XBoX Accessibility
  1. 1. cant access secure boot its all grayed out EVERYTHING
  2. 2. Microsoft family age restrictions?
  3. 3. Microsoft age restrictions Family Account
  4. 4. After the last update can't scroll on some menu of my series x??? What's going on?
  5. 5. At My Wits End
  6. 6. Minecraft available worldwide?
  7. 7. How Do I Change The Sensitivity Of A Xbox Controller On Roblox It Isnt Letting Me Do It In...
  8. 8. When I enable multiplayer it works for bedrock but not for java Minecraft
  9. 9. i scratched my xbox gift card
  10. 10. It says that I am already logined on Microsoft account even tho I am not and I don't Rember...
  11. 11. How do you get the Xbox app on PC to connect to the console?
  12. 12. Why can't I redeem the code for my tiktok or twitch cape on
  13. 13. Can a xbox 360 be used to play team deathmatch online?
  14. 14. Is there a way to make your headset audio louder in one ear?
  15. 15. Somebody that works for Xbox, I ask you to delete my most recent save file from Mafia 3
  16. 16. I got charged twice fix this!
  17. 17. Nametag
  18. 18. My xbox turns off as soon as i turn it on just about
  19. 19. Where can i claim my free Java when i have bedrock?
  20. 20. My old xbox account named xen luvs god was hacked
  21. 21. Party connection error
  22. 22. Will sonic and Sega all star racing be backwards compatible
  23. 23. Help. Computer not working booting or anything
  24. 24. i don't have xbox!!¡ but some1 does on my account
  25. 25. i have a game on xbox does the data transfer to xbox pc?
  26. 26. Unable to log into Xbox online, showing error code
  27. 27. Issue with Minecraft
  28. 28. my game is not opening and saying graphics problem.
  29. 29. Xbox one s controller connects works then starts to blink rapidly, turns off, then vibrates.
  30. 30. Fallout 76 unable to install: "Access is Denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005)"
  31. 31. Reset needed
  32. 32. Why does fortnite keep updating every day
  33. 33. How can i fix this installation stopped loop?
  34. 34. someone told me when you become a xbox administrator they can send you free stuff is this ture?
  35. 35. Is anyone else having trouble logging into X-Box live on the 360?
  36. 36. The virtual keyboard of my Xbox one x console is not responding, I cannot select any letter...
  37. 37. My xbox dont wnat to record gameplay anymore
  38. 38. can you guys help me ?
  39. 39. I just receive 3 strike in 1 min without à warning
  40. 40. Can I delete an Xbox account without deleting a Microsoft account?
  41. 41. Problem with logging into the Xbox
  42. 42. Xbox 360 game Internet not working on Xbox One s.
  43. 43. How do I talk to a person at microsoft?
  44. 44. Error code
  45. 45. My xbox doesn't have color filters
  46. 46. why suspend my account
  47. 47. So I tried gifting my friend darktide through xbox using cash app card and the payment is...
  48. 48. Pc controller input bug need help
  49. 49. I need some advice
  50. 50. Banned?
  51. 51. xbox keeps signing me out!
  52. 52. Account locked (compliance lock), can I get help for unlocking it?
  53. 53. Why does the Xbox game bar not let me talk to my friends in a party.
  54. 54. Hi i have a Xbox 360 and when i try playing GTA V it gives me this disc is unreadable i...
  55. 55. my microsoft account was hacked
  56. 56. How do I restore a game clip
  57. 57. Travel time of joysticks on Xbox adaptive controllers
  58. 58. Is it possible to code a gaming mouse using the brainded cable itself??
  59. 59. How do I remap the Share Button on an Xbox Series X controller while using a PC?
  60. 60. Need help downloading 360 profile while playing backwards compatible games on series x
  61. 61. Error code on Xbox one: 0x800701c4. How do I fix it
  62. 62. Can I use XAC with external joystick and separate steering wheel at the same time?
  63. 63. cant play xbox cloud in morocco
  64. 64. Why can't I go online after paying twice for 1 month
  65. 65. Xbox Game Bar doesn’t record full screen video. There is black bars all around the gameplay...
