XBoX Accessibility
  2. 2. Are you allowed to use an NSFW image as your dashboard background on xbox?
  3. 3. Recovery problem
  4. 4. I need Help trying to get into my email for xbox how can i change my stuff i do not...
  5. 5. How can we see an Activity Report for the FAMILY ORGANIZER role of the XBox Family?
  6. 6. I added money to my child's account but his balance remains at zero.
  7. 7. XBOX suspended my system
  8. 8. Microsoft security info change application takes 30 days, How to do it instantly?
  9. 9. I was wondering what happened to all my Microsoft points I had over 10,000 plus Microsoft...
  10. 10. Unlink 3rd party account from Microsoft account
  11. 11. 2 xbox accounts, 1 microsoft account
  12. 12. I can't figure out my microsoft account for my mincraft on ps4
  13. 13. Is there a way to find out the full name of my old gamertag?
  14. 14. Account won’t let me change password
  15. 15. Opened my xbox series and made me redo the setup lie i just factory rested but it didnt...
  16. 16. how do i transfer my progresion from a permenent xbox account to my other xbox acc
  17. 17. sharing EA FC 24 with my brother
  18. 18. I am getting an error trying to add money to my son's account in Family Safety.
  19. 19. Ambassador Xbox page does not load after logging in
  20. 20. Broken HDMI port
  21. 21. Is Xbox Ambassadors scheduled to return?
  22. 22. Can I create a new Microsoft account on the same email then delete the old one.
  23. 23. How do I get my account unbanned
  24. 24. Setting up 2 xboxes for my son. One at mine, one at his mother's house.
  25. 25. how do i update my Warranty on my xbox 360?
  26. 26. Why banned?
  27. 27. Why don't I have an Xbox live gold badge on my profile?
  28. 28. Log-in issues regarding the Minecraft account Post-migration process
  29. 29. Someone has messaged me after beating him at fifa saying he hopes my kid gets cancer so i...
  30. 30. think my personal account was hacked, email seems not to exist anymore
  31. 31. Unable to Sign into Minecraft Due to Deleted Account
  32. 32. It says shared content denied and then it takes me to settings but I can't change them?
  33. 33. Recovering Deactivated Minecraft Account (I WAS NEVER INFORMED!)
  34. 34. My account got hacked
  35. 35. I made a alt account for fortnite because like season 4
  36. 36. I can't log in to my Microsoft Store account.
  37. 37. How do I get my minecraft account back?
  38. 38. Asphalt 9 Legends UserId is gone...?
  39. 39. How do i talk to someone about recovering my account
  40. 40. Unable to access any page with sensitive information
  41. 41. After starting Minecraft, it gives an error. I logged out and in again, and it shows a...
  42. 42. My microsoft account has been compromised, the hacker has changed the email of the account...
  43. 43. Banned for saying grab your balls
  44. 44. My minecraft account got stolen
  45. 45. Why was I banned
  46. 46. My Microsoft account has been hacked and they have changed the email and password but i...
  47. 47. Xbox Ban - Over 1 Year!
  48. 48. Delete my minecraft account
  49. 49. What is the difference between a permanent ban and a permanent suspension.
  50. 50. Sensitive Content Warning Racist User Reported No Action Taken
  51. 51. i can't change accounts it just defaults back to the previous account.
  52. 52. I reset my xbox and when I went to log back in it did not keep my gamertag nor my games and...
  53. 53. Bedrock (ps4 Version)
  54. 54. Can I get a switch back?
  55. 55. IS Thier a way to transfer a Xbox account between microsoft accounts
  56. 56. Will changing the Xbox account email make me lose access to other personal accounts I own ?
  57. 57. Account related issues.
  58. 58. I can't change my name back
  59. 59. I was falsely banned.
  60. 60. My Minecraft account was stolen
  61. 61. How many profiles can access game pass and game share.
  62. 62. I got banned for Adolf Hitler being profile pic banned 4 4 years idk about the strikes...
