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  1. 1. How to transfer xbox account history, status, and achievements to another account
  2. 2. Why is there not a choice for Nintendo switch
  3. 3. How to transfer MyPlayer from NBA2K24 on series X to NBA2K24 on XBox One?
  4. 4. If I own a PC game and have an XBox Subscription, can I play the same game?
  5. 5. Not yet refunded
  6. 6. Why is my Master chief collection crashing or kicking me to title screen on series x all of...
  7. 7. Hello, I just got an xbox series s.
  8. 8. A friend of mine bought Ark Survival Evolved for me, but now after some time Xbox says I've...
  9. 9. Have two xboxes and can't get the games I have on my first xbox on the second one. I was...
  10. 10. What’s going on with my refund?
  11. 11. I cant see invites from my friends who are on console
  12. 12. How can I cancel a Realm without being the owner of it?
  13. 13. Xbox Pc Game Pass
  14. 14. I refunded a game on xbox and after 6 days i still have it. What now?
  15. 15. I can't make a move to the launcher
  16. 16. Can't open game
  17. 17. MSFS 2020 black screen
  18. 18. If you refund a game but you play it for a few hours What a refund Will the refund cancel
  19. 19. I requested a refund for a game and it says approved but I still haven't gotten my money back
  20. 20. 360 compatible games won't connect to Xbox live
  21. 21. I transferred my Mojang account to a Microsoft account, but I do not remember the email of...
  22. 22. why did it let me buy just dance 2024 on my xbox 1 but won’t let me play it?
  23. 23. halo infinite - infinite stuck
  24. 24. Why does Cloud Gaming game crash after running?
  25. 25. Anyone else unable to open the xbox app?
  26. 26. halo infinite campaign mode stopped working,
  27. 27. my voice chat isnt working in any games and ive set all the settings to public, what should...
  28. 28. Refund a gift copy of minecraft
  29. 29. Why is remote play stuttering and not accepting controller input on new games like THE FINALS
  30. 30. EA Play is awful so I canceled my subscription to Game Pass
  31. 31. Why when my wife in the same house cannot join my game on mw3 yet i can join her. When she...
  32. 32. Amount of more than R2000 deducted from my account
  33. 33. I cant play fortnite at all
  34. 34. Minecraft crash code -1073741819
  35. 35. Can I upload an RE5 saved game from the 360 to play on the One or Series X?
  36. 36. Achievements are seemingly not working in a game.
  37. 37. Xbox Series S - Interacting with the Prime Video app stalls all app and games
  38. 38. When will NBA 24 be on game pass?
  39. 39. Everyone I click on "JOIN NOW" on game pass ultimate, to create a month sub, it takes me...
  40. 40. Why can’t i see my game in my full library that was downloaded on an external hard drive...
  41. 41. I recently got Forza horizon 3 on disc, so I can play it on the Xbox series X but however...
  42. 42. F.E.A.R. FILES not installing on Xbox Series X
  43. 43. I redeemed a code for Ultimate marvel vs. capcom and even though i've redeemed it and it...
  44. 44. How to connect to Xbox live on a 360 game with an Xbox series X?
  45. 45. Does Xbox PC Game Pass save game save files on PC Game Pass.
  46. 46. I just bought a game (Detroit become human) and I played the first part of the game. The...
  47. 47. Why i can't Access my Blooket Account?
  48. 48. Ads in Game Pass Games?
  49. 49. Is there any Moderators or Xbox live Ambassadors on this forums can help me?
  50. 50. My xbox one will not allow me to delete the save files from my game & app menu. What do I...
  51. 51. I can't receive party or game invites notifications on windows.
  52. 52. Fortnite: transfer Account
  53. 53. Vault edition upgrade
  54. 54. Game pass on Xbox Series S in Serbia
  55. 55. Please help, my Xbox shows 80183300 xbox service problem when intra to purchase in game...
  56. 56. How can I get back access to my copy of Minecraft Java Edition
  57. 57. Cyberpunk 2077 not updating
  58. 58. Xbox game pass stuck on logo
  59. 59. How do I share game pass with family member that has ipad and want to play minecraft cloud...