  66. 66. Im not able to login on the x box or Microsoft.Com i e been hacked, my game tag since bc is...
  67. 67. can you optimize for series s/x these games
  68. 68. How do you download a game remotely
  69. 69. isn't it possible to change colors of my keyboard bc of my laptop version?
  70. 70. How to Play Rainbow Six Siege when it asks me to Choose an XBOX game plan when i have one...
  71. 71. Someone took my code
  72. 72. Please assist question underneath
  73. 73. Hey when I went to the new rewards quest page on xbox it says' "try again later we can't...
  74. 74. PGA Tour 2K23 local guest options
  75. 75. Hey so im just asking is the xbox one region free in 2024 ?
  76. 76. Why is nascar heat 5 not allowing online playing
  77. 77. As this other person said I wish U could look at your old profile pictures as I would love...
  78. 78. "Additional authentication needed"
  79. 79. I have an old, old Live account. Like 2002 old. I had to change the gamertag (same account)...
  80. 80. I need a refund on a Xbox series s I never got
  81. 81. How can i receive the Midnight Drive pack in Rocket League?
  82. 82. My brother has put 50 pound codes on his account but not showed up on it what is going on...
  83. 83. We have two xboxes in our home and want to be able to play online with the kids at the same...
  84. 84. Where to buy buttons / switches for xbox adaptive controller?
  85. 85. How do I get onto the Microsoft rewards page?
  86. 86. how do i get my gamertag back
  87. 87. Why can't I use Minecraft Launcher WITHOUT installing it on the Microsoft Store, and...
  88. 88. UK Gift Cards in USA
  90. 90. My gaming monitor has built in speakers but there is no audio coming out?
  91. 91. Can you guys vacate an inactive user for me?
  92. 92. How much will it cost if I send my Xbox controller in for repair, because it has bad stick...
  93. 93. Why is my Xbox app stuck on "Launching the Xbox App" screen on PC?
  94. 94. I need help to use mi microsoft balance on my xbox on the forthnite game.
  95. 95. Fortnite item shop timer is broken pls send help now.
  96. 96. Why is only my quit screen like this?
  97. 97. How to get unbanned while being ineligible for an appeal?
  98. 98. I have purchased Minecraft on my MacBook Pro, but the launcher is not working, what do I...
  99. 99. why am I not able to access the rewards giving page
  100. 100. Xbox apps force close
  101. 101. Can't add my old Xbox 360 to my existing consoles
  102. 102. Having trouble playing games
  103. 103. Nightmare family pack now showing up on Xbox x It’s says I redeemed code. But no one shows up
  104. 104. Dev account cost paying without credit card
  105. 105. Blank window when trying to log in minecraft account
  106. 106. i purchase the minecraft and how he is saying to repurchase it how to fix it
  107. 107. if my gamepass expires will i be able to play games once downloaded
  108. 108. Why is my Game Bar and my Xbox App not loading or working?
  109. 109. Xbox Series X WWE 2K24 American Nightmare family pack
  110. 110. My on screen keyboard is giving too many options for each individual letter and character...
  111. 111. Padlock on game
  112. 112. I accidentally cancelled my subscription, and you guys took my funds now I can't subscribe...
  113. 113. keep getting logged out
  114. 114. Xbox 360 Guitar Hero Equipment as Homebrew Buttons
  115. 115. Let me refund my game that I don’t want
  116. 116. Why can't I play forza horizon 5 without buying game Pass when I owned it before it was...
  117. 117. How do I cancel unauthorized account and get refund.
  118. 118. I dont wanna pay this ,pls help me MICROSOFT*14 DAY TRIAL REMSBILL.INFO
  119. 119. My headset chat mixer is all greyed out but I can change mic monitoring and headset volume
  120. 120. How to fix controller affecting fps.
  121. 121. Why is my Rewards app showing restrictions for not following rules when I barely use it?
  122. 122. I have a reoccurring bill on my bank account from Microsoft every month on a lost account,...