  63. 63. Can’t add money to family member’s account
  64. 64. Trying to log in
  65. 65. How to permanently change a home xbox
  66. 66. I can't login in Minecraft means I signed up but it is saying to sing up once again and again
  67. 67. I forgot my Xbox account and mobile phone number, how can I retrieve them?
  68. 68. I can’t access the store except for 1st time I used the Xbox.The network is connected.Is it...
  69. 69. How to generate a script while using the windows Game Bar video recording
  70. 70. Deletion of a hacked account!
  71. 71. Microsoft will not allow me to link Microsoft account to Minecraft (PlayStation)
  72. 72. Help with my main account back for minecraft :(
  73. 73. Family organizer account no longer active
  74. 74. Any way for the Offline Permissions enablement yearly limit to be reset?
  75. 75. When can I be able to get back online?
  76. 76. Why am i ban indefenitely since 2 weeks when will i know when ill be deban?
  77. 77. my email has been replaced with an unrecognizable email
  78. 78. Email does not exist, but it clearly does.
  79. 79. Feature Suggestion - Launch Options in Windows Xbox Application
  80. 80. Xbox account transfer
  81. 81. suspension appeal automatically denied?
  82. 82. How do I fix error code “0x80a4001a”
  83. 83. Hello I have another account I need to get in too
  84. 84. I cannot get into my Xbox account restart this Xbox or troubleshoot that's what it says and...
  85. 85. Microsoft/Xbox support is terrible, please help me Microsoft.
  86. 86. XBOX Monthly Charge
  87. 87. I cannot connect my xbox to my EA
  88. 88. "msxbox" error
  89. 89. No sound coming from Xbox but sound coming from tv if i change input
  90. 90. Series S and Dev activation
  91. 91. Can't play Dead Cells and Hollow Knight because I'm stuck on an infinite login screen
  92. 92. How to get extra home xbox switch?
  93. 93. I can't download my xbox profile on my 360
  94. 94. Fortnite/Xbox and Epic Games account syncing.
  95. 95. Error Code 0x80070583 when launching Disney Dreamlight Valley
  96. 96. unlinking an account
  97. 97. minecraft ps4 is connected to my deleted old nonexistent microsoft account what should I do?
  98. 98. Stolen Account
  99. 99. Family group question regarding send cash to my son
  100. 100. I need another Xbox home switch
  101. 101. Trying to play on 2 Xbox's at the same time (2 different accounts, 2 different games)
  102. 102. Unable to sign-in to through Microsoft on It just redirects to the same...
  103. 103. Xbox servers aren't working for me
  104. 104. Why wont my gamertag update?
  105. 105. Everytime I try to change my crossplay from Blaikes to allow its saying try again there is...
  106. 106. Can’t recieve Email code, can’t long into my account
  107. 107. account problem
  108. 108. Why do we still not have a way to move Xbox Gamertag to a different Microsoft Account?
  109. 109. Permanent Suspension with no details given after appeal?
  110. 110. Account Ratted
  111. 111. Why does Microsoft’s parental controls suck so bad? I have a theory that it is the poor...
  112. 112. My console got banned
  113. 113. Switching Account emails
  114. 114. Someone added and deleted security info to my microsoft account and my microsoft email and...
  115. 115. E:47-b error code
  116. 116. How do I get suspended for 60 days and it doesn't even tell me why
  117. 117. How to Get free Robux
  118. 118. Permanently banned for nothing?
  119. 119. My privacy settings isn't working in stardew valley.
  120. 120. cannot sign up for developer account as keep getting invalid country / region error on sign...
  121. 121. Does removing a family member automatically remove the payment connected to it?
  122. 122. I didn't get the Xbox Live Gold Memory Badge
  123. 123. Xbox Live Gold Badge removed from profile?
  124. 124. Account doesn't exist, please help
  125. 125. Xbox Series X will not sign in after factory reset
  126. 126. I already bought Minecraft but the launcher only has the option to buy
  127. 127. Xbox 360 is asking for a passkey I didn't set up.