  60. 60. Local payment in Egypt
  61. 61. problem with battlefield 2042 and assasins creed valhalla
  62. 62. need for speed most wanted 2005 just don't run give me a black screen and close
  63. 63. Microsoft Roblox App crash - Event Viewer
  64. 64. A random overlay just suddenly pops when I'm playing a game on Steam
  65. 65. Why on pc gamepass it won’t let me download vahalla it show loading and is grey
  66. 66. Why does VNAV not work on the Beechcraft Kingair 350i? I am flying on an ASUS TUF GAMING F17
  67. 67. Modern Warfare (2009) on Series S Online Server
  68. 68. Xbox Series S + Game pass with 3 Months
  69. 69. i cant get minecraft on windows even though gamepass says i own it
  70. 70. Why is my purchase not in my library/account?
  71. 71. Service troubles
  72. 72. I get 0x80040904 when trying to launch Xbox app on my computer. I'm on Windows 11.
  73. 73. Today i just bought 100 robux with my 1500 points and i checked in my account i didnt see...
  74. 74. Cloud Gaming Refusing to Start on One Game.
  75. 75. game helper file system error (-2015294512)
  76. 76. Why won’t my game download, it’s just saying installation stopped and won’t let me download it.
  77. 77. How to retrive my minecraft account after the migration process
  78. 78. I have just bought my son a new Xbox but the email on his current Xbox isn’t right so all...
  79. 79. How can I contact Microsoft to discuss using old IP
  80. 80. Fortnite won't install and I quite literally tried everything
  81. 81. Can someone guide me through the installation of Xbox on a pc to play games online?
  82. 82. Seeking Guidance for Connectivity Puzzles
  83. 83. My xbox series x crashing.
  84. 84. Refund
  85. 85. I got a Realms Plus gift card and entered the code how do I get it to open realms on my...
  86. 86. Seeking Solutions for Connectivity
  87. 87. Importing Oblivion cloud save files from series X to PC
  88. 88. Why My Cod MW3 Keep Crashing And Dev Error?
  89. 89. How do I redem a gift?
  90. 90. I refunded two games a couple of days ago and I haven’t been able to get the cash back.
  91. 91. How to fix iPhone remote control on Xbox One?
  92. 92. Remnant 2 Main character with 80 hours just got deleted off the gamepass version..Anyway to...
  93. 93. GTA V (Xbox One) & PC
  94. 94. Why don't xbox remake older games like Playstation
  95. 95. Auto Refund
  96. 96. help pls it crash when i play the game for some time or when i open the game
  97. 97. Why hasn't there been any Godzilla games on Xbox recently?
  98. 98. One of my windows store games keeps dissapearing
  99. 99. How to fix bg3
  100. 100. Does anyone know of compatible Smart TV's that can run the XBOX app for REMOTE play?
  101. 101. Assassins creed Valhalla won't even start to download on my pc
  102. 102. I had gta 5 on gamepass and when it was taken off i went to the store and bought the xbox...
  103. 103. Game installation
  104. 104. how do I sort error code 0x800704cf
  105. 105. Attached gamepad not working in xbox remote play
  106. 106. PC GamePass game closes 30 seconds after opening.
  107. 107. I paid for in game currency on a gift card and it hasnt come through
  108. 108. What is wrong with external hardware?
  109. 109. DayZ won’t play after renewing GamePass
  110. 110. Palworld On Xbox
  111. 111. Cloud gaming via the Xbox game pass app iOS?
  112. 112. Age of Empires 2 loading delay
  113. 113. How to be marketplace creator on minecraft
  114. 114. not downloading
  115. 115. Series X and game/save transfer
  116. 116. I refunded some games but I changed my payment method where will the money go?
  117. 117. Why has my development mode stopped working?
  118. 118. xbox series s/x games that can be played with 2 local players and 2 online
  119. 119. Can't sign into minecraft
  120. 120. Migtation, Minecraft key redeem problem
  121. 121. What gta v is removed from Xbox game pass mobile app i request to return grand theft auto v...
  122. 122. When recording a clip of any game on my Xbox S, it crashes. Please help
  123. 123. X box game pass ultimate mouse and key board issues
  124. 124. How do I get minecraft to let me invite people to my world again??
  125. 125. Why was Microsoft Rewards not added in Morocco, the only country that does not have this...
  126. 126. I preordered game months before release...
  127. 127. Xbox PC App - Achievement is unlocked but gamerscore and achievement count wont update?