  123. 123. hello
  124. 124. My Minecraft account got scammed, and now Microsoft doesn't recognise the email.
  125. 125. Play flight simulator using joystick and thrust block
  126. 126. I cannot log into Microsoft after successfully changing my password
  127. 127. What are the keys for USB keyboards to Xbox 360 controls. (I'm using a USB keyboard on my...
  128. 128. Xbox series X wwe 2k24 american nightmare family pack code was redeemed on PC but not...
  129. 129. Account is still hacked
  130. 130. Audio trouble
  131. 131. When is Microsoft going to expand button mapping for 3rd party controllers for Xbox
  132. 132. I keep getting charged 13.55 even tho I don’t have any subscription. What do I do?
  133. 133. Removing an item from the xbox store
  134. 134. why does the minecraft launcher keep displaying this error message ?
  135. 135. More than one charge
  136. 136. I have a USB Kraken Gaming headset and would like to use it on my xbox one series s please...
  137. 137. Lost old Xbox account
  138. 138. I just got a new Microsoft PC and the game I download from steam auto crashes
  139. 139. Is Truck racer digital region locked?
  140. 140. Why does the Xbox series X lose WiFi connection capability when the console power shuts off?
  141. 141. Why isnt there a xbox app for mac os?
  142. 142. If I take my card off my profile will it still refund to that card?
  143. 143. No servers found, I have checked all the internet settings and found no problems
  144. 144. Why is it that every Minecraft skin I download off the internet is basically "not a skin"...
  145. 145. Can Xbox One access Fortnite in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia?
  146. 146. help.
  147. 147. Password reset NEVER sends a code to my email address - currently being billed for a...
  148. 148. I was banned off of Xbox for an unknowingly reason. I have tried to submit an appeal but to...
  149. 149. Hey so how do i play minecraft multiplayer
  150. 150. Microsoft Rewards isn't working beacuse of my location
  151. 151. Why can't Microsoft/Xbox Allow Keyboard and mouse for Xbox Cloud Gaming?
  152. 152. I subscribe £12.49 for card game. Cannot figure out how to access since changing laptop
  153. 153. issue
  154. 154. xbox future
  155. 155. somone plese help me with screen time this is my last hope before my xbox gose out a window.
  156. 156. Error 0x8027025a cannot sign in to Xbox s.
  157. 157. Why won’t Xbox sign me in?
  158. 158. I want to link my old Minecraft account to my new PlayStation account how do I unlink it...
  159. 159. Xim shouldn’t be supported by Xbox it should be a ban for using it , it provides a unfair...
  160. 160. How can I factory reset my Xbox even with the restrictions in the way?
  161. 161. Why can't You Allow Keyboard and mouse for Xbox Cloud Gaming?
  162. 162. I can't join multiplayer in Minecraft on Switch
  163. 163. Error code (0x8027025a) wont let access anything on my Xbox series s
  164. 164. Mouse and keyboard on XCloud
  165. 165. Can you use cloud gaming on the mobile app?
  166. 166. My account was hacked.
  167. 167. Trying to recover my account
  168. 168. Old account locked
  169. 169. i had a game called secret neighbor and now i lost it how do i get it back for free beacuse...
  170. 170. How do I change the sensitivity on my bumpers?
  171. 171. Please help. I have been wrongly acussed of bad language which had resulted in a 1 year ban
  172. 172. How to adjust sensitivity for my controller?
  173. 173. How in the world I can get a hacked account back
  174. 174. nothing shows up on pc when I power xbox s for the first time
  175. 175. Trouble with pdp controller
  176. 176. My Xbox controller is not functioning properly during remote play, when playing disc games
  177. 177. What is happening ? Xbox launcher wont load
  178. 178. Hi I have a Xbox series s and I was wondering if I could connect a streaming mic to it
  179. 179. I have a unfair ban/strike against my account.
  180. 180. I'm having trouble with the Xbox network connection?
  181. 181. I can't get multiplayer to work with Xbox core subscription, keeps saying I need ultimate?