  128. 128. Auto Sign in on the xbox app pc windows 11
  129. 129. Tips for recovery form
  130. 130. Why is gaming typically done by kids such a pain in the **** when it comes to permissions
  131. 131. Required parameter LegalCountry is missing from input
  132. 132. Okay, since Console Companion is no longer available, where do I now go to download Xbox...
  133. 133. Perm ban for no reason
  134. 134. Perm ban for no reason
  135. 135. Been perm banned for no reason
  136. 136. Transferring saved game data from one Xbox account to another…
  137. 137. What Do I Do If I Can't Use My Own Minecraft Account?
  138. 138. Contacting xbox support
  139. 139. Hacked, Email Changed all in under 1 minute. Microsoft says they cannot recover my...
  140. 140. Cant find the email or username to get access on a computer
  141. 141. Suspended
  142. 142. My home Xbox isn’t working
  143. 143. why have my time played stats reset for some games that i have played? for example my black...
  144. 144. My account got banned because of someone who hacked my account and got denied by appeal
  145. 145. I accidentally hit recover account and I have tried filling out the form several times and...
  146. 146. I received an enforcement 2 day ban on XBox for a Gamerpic, can someone give me an idea why...
  147. 147. Trouble changing gamertag
  148. 148. CANNOT change password on account
  149. 149. How to gain access to xbox live account if a hacker deleted my microsoft email and added...
  150. 150. My Microsoft account has vanished!
  151. 151. My son was using my microsoft account to play minecraft. I have set up an email for him on...
  152. 152. Used to be friend got me banned
  153. 153. 1 year ban because of profile picture
  154. 154. Changing xbox email
  155. 155. i cant login to minecraft feedback
  156. 156. Account permanently suspended after being hacked.
  157. 157. How do you get a custom profile picture from online on your profile on the Xbox app for...
  158. 158. Locked out of xbox online
  159. 159. How do I get my Xbox account back
  160. 160. Xbox live account
  161. 161. Not Able to Add Funds to Child's Account - Something Went Wrong
  162. 162. Why is telling someone it's not OK to tell people to kill themselves getting me muted?
  163. 163. Automated account recovery message for Microsoft recovery account
  164. 164. How can I change the capitalization of my Gamertag?
  165. 165. Asked to sign into X Box series S using a link, then nothing happens. What's going on?
  166. 166. Any way to upload custom profile picture?
  167. 167. so it started with a unlock account and it worked but it kept happening and now it wont...
  168. 168. Hacker gained access to my email, deleted it and stole minecraft account
  169. 169. Microsoft account linked to psn hacked and seemingly deleted preventing online usage
  170. 170. I can link my playstation account.
  171. 171. Minecraft Launcher and Steam does not show up in Family Safety
  172. 172. How to get Old account back?
  173. 173. Returning Minecraft player after years-long break seems to have lost my unique username I...
  174. 174. Why does it still show my old username when I changed it
  175. 175. Unban question
  176. 176. My Username, email and primary alias got changed, please help!
  177. 177. Why cant i get to mods for my skyrim special addition game on my xbox one
  178. 178. Will the adaptive controller work with the newer X box series like the S ?
  179. 179. 12 year old Minecraft Account lost in Migration, any way to get my capes back?
  180. 180. Minecraft - How to join 2 version of minecraft from 2 different accounts
  181. 181. My Microsoft account doesn't exist?
  182. 182. I Gave account info without even thinking and now I'm locked out
  183. 183. How to reduce controller sensitivity after recent update.
  184. 184. disconnect a child and adult account?
  185. 185. How do I delete an account that has the same email as another?
  186. 186. Cant login to Minecraft
  187. 187. Recover a minecraft account/key/game
  188. 188. My alias was changed and my old email address was removed. Is there a way to track what the...
