Keyboard from flight simulator settings when using Core Elite 2
  18. 18. My PXN V9 steering wheel connects on xbox for a second (red light indicator) and then it...
  19. 19. why cant my xbox connect to a wireless internet it says i have an hardware problem
  20. 20. Xbox appeal denied?
  21. 21. I reported my friend because i was bad
  22. 22. Mp3 player not recognised by Xbox but WD HDD is
  23. 23. xbox series x does not read disk
  24. 24. How do i fix error code 0x80070002.
  25. 25. How do I get my game to install fully instead of crashing every time?
  26. 26. Xbox One S Console Causes All Controllers To Not Work Properly
  27. 27. I just got new controller the headphone will talk and hear but but can't hear game what...
  28. 28. I have 13ms ping on wireless iPhone but 198ms on Xbox, I have bought new tv and moved...
  29. 29. i cant open anything on my xbox
  30. 30. Xbox gamepad share button does not working PC (Bluetooth).
  31. 31. Series X made loud pop/crackling sound and filled my entire room with a burning plastic smell
  32. 32. Xbox One X & Series X Stopped Reading Discs with little to no usage + Controller Failures
  33. 33. Best way to fix overheating/crashing for the Xbox series X?
  34. 34. I accidentally turned the wrong setting on for graphics
  35. 35. Xbox profile says I'm offline when I'm not
  36. 36. Fan ramps up then shuts off
  37. 37. Unable to Purchase Xbox Partner Center
  38. 38. Why can't I download games on xbox series x
  39. 39. How do I stop my Elite 2 controller from disconnectimg during boss fights
  40. 40. If I use Storage Expansion card on Xbox Series will my USB storages be active/work?
  41. 41. Voice communication ban on xbox reset?
  42. 42. Error Code: 0x801901a0 while trying to download any game.
  43. 43. Connection problems. Please don't suggest the obvious fixes as I've listed half the things...
  44. 44. OSU Feb 2024 System Error
  45. 45. Fix this controller issue!!!
  46. 46. Das ist wild sorry
  47. 47. Is my Series X wifi faster when plugged in via Ethernet to a Google wifi puck, or...
  48. 48. Try Again In A Bit. Something went wrong
  49. 49. I don't know what is causing random lag on my PC when gaming.
  50. 50. Any help on my Network Transfer being slow?
  51. 51. My friend got me a 20$ card for my bday and it only has 16 digits and not the receipt. What...
  52. 52. My Xbox one takes multiple attempts to connect to the internet. My TV connects just fine.
  53. 53. why am I not allowed to start games on my series s through my USB hard drive, they charge...
  54. 54. xbox one controller
  55. 55. Expired warranty before it was supposed to expire
  56. 56. Anybody know why I keep getting disconnected only on rainbow six and I’m on Ethernet no...
  57. 57. My Series S is stuck in update mode, is resetting the only way out?
  58. 58. how do i connect xbox to microsoft pc
  59. 59. Xbox gamebar sign in doesn't work
  60. 60. Xbox Restarts Everytime
  61. 61. My Xbox was stuck on the green loading screen then it turns black how can I fix it
  62. 62. Why did my Xbox Series S factory reset after I accidentally unplugged it
  63. 63. Cant connect. Check your network name and passwords and try again.
  64. 64. I have a blog site I want to use it as Microsoft PDF
  65. 65. Since Xbox Console Companion is gone, where do I go to be able to stream my games from my...
  66. 66. Hardware failure fortnite crashing.
  67. 67. I spilled some water near the Xbox and water went under it and now I have a green screen of...
  68. 68. Xbox One S is showing only black and white output, no colour!
  69. 69. My Xbox elite series 2 controller will randomly start to disconnect from my Xbox series S
  70. 70. Mic not working on Xbox one
  71. 71. Xbox Accessories App, syncing data remains at 0%
  72. 72. How to hotspot wifi from my Mac to my Xbox
  73. 73. does the Logitech h304 headset (wired usb) connect to xbox one
  74. 74. How do I rename Xbox Controllers connected to PC via Xbox Wireless Receiver?