  128. 128. Still 100% HALO Infinite Multiplayer Games Hacked
  129. 129. Cheater's gamertag missing but I have video with gamertag. How do I report?
  130. 130. No longer hv mw3 cross gen bundle..
  131. 131. My Xbox One controller doesn't work with games on the game pass app on pc.
  132. 132. Why does my Xbox elite controller series 2 refuses to connect to my windows 11 PC?
  133. 133. i have purchase gamepass core, however i cant download forza horizon 4 but i can download...
  134. 134. How do I format my Seagate expansion card for clips and screenshots?
  135. 135. I am not able to play Minecraft with my frined plz help me
  136. 136. Hi I bought the Minecraft Xbox one edition dic how do I get the texture packs from it and...
  137. 137. I can't get Java edition with my Bedrock edition
  138. 138. I have a serious issue with EAC for Sniper Elite 5
  140. 140. My Microsoft flight sim won't open, freezes, crashes, and won't download.
  141. 141. My Xbox S won’t let me download the past version of Minecraft why?
  142. 142. Why Won't my Xbox Captures transfer to OneDrive?
  143. 143. I can't play alone when it's just p2?
  144. 144. I had minecraft for a while and now I suddenly can't play Java, it's asking for me to buy...
  145. 145. Where is the connection tab on the laptop xbox app(latest update)?
  146. 146. Code was redeemed to wrong account in Xbox family
  147. 147. Why does my Xbox not recognise any disc games?
  148. 148. Fable 2 on xbox series s
  149. 149. High Ping in games, but internet test says otherwise
  150. 150. Question about transferring minecraft to another account
  151. 151. Is it possible to add the digital game to my account.
  152. 152. Multiplayer Minecraft Server Keeps Crashing
  153. 153. There’s a problem with the refund!
  154. 154. Resident Evil 7 not saving on Xbox Series S
  155. 155. how do you use the x-box gift card to get v-bucks on x-box
  156. 156. Gamepass games that I never asked to install in my new laptop keep on reinstalling
  157. 157. Forza horizon 5 don't lunch
  158. 158. Vbucks from xmas gift card not showing on Fortnite
  159. 159. Xbox Series S crashes every game.
  160. 160. an unexpected error occurred while signing in to your account for xbox live. Please try...
  161. 161. Xbox Alchemy Requested: Unraveling Connectivity Riddles
  162. 162. Why cant my son create a MyPlayer?
  163. 163. why did it ask me to let xbox app control my device during an update on my new surface pro?...
  164. 164. First time I’ve used the community to ask a question, but I would really like to know...
  165. 165. GTA add-on purchased twice but not in game
  166. 166. Why cant i use minecraft shaders
  167. 167. I’ve a got a duplicate game how do I give it to my friend?
  168. 168. Flight Simulator on Xbox One S All Digital
  169. 169. Hi I brought Minecraft java and bedrock long time ago but today i check and it said "Buy Now"
  170. 170. Hello, the problem is about MCSM Yes, maybe MCSM3 will not be released, but maybe you can...
  171. 171. Licenses for multiplayer in minecraft education
  172. 172. i keep getting exit code 1. i already tried things off a forum but nothing. Please help
  173. 173. Netflix on XBox Bypasses Microsoft Family Safety
  174. 174. Can you play the NBA JAM Xbox 360 disc on Xbox one and series x ?
  175. 175. minecraft launcher exit code 1
  176. 176. Purchase
  177. 177. When i tried to launch MW3 Zombie I keep getting (Disc read error [8.7]:...
  178. 178. Why when my son purchased a game add-on online and was charged twice for one transaction,...
  179. 179. Achievement unlocking but not unlocking?
  180. 180. Microsoft Flight Simulator downloading problems.
  181. 181. Bought a physical copy of MLB the show 23
  182. 182. Lobby simulation right now
  183. 183. When completing missions, my Forza Horizon 5 crashes.
  184. 184. How can I get into my epic games info through Xbox
  185. 185. new beginning in forza horizon 5 but in gforce now with the game pass
  186. 186. Why won’t this work?
  187. 187. I bought the $30 minecraft java and bedrock edition but i can only play bedrock. And it...
  188. 188. I can't join or start a coop session, any game Series X.
