Unfair Ban

Discus and support Unfair Ban in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; My Gamer Tag is . I have great rep and over 7 years of faithful service. Literally on my B Day 10/8 I was banned from communication services due to... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by PleasingSky4, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. PleasingSky4
    PleasingSky4 Guest

    Unfair Ban

    My Gamer Tag is . I have great rep and over 7 years of faithful service. Literally on my B Day 10/8 I was banned from communication services due to homophobic slurs. I did not use foul language. There is in item in Rocket League called "Flamethrower
    Boost" and I messaged the item multiple times not knowing it is considered derogatory. I have already submitted a case review and been denied but I cannot contact the person who did the review to explain the situation.

    PleasingSky4, Oct 10, 2017
  2. zDarkaxiz
    zDarkaxiz Guest

    i talk to technical support and they told me to publish here and gave me this service request number 1164441800

    well i hope they can help me because my console was banned unfairly and have read the rules of xbox live and i have never violated any of this rules and i have never changed my consolen i buy only original games and had just bought my live account and i
    vetoed no reason any
    zDarkaxiz, Oct 10, 2017
  3. Daft Badger
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    Unfair ban

    You played in a modded lobby.

    You have been answered.
    Daft Badger, Oct 10, 2017
  4. Daft Badger
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    Unfair Ban

    Nothing you can do

    If you have filed for a case review & the decision was upheld then you will have to wait out the suspension.

    Any report filed is thoroughly investigated before any action is taken which takes time.Your suspension would of been for something you did several weeks ago or even longer.

    As you've filed for a case review that means it's been investigated twice.

    You will not be able to contact the members of the enforcement team who investigated your case.
    Daft Badger, Oct 10, 2017
  5. BongKaos Win User

    Rockstar Banning Customers

    What is ageed with??? Banning or it being unfair???
  6. ItsBaconBits Win User

    Banned because of internet connection problems?

    As unfair as it sounds, it's also pretty unfair to join matches in that fashion knowing there's a continuing problem. Luckily, first time offenders in Halo 4 aren't banned for long. I'd suggest fixing the connection problem and waiting out the ban.
  7. XBF Brad A Win User

    Ban, Unfair ban


    Sorry to hear about that enforcement action. For information about the ban, you would need to go to Enforcement website.
    If the suspension is longer than 24 hours you can submit a case review.

    Case Review Procedure

    * Submit Case: You are about to submit a case for review. Please make sure to include any relevant information or facts before submitting.

    * Under Review: Your case is currently under investigation by XBLPET.

    * Need Info: XBLPET requires additional information from you. Please refer to the enforcement agent’s latest comment and submit additional details to continue the investigation. Note that not every case will
    require additional information and/or discussion.

    * Decision: The Case Review has completed. Please refer to the enforcement agent’s comments for additional information.

    * Summary: The completed outcome of the Case Review, which you may refer to following the case’s closure.

    You can check your Case Review status at any time by visiting your Enforcement History or Case Review History. Enforcement are the only ones that can help with this issue. As
    there is nothing more we can do, I will be locking this thread.

    I hope this helps.


  8. juan van Win User


  9. davemcfly85 Win User


    first off this should be posted in the suspension section but since your bio MUST be rated E for everyone you cannot have profanity or words that IMPLY profanity. it does not matter if you put that word in or a friend did, your account is YOUR responsibility
    at ALL times. so if he/she put it on there, YOU face the punishment. so, your gonna have to face that suspension as they will NOT remove it or shorten it, remove the profanity and keep your friends off your account so that does NOT happen again, and have
    a nice day.

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