  75. 75. Hori Steering Wheel Overdrive KAI foot pedals not working.
  76. 76. How do I pair my HyperX Cloud Stinger core wireless headset to my xbox series x?
  77. 77. my Xbox360 download speed
  78. 78. My xbox series X disconnects and connects when connected to an ethernet port i havr tried...
  79. 79. Xbox controller share button not working on PC.
  80. 80. Can't install sea of thieves as I have a red x on the system requirements even though I...
  81. 81. Xbox Console Wrongfully Banned Please Help!
  82. 82. New Xbox Series S won't connect to Wi-Fi after restart with the correct password. It worked...
  83. 83. Xbox not functioning.
  84. 84. Why does My Xbox series x continues to not connect to the internet?
  85. 85. xbox elite controller pressing x by itself
  86. 86. Xbox app does not open completely
  87. 87. Xbox will not power on 3 months after repaired and now stating “Out of Warranty”!
  88. 88. Dongle compatibility for Wireless Keyboad 3000 V2 + Mouse 5000
  89. 89. Should I be worried about the Xbox Series S power cord port wearing and tearing?
  90. 90. freeze games in xbox series s
  91. 91. Controller - console wont connect!
  92. 92. E100 for broken bluray
  93. 93. error code 416B-4497-1780-2446-C810-1004 while updating xbox live
  94. 94. How do I fix this?
  95. 95. My Xbox 360 would connect to the internet anymore.
  96. 96. Waves Maxx Audio Pro not detecting any output device
  97. 97. Is my Xbox series S broken?
  98. 98. Monitor not compatible with xbox?
  99. 99. Third party hall effect sensors replacement for xbox controller?
  100. 100. Xbox Microsoft.
  101. 101. Why is my keyboard not working anymore? (On Xbox)
  102. 102. Xbox series S sucks dude
  103. 103. When I log into fornite it says for my mates that I'm in console voice chat only so I...
  104. 104. Elite series 2 repair job
  105. 105. How do I get my bans lifted if someone else has been signing into my account and purposely...
  106. 106. Xbox 360 refusing to power on
  107. 107. Connection issue with the XBOX Wireless Controller
  108. 108. How do I go about getting a replacement for my wireless xbox headset.
  109. 109. My steelseries won’t connect to Xbox
  110. 110. Xbox series x fan stopped spinning.
  111. 111. Hi my xbox one s resolution stuck on 640 x 480 and not changed to other resolution
  112. 112. how do i get my xbox to use ipv6 instead of ipv4?
  113. 113. Windows 10 Update makes controller open menus while gaming
  114. 114. If I have 2 xbox series x consoles (or two xbox towers as I like to call them), how could I...
  115. 115. Is there any fix for a shoulder button not working?
  116. 116. How to play offline
  117. 117. Xbox One X - AV Receiver - TV. 4K?!
  118. 118. my xbox app wont load
  119. 119. Please help me
  120. 120. my xbox 360 is not signing in to xbox live, it disconnects from xbox live immediately
  121. 121. why I'm I get packet loss after 8pm never before evey night
  122. 122. Why doesn't Discord audio on Xbox go through TV speakers?
  123. 123. pinout for xbox controler expansion connector
  124. 124. Xbox power button flashing rapidly and Wi-Fi disconnects
  125. 125. Can the icons within an external harddrive be customized to show on xbox?
  126. 126. Why must play game from internal instead of external
  127. 127. Factory refurbished Xbox X turns off spontaneously and will not turn on by pushing the...
  128. 128. How many games and apps can the Xbox one S run at the same time?
  129. 129. OG Xbox One does not shut down via Xbox button menu.
  130. 130. Xbox powers off playing certain games
  131. 131. Xbox elite controller 2 connection errors
  132. 132. What is error code 0x80820490?
