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  1. 1. Been trying to reach someone at Microsoft about my Xbox series X exploding.
  2. 2. XBOX (App for Windows 10): where is the console-button?
  3. 3. Xbox Series X randomly shuts off during gameplay or when starting up a game
  4. 4. How long can I leave my Xbox Series X on for?
  5. 5. Remote play issues
  6. 6. i need help with bluetooth on amd ryzen 5 5600 procceser i cant find amd bluetooth drivers...
  7. 7. Game capture missing again.This my second time submit this problem
  8. 8. My Xbox lags in animations but the game runs smoothly. Is their any way to solve this?
  9. 9. how can l find out how large my HD is without turning on my console. xbox one Black
  10. 10. How can I get my controller to stay connected to my Xbox?
  11. 11. When will the Xbox wireless adapter be available again?
  13. 13. Disconnected from Xbox Live when playing 360 games on Xbox One
  14. 14. How do I change network settings IPV4 to IPV6 ?
  15. 15. Help! I can't re-enable crossplay!
  16. 16. Technical issues signing in on xbox PC
  17. 17. Right analog stick stopped working mid game
  18. 18. Flight Simulator configuration. Joystic setting
  19. 19. My xbox one s stopped recognizing the 5g wifi
  20. 20. What's Going On With My Four Terabytes Storage Unit
  21. 21. What is my warranty on a controller
  22. 22. My Xbox Series S keeps going to a black screen when the input hovers over the xcloud...
  23. 23. Xbox series X no sound.
  24. 24. Mic not recording in game (xbox game bar)
  25. 25. HELP!?
  26. 26. Where is my xbox controller?
  27. 27. Headset audio won't work
  28. 28. Why are you calling and hanging up before my phone even rings
  29. 29. Software Update error
  30. 30. Needing the W9 for Microsoft Store in order to make a school purchase
  31. 31. Connection issues
  32. 32. Xbox series x Microsoft store and online feature of games not connecting
  33. 33. Power outrage
  34. 34. My (wired) Xbox controllers continuously disconnect.
  35. 35. Xbox one X new system Update took my 4k Assets away
  36. 36. I need help with Network on my PC
  37. 37. How do I get support for my Xbox Series controller?
  38. 38. How to fix Modhub blocked by privacy settings on Farming Simulator 22 Xbox series X
  39. 39. 360S will not connect to phone hotspot
  40. 40. How do I fix this on my Xbox
  41. 41. Why is youtube and netflix slowed down through my xbox?
  42. 42. my hard drive wont load or turn off
  43. 43. Warranty on controller
  44. 44. i cannot install by default application on ssd E
  45. 45. will hdmi 1.4 work with the xbox series s and do 1440p 120hz?
  46. 46. I want to use only my headset mic, not my laptop's mic array
  47. 47. Xbox One S sync button broken, new controller wont connect wireless or wired
  48. 48. On Xbox you can't add a network as it doesn't ask you for a password so it keeps failing,...
  49. 49. Super dissapointed in the repair support.
  50. 50. xbox one controller & receiver
  51. 51. How can I add joysticks to the Xbox Adaptive Controller?
  52. 52. If games say they are stored in the XboxGames file, why is that file empty when I check...
  53. 53. my Xbox one x won't turn on with the controller i only get a blinking light so i have to...
  54. 54. Bought a brand-new Xbox Series X from Amazon, but warranty started 4 months ago?
  55. 55. Play & Charge Kit For PC Not Charging
  56. 56. Problem with Fallout Shellter code 8 #80004005 on pc
  57. 57. Xbox One controller shut down mid-game and won't turn back on (PC)
  58. 58. Controller xbox series
  59. 59. How can i fix my alt windows and ctrl keys from not working.
  60. 60. Anyone else experienced their Roku tv overheating when playing x series or its games. (Ex....
  61. 61. Need to contact support, but none of the options actually work.
  62. 62. Xbox Controller won't connect to PC (USB connection)
  63. 63. Need help to determine the size & run time of UPS for Xbox X?