  182. 182. Parent Control Pin not working, help
  183. 183. Xbox party suspension?
  184. 184. Can't launch the XBOX app on my PC, even if i have the game pass
  185. 185. Are there any games that don’t require you to log into servers?
  186. 186. Error code when trying to start MSFS
  187. 187. My Xbox guide won’t work when I press my home button it says try launching again shortly...
  188. 188. What are the most affordable third party controllers that Xbox will accept?
  189. 189. Is there a way to transfer two of my digital games from one account to my other Xbox account?
  190. 190. Is anyone currently having issues using the Xbox app on PC?
  191. 191. I lag non stop but only when my brothers ps5 is online
  192. 192. Why is it that whenever I try to log in to my account, it says that it could not and then I...
  193. 193. Netflix issue
  194. 194. Face cam xbox
  195. 195. why cant i call a person at microsoft to resolve an issue
  196. 196. Can you help me load my game
  197. 197. crashing?
  198. 198. I own games and cant play them without game pass
  199. 199. how do I find my own questionsss???
  200. 200. adaptive. controller spamming the same input when pressed once
  201. 201. Microsoft Sudoku will not open in XBox
  202. 202. I don't recognise a charge I'm getting charged 12.99 for something and I don't know what...
  203. 203. Game Pass language, unacceptable bad. Lack of simple features.
  204. 204. If I remove my son from the family account so he doesn’t have any restrictions will this...
  205. 205. My xbox keeps disconecting me from virgin media does anyone know how to fix this
  206. 206. How can I get my old 360 account back?
  207. 207. my Xbox controller keep on paired mod and i can't connect it
  208. 208. Xbox gamertag replaced
  209. 209. Is anybody fed up with xbox low TB ?
  210. 210. Why is my communication ban not lifted a week after it was supposed to end
  211. 211. Menu and right thumb stick not working
  212. 212. On my PC it says set up my pin. How can I do that?
  213. 213. What is with these threats from Microsoft
  214. 214. About xbox series s electric power
  215. 215. Connecting to transport service message
  216. 216. hi guys
  217. 217. Xbox suspension don’t line up
  218. 218. error logging into game
  219. 219. Locate myself.
  220. 220. xbox app not launching
  221. 221. What do I do if my Xbox says no signal is it on
  222. 222. Im trying to subscribe to the game pass ultimate that is for one dollar but when I press on...
  223. 223. why is Party chat transcription not available for windows 10/11 users yet?
  224. 224. Why doesn't the keyboard work for menu navigation after system update?
  225. 225. How to prevent a child from leaving family safety?
  226. 226. Refund does not work
  227. 227. Why won’t it let me connect my Xbox to epic game account keeps saying it’s already...
  228. 228. How long do refunds take?
  229. 229. Multiple profiles?
  230. 230. Xbox menu won't work
  231. 231. With the new ban system coming to xbox (if it hasn't been implemented) will XIM and other...
  232. 232. Screen size on my old tv?
  233. 233. I have more as 1 question.
  234. 234. need help installing big fish manager
  235. 235. My xbox series x is set to 120hz but my monitor only works on 60hz how can i fix it
  236. 236. Why did I get a permenant ban
  237. 237. Digital Refund.
  238. 238. TCA Sidestick X Airbus Edition and the XAC
  239. 239. Why Does My Controller Flash Every Time I Turn It On?
  240. 240. I just redeemed minecoins I bought. Where can I find them?
  241. 241. Xbox one home broke
  242. 242. Getting back into my account
  243. 243. Denied my refund after only having minutes of play time SMH!
  244. 244. How to I directly contact the Microsoft Enforcement team? And. Is the Microsoft Enforcement...
  245. 245. Microsoft soft let me buy he’ll let loose on my Xbox one
  246. 246. Adaptive Controller
  247. 247. Why can’t I sign in to my new Xbox series X?
  248. 248. White screen on sign in
  249. 249. Xbox Live connection error for Xbox 360 Games
  250. 250. How do I contact Xbox to receive my Xbox Live Gold badge?