  133. 133. Lost 100$ in my account.
  134. 134. Great wireless connection/Wi-Fi but bad connection when playing
  135. 135. Xbox 360 star wars edition hard drive
  136. 136. Driving force shifter
  137. 137. Xbox won't connect, error code 0x0000000000100
  138. 138. Why does my elite controller series two disconnect when wire isn’t plugged in
  139. 139. My Xbox series S won’t show display, cannot connect controllers and powers off by itself.
  140. 140. How to fix xbox installing issues?
  141. 141. My Xbox360 is asking for a system update for the Kinect feature, but I don’t see it...
  142. 142. Xbox One controllers stopped powering up within 2 months of each other
  143. 143. My two Xbox One (Original) controllers won't connect to the Original Xbox One console anymore.
  144. 144. astro a50 mic not working on xbox?
  145. 145. Xbox One S and Westinghouse Roku TV WR43UX4019
  146. 146. G-Cloud update keeps crashing Xcloud
  147. 147. What would happen if i put windows on a ssd then put that ssd in my xbox
  148. 148. How to use a Xbox Controller only in games ?
  149. 149. Network transfer issue
  150. 150. Can I use my Mac Monitor as a monitor for my Xbox?
  151. 151. Share button not working any more on PC
  152. 152. Xbox series X slowing (only caused by warframe)
  153. 153. Xbox lan problem
  154. 154. Missing Series X internal SSD
  155. 155. my laptop suddenly slow
  156. 156. Xbox usb power output
  157. 157. Why is my xbox only allocating 2.1gig for movies ?
  158. 158. Brand New Xbox Series X Randomly Powering Off
  159. 159. Xbox ap touch screen controls
  160. 160. Xbox app for my pc will not work. It opens to the black screen with Xbox logo then closes.
  161. 161. Why is my Wi-Fi on my Xbox so terrible
  162. 162. Xbox 360 HDD preservation (Blades Dashboard)
  163. 163. Xbox controller disconnecting and re connecting Windows 10
  164. 164. My xbox is not reading my seagate 1tb expansion card how do I fix this
  165. 165. New turtle beach stealth 600 when I join a party I hear them, they don't hear me.
  166. 166. Hi overtime I am in a game and I press the home button the press b to go back to the game I...
  167. 167. Xbox fan just started making clicking noises and becomes worse when gaming
  168. 168. Extremely Slow Download speeds
  169. 169. Hi, my pc app doesnt go past the xbox logo on the black screen, i've tried updating my...
  170. 170. Controllers and headset disconnecting
  171. 171. Pls help
  172. 172. Xbox Game Pass PC App Crashes upon opening on Windows 10
  173. 173. Microsoft Modern Webcam with MacOS
  174. 174. Xbox controller not working
  175. 175. Headphones disconnect when going to remote play.
  176. 176. Why does my Monitor go black on 120Hz when I press the B button to come out of the dashboard?
  177. 177. Faulty controller help
  178. 178. Why is it whenever I move my joystick forward in a game my character continues moving even...
  179. 179. Can I fix error code 0x82323002 with out resetting or restarting my xbox
  180. 180. X Box One X Faulty hard drive
  181. 181. Xbox one streaming audio issues
  182. 182. Xbox Display Issue (Completely Broken)
  183. 183. Anyone experienced this issue?
  184. 184. Xbox X controllers vibration is too weak while playing
  185. 185. My Xbox one x won't connect to my TV I tried switching HDMI cables and even HDMI ports, I...
  186. 186. How do you think AI will effect gaming?
  187. 187. Controllers Disconnecting Issue
  188. 188. You’ve already renamed this account please try again later, how to fix
  189. 189. Can't renew my Xbox Game Pass subscription
  190. 190. How can I host and join a multiplayer game in the same house?