  64. 64. Is an official microsoft wireless adapter required to use an xbox contoller via bluetooth...
  65. 65. Xbox Series X Audio Issues on TV speakers.
  66. 66. There is no signal being sent from my Xbox one x console to my tv
  67. 67. Xbox series x using a phone wi-fi hotspot
  68. 68. The fps on my xbox one s wont go above 720 p after its hdmi port was exchanged.
  69. 69. Xbox series X HDR gaming at 1440p 120hz?
  70. 70. the xbox support website wont load
  71. 71. My series 2 controller doesn't have a year warranty as stated on their website, why not?
  72. 72. How [mod removed] do I fix this error 0x803FB107
  73. 73. PC game pass all games crash after a couple of seconds
  74. 74. Requesting a controller repair gives me an error, tried for weeks
  75. 75. Will I be able to achieve 1080p at 120 fps with HDMI 1.4 on my series S?
  76. 76. Xbox Series S
  77. 77. the l3 button on my Xbox One controller has stopped working, i was wondering if this is...
  78. 78. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset chat mixer only works when plugged in
  79. 79. Anyway to help free up a doublenat error ?
  80. 80. Incorrect Warranty Information
  81. 81. Brand new Xbox S fan ticking
  82. 82. Why do my headset and controller randomly drop connection?
  83. 83. Random disconnections on most games
  84. 84. Can't change refresh rate
  85. 85. Xbox series x usb always powered on
  86. 86. How to dedicate headsets to Xbox consoles per player/profile/controller. If I can hear the...
  87. 87. Can I run Halo: The Master Chief Collection?
  88. 88. How to switch xbox series s from ipv4 to ipv6
  89. 89. Series X screwup
  90. 90. Black screenshot WMR
  91. 91. AMD GPU crashes always.
  92. 92. Controller has been sent back and I have no way to contact Microsoft about progress of issue.
  93. 93. xbox 360 keeps beeping and turning off
  94. 94. xBox One S: No Time Allowed to input WiFi Password
  95. 95. my sons xbox wireless x headset has broken
  96. 96. Controller won’t turn on after changing batteries
  97. 97. Will a wifi pcie compatible for windows 10 work with windows 11?
  98. 98. Why cant i see any of my chats its just loading
  99. 99. hi I'm use remote play how i can increase resolution
  100. 100. PC Connecting to TV Issue after it worked fine for a year
  101. 101. Trying to install the new xbox one update but it keeps giving me error codes 0x80070570...
  102. 102. US Xbox Series X to Australia
  103. 103. I have an Xbox 360 or it's an Xbox one I'm not sure. I need to buy an an internet adapter....
  104. 104. My xbox has red dots on the screen and randomly goes blank
  105. 105. Xbox Download Speeds
  106. 106. xbox one x
  107. 107. Will Xbox fix the Xbox-Twitch integration before the Twitch app drops the broadcast feature?
  108. 108. Why is my headset audio reversed?
  109. 109. Cant connect to wireless network despite using a good passworda nd ip, subnet mask and...
  110. 110. My monitor keeps saying no signal
  111. 111. Wireless Speed Wheel with Xbox Series X/S
  112. 112. Hotel internet
  113. 113. Xbox series x
  114. 114. Xbox will not link with EA> More Details Below.
  115. 115. Microsoft Support team won't send replacement device over a month and there is no way to...
  116. 116. Shipping packing
  117. 117. I have some issues with my new-purchased xbox elite 2 controller
  118. 118. New xbox series s controller xbox/home button not working (X in the middle)
  119. 119. Flickering screen
  120. 120. Custom controller replacement
  121. 121. Xbox One S power button light turning on for one second then back off
  122. 122. Xbox remote play for PC won't work
  123. 123. Can I use both Microsoft Credits and Credit Card to pay for a console?
  124. 124. Xbox controller not showing via USB or Bluetooth
  125. 125. Xbox One Series X headpone/controller disconnects
  126. 126. Try to connect to wifi but saying password is incorrect?