  189. 189. Can I transfer purchase license from one account to another?
  190. 190. I brought 2k24 25th anniversary and now it says I don't own please help I brought it on 9/10/23
  191. 191. Can't install any Ubisoft game through Game Pass
  192. 192. Why hasn't my refund been sent
  193. 193. Unable to login to microsoft account from
  194. 194. I have a gift card and the code is not readable. Please advise
  195. 195. Crackdown 3, PC Co-op Timeout
  196. 196. Hello
  197. 197. Xcloud wait times long
  198. 198. Age of Empires 2 for Xbox will not get passed the sign in screen
  199. 199. 2 Xbox’s trying to play Fortnite a the same time….
  200. 200. SEA of theives not working
  201. 201. Why when I try to quick chat in rocket league I can’t because of Microsoft chat ban
  202. 202. Destiny 2 Gifted Code (PC)
  203. 203. Video Games running in 1080p are zoomed in on a 4K display
  204. 204. Cant connect to Farming simulator server, modhub, or...
  205. 205. My microsoft account says that I have not bought Minecraft and I am wondering why I have to...
  206. 206. What is going on with Ark survival ascended windows 10 being pulled from cross play. When...
  207. 207. I can no longer edit my forge map in halo infinite
  208. 208. Help with Xbox App crashing immediately when trying to launch it - Win11
  209. 209. I have a new laptop and the xbox app doesn't lanch games, no error message or anything.
  210. 210. Unable connect to internet with game.
  211. 211. I'm being charged for Minecraft Realms, but my microsoft account says I have no subscriptions.
  212. 212. All my gta online progress has disappeared since gta v left the game pass
  213. 213. I can't install assasin's creed Valhalla on my PC in English via the Xbox app?
  214. 214. if i buy minecraft through instant gaming is there any chance of me not keeping it on my...
  215. 215. Can't activate "fly" icon on Microsoft Flight Simulator
  216. 216. Xbox Series X Flight Simulator will not start up. Fails when connecting to the cloud.
  217. 217. how do i fix this?
  218. 218. Downloaded Doom Eternal on game pass on pc, it includes the campaign but for some reason...
  219. 219. so, recently or always
  220. 220. Assassin's Creed Valhalla gives me a sad face when I install
  221. 221. I turn on my Xbox and my games don't show. I go to the setting and the setting icon just...
  222. 222. I can't export my slimerancher save
  223. 223. Xbox Game Pass game install button shows sad face. HELP!!
  224. 224. gta not launching
  225. 225. How many gamertag changes can I make?
  226. 226. Adding Players Help - Golf with Friends
  227. 227. I have a glitch where I can’t update controller settings, it just goes back to the main screen.
  228. 228. Good evening, I had the following problem: After reinstalling Windows 10 on the servers,...
  229. 229. Why does roblox crash my laptop?
  230. 230. i have a blank screen on defender i downloaded ocean of games gta and turn off defender...
  231. 231. xbox one 사용중 gta5 타이틀을 샀고 리딤 코드 등록 그러나 사용이 안됨
  232. 232. Mic issues.
  233. 233. Trouble with DAYZ
  234. 234. [SOLVED] Anyone know how to solve error code 0xc0000005?
  235. 235. Disc for Atlas Fallen on Xbox Series X, when install it, then update it, then put disc back...
  236. 236. How do I fix my Minecraft account if it’s suspended
  237. 237. Why do you guys keep taking away the coins from Overwatch?
  238. 238. Cant login to minecraft
  239. 239. How do I get my parent approved game to download?
  240. 240. Can not access data center on modern warfare 3 , have read replies , privacy settings are...
  241. 241. I have a vbuck gift card for $20 and I can’t use it bc I have another account linked to my...
  242. 242. How do I recover my lost save files from Baldur’s gate 3 and get the game to startup?
  243. 243. How do I get my achievements???
  244. 244. My Xbox series X keeps disconnecting from the internet
  245. 245. Error code PD65546
  246. 246. Minecraft wont accept code due to "not logged in", but I am
  247. 247. Can I have two xbox accounts linked to a single roblox account
  248. 248. Games take hours to START downloading
  249. 249. Attempting to use 3rd party minecraft launchers with my Xbox Live account results in error.
  250. 250. xbox game pass dont work