XBoX Accessibility
  1. 1. Lefty here, My Xbox controller hurts my left hand index finger alot after playing for 10...
  2. 2. Ps4 Microsoft privacy issue
  3. 3. Can I still sign into an old 360 from 13 years ago with no info besides Username?
  4. 4. New installed apps not asking for permission, Now dont have permission and wont sign in
  5. 5. I need to change my phone number for verification asap
  6. 6. I'm not apart of a family group but when I try to change my xbox privacy settings an...
  7. 7. Banned permanently for nothing appropriate against the xbox guidelines.
  8. 8. Migrating Minecraft Java error loop
  9. 9. Xbox One won't download my Xbox 360 profile
  10. 10. Why is the word Rum a Community Violation
  11. 11. My Microsoft account has been deleted
  12. 12. ''an illegal state change was requested'' how can i fix it?
  13. 13. Turn off accessibility setting for visual impartment
  14. 14. Minecraft Java doesn't show as bought
  15. 15. getting suspended for a post I made 6 months ago. post doesn’t even exist in my history...
  16. 16. Xbox Live Account Access
  17. 17. Im trying to play minecraft, but because my microsoft acount birth date is is incorrect i...
  18. 18. Why did I lose the progress on all of my games?
  19. 19. When I changed my gamertag my ea that was says it is still linked to my old gamertag.
  20. 20. If you change your password does it sign out people who have the xbox app and your password?
  21. 21. remove xbox profile from my microsoft account
  22. 22. This is absolutely ridiculous. Someone please help. I don't know why i would be suspended...
  23. 23. I want complain about the unethical use of account suspension
  24. 24. Why did I get com ban from making an LFG
  25. 25. After 8 years of the same gamer pic I was banned for it with no clear reason
  26. 26. amounts of money have been taken out of my bank account i do not recognise these amounts....
  27. 27. My account was hacked
  28. 28. Can't launch xbox live on s10
  29. 29. Can't play Microsoft Solitaire Premium version on my tablet without ads.
  30. 30. "Having trouble installing or launching games?" XBOX PC app
  31. 31. False LFG enforcement and immediately banned from the Xbox Ambassador program.
  32. 32. HELP ME PLS
  33. 33. Suspension decision
  34. 34. Why did I get a Account suspension
  35. 35. How to get more information on a banned account.
  36. 36. Link EA account
  37. 37. Can’t Log Into Microsoft Account on Minecraft for PlayStation
  38. 38. Switching linked Xbox accounts
  39. 39. Is there anyway to contact a human without having to meet very specific requirements to be...
  40. 40. how can i get my microsoft account back?
  41. 41. Please help hacker change my gamertag
  42. 42. How do I log back into Minecraft on PS4 and get my content back?
  43. 43. How can I change the email associated with an Xbox account when I can’t access the email...
  44. 44. I can't sign in to Xbox live on a Xbox 360
  45. 45. How to undo xbox region change?
  46. 46. Banned for a group post that isn’t against tos
  47. 47. XBox Pass for kids
  48. 48. Error Set Multiplayer Minecraft in Online Privacy Setting
  49. 49. It dosnt have the administrator password gap or the yes button anymore.
  50. 50. I would like to know whats up with the enforcement system.
  51. 51. Does anyone know how long a suspension has to be to appeal?
  52. 52. Appearing offline, still updates recently played?
  53. 53. Xbox avatar store not working
  54. 54. How do I unmute my Xbox one series s ??
  55. 55. being locked out of Bethesda
  56. 56. What counts as advertisement?
  57. 57. Family settings dont unlock access
  58. 58. What are my options??
  59. 59. I was wrongfully banned and I can’t contact anyone despite not being able to submit an appeal.
  60. 60. my account has been hacked, the gmail is changed, how to i recover it??
  61. 61. Why does the rewards app not have the achievement hunter today
  62. 62. Can't use my nickname as Xbox gamertag (unsolved)
  63. 63. 2FA on Series X not working
  64. 64. issues with the new minecraft sign in
  65. 65. Microsoft defender deleted my SID's and i can t install anything on microsoft store or the...
  66. 66. Why does enforcement
  67. 67. PC Xbox app broken due to "subscriptions failed to load"
  68. 68. My xbox360 is struck in Chinese how to change back in English
  69. 69. Console Communications Ban
  70. 70. Transfer Original Xbox save files from Xbox 360 into the Xbox One/Series X, is it possible?
  71. 71. Hi there where do i press on my acount image cuz i am on mobile and its showing me to save...
  72. 72. I recieved a 2 day suspension. It says looking for group. I am positive I haven't done...
  73. 73. Microsoft Account no longer exist
  74. 74. Help me please. Achievements and Marketplace inventory has been reset.
  76. 76. How to dispute Enforcement Action?
  77. 77. How do i recover my minecraft account?
  78. 78. Forza horizon 4 backstage pass serious 54
  79. 79. i was banned 6 years ago and part of it was me but also set up and baited please re open my...
  80. 80. My 1st ever xbox account from xbox 360 that was banned all them years ago.
  81. 81. Why can’t I customize a gamer pic for my child’s account?