  127. 127. Loss of mouse and keyboard control in MSFS 40th Ed
  128. 128. Server Connectivity is Blocked
  129. 129. Call back not working
  130. 130. Any quality control for Xbox Controllers?
  131. 131. 5ghz wifi not showing
  132. 132. elite series 2 LT and left stick problem
  133. 133. Extremely high Ping on Xbox Series S
  134. 134. Why does it do this?
  135. 135. Xbox goes down at the beginning of the shopping season, time to fall for this scam or buy...
  136. 136. Xbox Series S disconnecting from wifi so often I can't make it through a dead by daylight...
  137. 137. Xbox One downloads and updates get stuck in the same place every time.
  138. 138. So just saw changing my Xbox 1 internal storage is # Modifying my system....
  139. 139. Xbox Elite 2 Controller warranty error
  140. 140. I want to replace my hard drive in my xbox one s but I am worried after i log in my account...
  141. 141. Xbox won't power on and can't get support to call me back
  142. 142. Is my Xbox Wireless controller Adapter genuine?
  143. 143. Use your headset or other devices to change the volume. But I don't have wireless headset
  144. 144. how to connect xbox360 & win7 media center?
  145. 145. Would this name ruin my chances of winning the Microsoft rewards sweepstakes?
  146. 146. Water leak from my xbox one
  147. 147. Xbox Series X + Dolby Atmos = NO center channel
  148. 148. i just got black ops cold war and im already banned from the servers
  149. 149. Xbox controller disconnecting from pc
  150. 150. Xbox refuses to power on. Brand new!
  151. 151. How do I make my download speeds go faster in xbox app?
  152. 152. How do you add Oracle VirtualBox virtual machines onto an external SSD?
  153. 153. Xbox 360 internet problem
  154. 154. I don’t know how to make my d pad buttons and a plot sticks stop from too fast. Pls help!
  155. 155. This little grey piece broke from my joystick. How do I fix it?
  156. 156. I can´t sync my controler to my xbox one because the botton is broken.
  157. 157. Xbox series x/s disconnecting from WiFi possible fix
  158. 158. Hotspot not connecting to xbox
  159. 159. How can I fix my Headset Mic not being detected by Realtek but the headset is detected?
  160. 160. Xbox wireless controller connection is lagging and makes curser drift
  161. 161. Controller left joystick flickering on Windows 10
  162. 162. Xbox Series X Controller trigger scrapes against the body
  163. 163. XBOX Series X booting at 640 X 480 LG C2
  164. 164. What is the difference between the Xbox one controller with a usb c included and the...
  165. 165. Plug and Play charging kit has stopped charging
  166. 166. My Xbox won’t connect to the internet and won’t even come on with out it . How can I fix it?
  167. 167. Xbox Series X / Xfinity Hotspot / Stopped Working
  168. 168. Xbox 1 taking super long to load ANYTHING
  169. 169. Xbox Series One keeps Saying "We can't Save more Data for this game or app" while playing...
  170. 170. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset volume output level
  171. 171. First party software available for remapping Xbox controller buttons to Windows functions?
  172. 172. controller not working left analog (please help)
  173. 173. I just bought this Xbox and it won't show up on my TV
  174. 174. Xbox controller won’t connect with usb connected
  175. 175. FH5 auction house server unavailable
  176. 176. When will Xbox live add more servers? 2022
  177. 177. My modern warfare 2 disk won't load in my Xbox one x
  178. 178. System Error: E102 00000C01 80070003
  179. 179. Xbox Series S randomly disconnects from 5GHz wifi, very high latency when on 2.4GHz. Need...
  180. 180. My xbox’s screen is stuck on the troubleshoot menu when I press restart with games
  181. 181. My xbox’s screen is stuck on the troubleshoot menu when I press restart with games
  182. 182. 查看拍賣車輛,出現「Forza Horizon 5 伺服器目前無法連接,請稍後再試。請稍後再試」。但可以多人連線play and NAT type is fine.
  183. 183. Why is spotify messing with the audio of my xbox
  184. 184. Controller problem
  185. 185. Can you download games on energy saver mode while the Xbox Series S is off? Or is it still...