  189. 189. Where do I type in code so I can sign in on my console
  190. 190. my account got hacked and costumer service didn't recover it.
  191. 191. What do I do if a potential phisher has a code sent to my email for a Minecraft sign in?
  192. 192. how to get unbanned
  193. 193. I have forgotten my quesiton however email belongs to deceased person. How do I recover my...
  194. 194. Need help with finding where I could contact to recover my minecraft account.
  195. 195. Regarding permanent ban on XBOX accounts
  196. 196. Account recovery form fails for 3 weeks now. Have I lost my account?
  197. 197. Why can't I change any of my privacy settings?
  198. 198. Microsoft rewards Xbox gift card money has not appeared in my account
  199. 199. I cannot sign in to my Xbox Series X account on console
  200. 200. My old Minecraft account is gone
  201. 201. Help with migration process? (I know that it had to be done before a certain day in Setptember)
  202. 202. How to download images from xbox to pc?
  203. 203. how do i fix the error code 0x80048888 on xbox live???
  204. 204. Why isn't my brothers pin working when I'm trying to sign into his account?
  205. 205. Home xbox
  206. 206. How to unlink xbox account from disabled EA account?
  207. 207. Why I got banned for no reason
  208. 208. Features I miss from Xbox console companion. Will they return for the Xbox app?
  209. 209. Why can't parent's reset child's password - this feature must be re-added to MS Family!
  211. 211. My kid can't use my gamepass on his account.
  212. 212. Is it possible to unlink EA from my xbox without access to my EA account?
  213. 213. Can't sign in to xbox using proper email. Forcing me to use my alt account inwhich I can't...
  214. 214. Problems with missing authorization of two-factor authentication
  215. 215. My Microsoft account has been hacked and compromised with email changed and all the details...
  216. 216. Nickname problem in Minecraft Java
  217. 217. Xbox app won’t let me change accounts, keeps auto logging me into the account i was before.
  218. 218. Xbox gamebar: options are not present under the "Gaming features" section of the settings
  219. 219. I have an account since 2017 and i Just got banned for i dont even know the reason how can...
  220. 220. Is there any way to fix this been trying since 1 pm
  221. 221. I can't sign in to cancel my Xbox Game Pass subscription?
  222. 222. Just a update
  223. 223. Can We get this person banned?
  224. 224. Who is the worst game brand and why is it Xbox?
  225. 225. I had a wrongful suspension
  226. 226. New update is forcing password change, this service isn't available right now
  227. 227. i have a permanent suspension
  228. 228. permanent suspension on main account
  229. 229. How do I unlink a very old deactivated EA account from my xbox account?
  230. 230. Xbox support phone line
  231. 231. error 0xc00d11cd (08000000e) when trying to use flash drive 3.0 for capture and share storage
  232. 232. My mincraft account is connected to an old microsoft account that i do not know
  233. 233. What can I do if Microsoft disabled access to my account for serious violation of Microsoft...
  234. 234. Account minecraft
  235. 235. unable to gain access
  236. 236. i cant play multiplayer on minecraft latest version and in the older version it says null...
  237. 237. Non Korean age verification!
  238. 238. Someone is trying to access my account. I keep receiving security codes in my email that I...
  239. 239. xbox gamertag system sucks
  240. 240. Why does my Microsoft account keep asking me to sign in? in website
  241. 241. Problem with sign in xbox app on PC
  242. 242. Erstameldung bei Minecraft/ Problems with first registration for Minecraft
  243. 243. Minecraft Microscoft account not logging in
  244. 244. I need emergency help with my email account,
  245. 245. If my account is signed in on one console without signing out can it be signed in on...
  246. 246. being billed for old game pass for account that i have been locked out of. xbox support is...
  247. 247. Can’t edit Xbox bio from web
  248. 248. My son was permanently banned on our family account, please see details below.
  249. 249. My xbox account which has no suspension history has been banned for 15 days due to account...
  250. 250. Sign in loop for pc gamepass