  82. 82. Having problems changing my gamertag
  83. 83. How can I take a account off of a email? I bought an Xbox with an account on it and the guy...
  84. 84. hacked by email
  85. 85. How do I cancel my membership and completely destroy all personal information
  86. 86. I received a suspension for asking a question in looking for group
  87. 87. My Xbox 360 doesn't recognize my Xbox email
  88. 88. My Xbox Account Was Suspended And I was Given No Reason
  89. 89. Microsoft says I don't own Minecraft 2 years after I bought it. What do I do?
  90. 90. XBOX Enforcement are you joking me
  91. 91. Minecraft Account gone after trying to change password
  92. 92. Verified checkmark on my xbox acct
  93. 93. I can’t access my email to my call of duty act to play on the gaming of
  94. 94. Youtube channel and Twitch channel links
  95. 95. I'm unable to change my gamertag
  96. 96. Why am I getting suspended for a valid in game action such as trading
  97. 97. Gmail account doesn’t work
  98. 98. Hi my grandmothers email which held my other account was taken and now i cant seem to be...
  99. 99. I purchased Minecraft Java Edition, but I can't play it.
  100. 100. dad removed email from xbox account can I add my email etc
  101. 101. Random suspension notification
  102. 102. Suspension for a LFG post 116 days ago with no case review. How do I go about acquiring...
  103. 103. Account enforcmemt suspension gone way to far and completely senseless and careless to even...
  104. 104. How do I see when I used my first change home xbox??
  105. 105. Is there any way I can create a new email/outlook account and connect my old Xbox account...
  106. 106. How to get my account back.
  107. 107. How do I give my son his xbox account. I want to take it out of my name and put it in his.
  108. 108. payed to change my gamertag but it still hasnt changed after a week, how do i fix ?
  109. 109. Connect my account
  110. 110. Microsoft Family Screen Time Limits for Xbox Not Working
  111. 111. 9 year old made over $500 in VBuck purchases without us knowing - Microsoft said they would...
  112. 112. Random suspension on xbox
  113. 113. Verify Loop resolution ??
  114. 114. My microsoft account was hacked by
  115. 115. Unlink activison
  116. 116. How can i access to my XBox profile?
  117. 117. Banned for no reason AGIAN! Thanks xbox smh.
  118. 118. Are there systems in place to prevent misuse of the report tool?
  119. 119. I no longer have access to my wb games account which is linked to my xbox account which...
  120. 120. lost my minecraft account and forgetting what microsoft account it was connected to
  121. 121. Minecraft doesent workkenm you dumm bakka
  122. 122. How do i access to my xbox360 profile?
  123. 123. Licence Problem With Mojang
  124. 124. Changing the Microsoft Account linked to my Xbox Account
  125. 125. Password change
  126. 126. Forgotten the Microsoft email address connected to my Mojang Minecraft account when migrating
  127. 127. How do i fix this ban
  128. 128. Can't connect to Xbox Live on Xbox 360
  129. 129. Lost account in Minecraft Migration
  130. 130. Can not add a new payment method ,need high level team help
  131. 131. Why is Microsoft robbing people?
  132. 132. How do i change my name to this without the numbers
  133. 133. Can't change account
  134. 134. Usage limit exceeded try again tomorrow issue
  135. 135. How do I prevent a child from changing time zone.
  136. 136. Multiplayer Across Platforms - Family Account, help Needed
  137. 137. Sold my account years ago, recovered the email and changed password recently, account is...
  138. 138. xbox gamertag account name changed randomly. Need to email Microsoft in someway
  139. 139. How do can I sign into my Xbox account?
  140. 140. I have to accounts with the same email
  141. 141. How to fix sign in problem
  142. 142. Why can't I cast my phone to my Xbox 1?
  143. 143. I have an old gamertag i no longer use. Is it possible to remove it from my microsoft...
  144. 144. Sign into Xbox 360 without disabling 2 factor authentication.
  145. 145. my account has been hacked - hacker set up authenticator app - what can i do?
  146. 146. Microsoft really doesn't help
  147. 147. How can I get my account back
  148. 148. How to get unbanned
  149. 149. I can’t use my Xbox account for Fortnite
  150. 150. I cannot get into my Xbox account.
  151. 151. How do I recover my username after the Minecraft migration bugged ?
  152. 152. Hacked Account and Account Retrieval
  153. 153. I'd like to play some 360 games for the first time ever on Series X
  154. 154. I paid for a pre order using Xbox credit, now charged to PayPal ?
  155. 155. Why is the pride flag pics
  156. 156. i lost my email for my mincraft account wirelessarrow19
  157. 157. Can I recover my gamer score from my prior account?
  158. 158. Game pass shared on 2 consoles in 1 household
  159. 159. I just got banned for 8 days for a nonsensical mediocre joke. I've tried to contact support...
  160. 160. unable to signin
  161. 161. When will xbox get better report bots?
  162. 162. Cancelled Subscriptions
  163. 163. I'm the only person in my family account. How do I leave?
  164. 164. In Minecraft it says "you cannot play online multiplayer because of how your Microsoft...