  191. 191. XBOX Controller issues when app in not "on focus"
  192. 192. Xbox one controller not discovering
  193. 193. Third party devices
  194. 194. Xbox One S turns on for 1-2 seconds and immediately shuts down.
  195. 195. Xbox wireless adapter is controlling everything on the computer instead of just the game...
  196. 196. Should I replace the fan?
  197. 197. My controller buttons don’t work and I can turn the Xbox on by the controller.
  198. 198. Why won’t remote play work on schools wifi
  199. 199. How do i fix my MediaTek mt7921 wireless Lan Card
  200. 200. Unable to submit repair/replace request for Xbox S controller, please help!
  201. 201. Xbox 360 wireless controller not detected by windows after reconnecting it
  202. 202. I have 1 Xbox x want another X or S
  203. 203. Hello, Whenever I log on to Fortnite my xbox says' "Give that another try" I've done a hard...
  204. 204. Movies and TV on XBox Series X
  205. 205. xbox game pass app not working
  206. 206. Why Xbox one takes long time to restart?
  207. 207. I heard third party devices are getting banned
  208. 208. Xbox will not power on.
  209. 209. Would xbox be willing to make a controller with semetrical joysticks
  210. 210. trying to connect xbox1 game controller to PC
  211. 211. How do i actually sign up for xbox live and stay signed in?
  212. 212. Why does my Xbox controller randomly start blinking?
  213. 213. Why does the cloud gaming website no longer recognize my controller as connected?
  214. 214. My left and bottom buttons on my D-Pad need very precise presses to send output. How do I...
  215. 215. Xbox Series X makes home wifi slow
  216. 216. Why did my Xbox Series S reset overnight with no notification?
  217. 217. Xbox 360 Wireless receiver detected as a xbox 360 controller (Windows 10)
  218. 218. For anyone struggling to connect their XBOX controller wirelessly through bluetooth (ie...
  219. 219. XBOX Series S doesn't recognize an External Hard Drive as USB 3.0
  220. 220. why is my xbox app downloading so slow?
  221. 221. Can you do a spin off of State of Decay?
  222. 222. Transfer my game saves from XBOX One to an external hard drive
  223. 223. Is it normal for the xbox x to get quite warm during use?
  224. 224. How do i fix my download speeds on my Xbox
  225. 225. I plugged in my keyboard and mouse to my xbox and its fine but it's making me not able to...
  226. 226. why is my monitor going 90 percent black when i open my pc?
  227. 227. My Xbox Series S is troubling to connect to internet due to LAN port bug.
  228. 228. I just got an second hand xbox 360 but the internet and xbox live dont work please help i...
  229. 229. Disconnect issue
  230. 230. my xbox controller keeps disconnecting and i don't know why
  231. 231. Xbox series X connection
  232. 232. How can get my router to run ipv6
  233. 233. My Xbox can’t connect to the internet
  234. 234. Xbox Series S|X controller just blinking via USB
  235. 235. The account I have set for my home Xbox has game pass ultimate but unless that account is...
  236. 236. steam build word frozen at start up
  237. 237. Need help fixing a Israeli Xbox 360 S
  238. 238. Why does my xbox one turn on and then off straight away?
  239. 239. XBOX Startup Error
  240. 240. Wireless Internet Connectivity Issues
  241. 241. None of my controllers work properly
  242. 242. I recently purchased a lg 27gl83 a-b and my xbox series x wont let me select 120hz for...
  243. 243. So my computer, after running for a day loses an option to connect to any wifi and I can’t...
  244. 244. Xbox One X download speed broken
  245. 245. Xbox Wireless Headset Microphone Casing Damaged
  246. 246. "Check back in a little bit" "We're having trouble getting your stuff right now"
  247. 247. About series X MB downloading speed
  248. 248. Why do I have to reset my Xbox everytime I use it??
  249. 249. Xbox cannot find new modem ip address
  250. 250. i have my internet perfect everything conect but my xboxs dnt work saysbin thebtestball...