  186. 186. Party audio not playing on stream, any ideas?
  187. 187. Why does my PC think the joystick is being pushed up?
  188. 188. Why has my latency jumped from 10 to 170+?
  189. 189. Can we have a class action lawsuit against Microsoft and their negligence with the elite...
  190. 190. I’m trying to connect my Xbox series S to my brothers Xbox series X.
  191. 191. My Xbox One S fan is sounding unusual, how do I fix it?
  192. 192. Ma Xbox ce coupe
  193. 193. Xbox serise S connecting to Dell monitor
  194. 194. Singing Microphone on Series X/S or Xbox One
  195. 195. Friends Xbox series S was banned while playing Warzone.
  196. 196. Reset console
  197. 197. So I've gotten a xbox series x and am trying to set it up, but I keep getting error code...
  198. 198. How do I switch back to local state save from cloud save on fallout shelter
  199. 199. My Xbox is slow
  200. 200. Why is "(C:) Unknown available" showing up as "the selected location" for installing Slime...
  201. 201. My xbox elite series 2 is not connecting to my PC via USB
  202. 202. game play issue requiring disc media
  203. 203. How to fix error code 00000074 on Xbox X?
  204. 204. My xbox one s keeps turning off 2 seconds after that i turn it on what do i do
  205. 205. Warzone 2.0 continually logging me out, despite having done every possible update
  206. 206. Hori Steering Wheel Not Working
  207. 207. Xbox One S extremely long startup and games won't open
  208. 208. Wireless mic, no headset
  209. 209. My xbox 360 slim keeps overheating.
  210. 210. Can I?
  211. 211. Netzwerkproblem
  212. 212. My internet goes out quite frequently but when I am in an xbox party on pc, my internet...
  213. 213. Xbox controller keeps discounting
  214. 214. Poor quality remote play streaming - Xbox
  215. 215. Series S tripping
  216. 216. Cant change mic monitoring
  217. 217. My Xbox has an update, and I’m trying to update it but every time after the second part of...
  218. 218. Series x green screen crash help please
  219. 219. Driver not found
  220. 220. Why everytime i turn on my xbox series x the Home Screen freezes?
  221. 221. Do you guys know how to I get my full download speed please?
  222. 222. Xbox RB bumper unresponsive
  223. 223. Internet error status report
  224. 224. Booking warranty -incorrect city given?
  225. 225. My xbox powers off after 5 seconds or so of it being on. I'm pretty sure it might be a...
  226. 226. Why we are still facing to Error code 0x80A40401 in Iran? Why we are still under e-gaming...
  227. 227. MSFS online services are not working on xbox cloud gaming since 40th anniversary update
  228. 228. why does my xbox series s digital have a black screen?
  229. 229. My xbox series x controller has a delay while turning
  230. 230. My xbox one s controller won't connect
  231. 231. Microsoft GameInput
  232. 232. Screen flashes on and off?
  233. 233. My Series S looks horrible.
  234. 234. How do I get off this spot off of my series x?
  235. 235. How Do I Fix My Seagate External Hard Drive From Shutting Down My Xbox Series S?
  236. 236. Log in
  237. 237. German/English: Xbox has internet but keeps disconnecting Xbox Network/Life | Xbox hat...
  238. 238. Xbox one still not able to play dvds of any sort?
  239. 239. My xbox one s controller keeps disconnecting and connecting why?
  240. 240. Why can I not extract all from OSU1 offline system update file?
  241. 241. Xbox Series X won’t let me use 1440p with 120hz?
  242. 242. Series S died and asked to pay $250 to get it fixed
  243. 243. Controller disconnecting
  244. 244. How to contact Microsoft during normal hours to check on status of warranty repair?
  245. 245. why did my pc restart
  246. 246. Any ideas to get a controller to connect to a series S?
  247. 247. How am i suppose to set up xfinity as my wireless connection when it won’t show me the sign...
  248. 248. Where can I get a power cord for Xbox one
  249. 249. I switched from xbox to pc and i can't sync data
  250. 250. Blue screen issue