  165. 165. Can't access my account in any way
  166. 166. I have been in perma banned for a dumb reason.
  167. 167. Phone number needed for verification is no longer active
  168. 168. Microsoft and minecraft emails are in Korean?
  169. 169. Email I've removed from my Microsoft account is needed
  171. 171. How do you get ahold of xbox support ?
  172. 172. XBOX APP - Windows 10 - Signs in automatically, then signs me out. Then sign in option does...
  173. 173. Why can't I sign in on my 360?
  174. 174. Why am i unable to contact the enforcement team!
  175. 175. What do you do if you have been bait and switch scammed then hacked and and all of your...
  176. 176. Problem with Minecraft multiplayer
  177. 177. Suspicious activity and refusal to allow me to shop
  178. 178. account not working
  179. 179. My account is hacked
  180. 180. Account on Xbox one and Xbox series s
  181. 181. Unable to recover Microsoft account
  182. 182. my Xbox One controler wont connect to my PC via USB
  183. 183. Didn’t get my two years of Xbox game pass
  184. 184. Marvel avengers
  185. 185. cross progression issues between xbox and pc
  186. 186. How do I delete an account tied to windows phone which is no longer working?
  187. 187. How do you delete a locked Microsoft account?
  188. 188. Trying to pay for a gamertag change, but unable to do so
  189. 189. I cant download the required accesories of xbox
  190. 190. Password change
  191. 191. Need to transfer my Xbox gamepass or merge two accounts
  192. 192. My home xbox kept turning itself off as soon as I turned off my console so yesterday I used...
  193. 193. Can I transfer an old xbox 360 gamertag & profile into a newly created profile on gamepass?
  194. 194. I reset my Xbox then I tried to log into my account but it says it’s already there what...
  195. 195. Can I remove my profile from a console I no longer have?
  196. 196. Error 0x87DD002C when signing in
  197. 197. Minecraft Bundle Purchase Gone Wrong
  198. 198. 포르자호라이즌4 스팀
  199. 199. Game sharing between houses?
  200. 200. I am new to xbox and I need help with putting in a xbox gift card I dont know how to find...
  201. 201. How to find linked ubisoft account
  202. 202. Xbox Profile Badges
  203. 203. Hacked account by dp*
  204. 204. Can a child account be promoted to adult or no? My account should be and adult account, yet...
  205. 205. Microsoft account hacked and email changed how can I get it back?
  206. 206. Why can't I upgrade to gamepass ultimate
  207. 207. I would like to make a looking for group post But wanna be sure what I put in is not in...
  208. 208. I must know which community standards were violated.
  209. 209. HELP
  210. 210. Help please, my sons X box 360 broke & wont turn on how do I cancel the subscription so...
  211. 211. Ive forgot my xbox live pass code
  212. 212. What makes a Xbox MVP?
  213. 213. Xbox reward streak questions.
  214. 214. Cants get into PC
  215. 215. Why can’t I use my Xbox?
  216. 216. I need a refund
  217. 217. Lost highscore after adding a Gamertag - can anybody help?
  218. 218. I keep getting banned for old LFG post that are not bad what do I do?
  219. 219. Need help from enforcement team to help with multiple communication bans.
  220. 220. I don’t know the email address or password to my account
  221. 221. Why is the report system so stupid?
  222. 222. i got a suspension for a dumb reason while using LFG
  223. 223. Can I talk to an agent?
  224. 224. I can no longer log-in on my minecraft launcher
  225. 225. Support Issues login issues
  226. 226. How can I make a online profile for my ps4
  227. 227. Can't sign in to Xbox won't sign in with remote
  228. 228. I would like to regain my ability to share my real name on Xbox
  229. 229. I got an enforcment action and i did nothing wrong
  230. 230. how can I change my accout from a childrens account and i no longer have access to the...
  231. 231. How to solve error code 8015000A need help please
  232. 232. How many strikes dose it take to lose a Ambassador?
  233. 233. Why does Microsoft not send me any confirmation codes
  234. 234. i need help. xbox enforcement has been hacked or is vulnerable to mass reporting trolls...
  235. 235. My account was stolen
  236. 236. I’ve been banned for posting in the “looking for group” and I don’t know why and can’t...
  237. 237. How do I end a wrongful ban with no way to contact the enforcement team?
  238. 238. Suspended when I was neither online nor home?
  240. 240. Console ban after system update (Xbox Series X)
  241. 241. My account got banned for no reason
  242. 242. Why did my son get banned?
  243. 243. Can't submit a review for Enforcement actions ban 2 days or less
  244. 244. Why can't I log into my youtube account
  245. 245. I remember my gamer tag but not the account email or password how do i get logged in
  246. 246. Gamertag removed
  247. 247. I received strange activity in my mail and now I am completely sure that I was hacked, ask...
  248. 248. i want to use emulators on xbox but afraid if it's bannable. i want to know off an employee...
  249. 249. Why is it that my friends can't join my minecraft world, we all have open NAt, same version...
  250. 250. You forgot the Sonic Games on Original Xbox and 1 360 game during it's final Backwards...